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Originally Posted by Lori Bell View Post
I don't know, I think if someone told me I'd never gain back ANY of the weight I've lost by not having sex, I'd say GREAT...sign me up!!! Never been a big sex person...I've got enough kids, and that's about all it's good for anyway...

Ha, don't believe her. When I started on these boards and confessed I hadn't had sex in 18 years, Lori was the one that told me I needed to go "get some"!
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Uh. No. You can take cinnabons away from me...oh wait, already did that...but not sex.
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I don't think the study was really scientific or suggesting that abstaining from sex would actually yield any results as far as weight loss. It was just an IF this would happen, WOULD you do this question.

And yes, I would. Idk why, but lately, sex is grossing me out to the extreme and I have no interest in it. So I'm doing it now anyway, I'd be even more pleased to do so if I thought it would help me lose or maintain weight! Even in my more, eh, "active" days, I think I would have been willing to give it up.

Cell phone? Probably NOT, thanks. Lol.
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Gosh, If only you could just be handed a 10 lb weight loss for not having sex for a few months. I haven't had sex in three and a half years. If I lost 10 lbs per season for that I'd be at goal weight! Giving up TV and computers to lose weight sounds like a more reasonable question, since giving up those thing actually COULD lead to weight loss (assuming you replace that sitting time with moving around)
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Talking i agree!!

Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
There was a discussion of this on some morning show this morning, and they were reading viewer comments as to what they'd give up to lose 10 lbs. One woman said "I won't give up anything! That's my problem!"
this is why im at my current weight!! Although after losing baby weight i was looking a little too good and got pregnant again! sooo maybe i would give up sex... ut oh dont tell the FH!! lol
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I think that the idea of giving up sex to lose weight is not a bad one. To clarify, I think that if someone uses sex as an incentive to lose weight, abstaining until they reach certain goals is actually not a bad idea (and something I was considering doing). I think that if done right with the right intentions, it could have a good impact on one losing weight. I can see it as no different from waiting to get your hair colored when you lost 20 lbs.
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i've never had sex so **** yes i'd give it up!
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Well, I hate to take this poll seriously, but perhaps we should consider whether or not this question is ask to somebody involved in a relationship. Even if I would be willing to make such sacrifice (and I'm not), I would need to consider my husband's opinion on this issue....
Oh well, maybe I'm taking this whole made up scenario to seriously!!!
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yeah...i dont have sex anyways so i guess i could give it up lol
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I wont lie...I would commit some seriously nefarious deeds to shuck this 160 off of my body. Even if the deed was pure evil, I know I'd still at least consider it.

Kinda bothers me.
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Not in a million years. I could never trade sex for being thin. I'd rather stay fat and have orgasms.
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Originally Posted by swtbttrfly23 View Post
Crazy, especially considering one of my big reasons to lose weight is to have more and better sex!!
YES!!! Me too!! I am sorry but sex is good for you, it is exercise, increases stamina, flexibility...and best of all it is exercise you can ENJOY!!

I am sorry I wouldn't give up sex for 10 - 20 lbs. I can understand giving up TV cuz sitting around watching tv contributes to lack of exercise etc.
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i heard about this on the news. it was a choice of abstaining or gaining weight. they'd rather be celebate(sp?) than GAIN.
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Hmm, I've gone almost 4 years with no sex. I think I could go a bit longer if it meant I would lose weight
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I'd almost be happy to do it.
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