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I just want to follow up on something RNJen touched on. From my understanding of of weight loss, some common things they tell people are to stop drinking sweetened beverages, get 8 hours of sleep, etc. Now with the vending machines I've seen in hospitals, the crap cafeteria food and the double shifts it would appear to me as if the hospital fosters an obesity-enabling environment. Hypocrisy much?
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Lotus7 You are so right on that!
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Oh my. Guys I have worked as a homecare worker and health care worker. You do not want to be that obese , 35 bmi is very obese in most cases ( I know some ppl are muscular or whatever and bmi is useless then), and work in a hospital setting. Its dangerous to you ,the patient and your co workers. People that big cannot do the same things as someone more fit. My bmi is 32.4 right now and thats not far off from it and I know I am not fit for hospital duty at this high of a weight. I have seen health care workers that are at least a 50 bmi, what do you think they are going to do when their patient has a heart attack? or falls? Its not right to the patient. And the risk of injury to yourself at that size as well on a physically demanding job? Huge. and what about the others you work with? Ever have to move a patient? Try that when someone is unfit and unable to do their share and your back ends up hurt because of it. Its a physically demanding job. More than bmi I think it should be based on physical fitness. You should be required to be physically fit not necessarilly a certain weight or bmi (unless youre like really obese than youre gonna be most likely too unfit for it anyways) for a physically demanding job.

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My BMI is 39. I run. I work out. I play rugby. Lift a patient? With one of my teammates, I lift a girl over my head, full arm extension. Granted, a lot of people at my BMI would be very unfit and yes, I could be fitter. But in terms of doing the work from a physical point of view - I could do it, no probs. Skill wise, obviously I can't as my highest degree is in economics.
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I find this article while not surprising, just sickening. To defend discrimination of any kind is just appalling in my opinion. I have been a nurse for 15 years and the bottom line is what is the most important factor is the care we give our patients not your BMI. If you have the skill to provide that care then nothing else should matter. These hospitals and our society as a whole spent way too much time on image. We are so concerned with it that you are willing to put your life and lives of your loved ones in the hands of potentially inferior practitioners just because they meet certain physical criteria than those who do not. If this is not insanity I don't know what is. I would never allow myself or my children to be seen at an institution that admitted to such a practice nor will I ever support it as a professional nurse. I do have the ability to see both sides of the picture and I can see that to support such discrimination in any form is unacceptable even when I am no longer directly affected by it. For those worried that a person with a BMI greater than 35 could not possibly do the jobs described I can assure you that you are dead wrong. They do them every day and exceptionally well. We are committed to our patients, their families, support them, are able to lift them care for them, save lives every day. We work in ER, ICU, NICU, every area of all hospitals and excel while the people that make these arbitrary decisions sit in conference rooms and hand down edicts about professions they have no interest in supporting or understanding. Just one small example. Water has been banned from our work area. Water. Just thought you should understand the people who are garnering such support from the public with their seemingly reasonable ideals.

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The best healthcare provider I EVER had was a PA who must have weighed over 300 lbs. How sad to think he would be excluded from contributing to any healthcare setting on the basis of BMI alone.
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One of my first jobs after college was working at our local hospital in administration. This was about a million years ago -- also a million pounds I have lost and regained over the years. In other words, I "looked" thin and fit, even though I already knew I was going to have a major struggle maintaining it. My supervisor, the Hosp. Administrator, was watching a group of our employees one day and commented to me, "I really hate fat people. I wish we could make it legal to not hire them." Looks like he got his wish -- By the way, this was in the days when smoking areas were provided for all employees -- and smoking was permitted in the cafeteria -- and my boss smoked. But by golly, he was THIN while smoking.
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That is crazy.. some of the best healthcare that i have had has been from "chubby" worker. its like saying a skinny person cant work as a chef!!
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