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Default "Being fat is bad for your brain"

Came across this blog article on the New York Times website about recent studies correlating obesity with dementia:

"One study of 60 healthy young adults (in their 20s and 30s) found that the fatter members of the group had significantly lower gray-matter densities in several brain regions, including those involved in the perception of taste and the regulation of eating behavior. A study of 114 middle-aged people (aged between 40 and 66) found that the obese tended to have smaller, more atrophied brains than thinner people; other studies have found similar results."

You can find the entire piece by going to the New York Times Opinion section online and searching "Olivia Judson Brain Damage." She (Judson) includes a list of comprehensive citations, including a study that suggests that a healthy diet can help reverse the damage...Let's hope so!
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My mother suffered from an early onset dementia that caused her brain to atrophy. We had to take over her care by age 58, into nursing home by age 60 and passed away 18 months later. So I have always paid attention to any studies about what can affect brain, and you can darn well bet that one of those earlier studies is on my refrigerator! Thanks for the news that maybe healthy diet can reverse damage I may have done before I got my diet act together.
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I strongly believe that. Before I gained an insane amount of weight, I'd like to think I was pretty smart. Studying was no difficult task, I'd ace tests. I love to write and my fingers couldn't write or type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts and ideas.

Now I have the worst writer's block in the world, studying, just concentrating takes monumental effort. I forget things VERY easily and my brain just feels... foggy. And I'm only in my mid-twenties. I don't know. Something about blood having to make more of an effort and travel more to reach my brain or something?
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Do you think this is because they don't get out and exercise? I sort of doubt that eating fat is in itself causes low brain cell density or whatever it is supposed to be. -- why? Because fat is very important to both brains and nerves. Actually saturated fat is the best.

People who are overweight also tend to eat a lot of low fat food in an effort to lose weight.

Also medical science has already decided that size or heaviness of the brain has nothing to do with "intelligence." If that were the case, most people with small heads would be measured as less intelligent than people with large heads.-- There would be all sorts of erroneous generalizations regarding size.

I tend to think that eating fat causes weight loss, so I am in the minority.
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