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Default Jennifer Hudson's weight loss

I just read an article about Jennifer Hudson's weight loss. Here is a clicky to the article (there is a before and after picture).
What bugs me that WW took all the credit for her weight loss and did not mention anything about her workout with a personal trainer.

Sorry I am posting this in a wrong forum, I was not sure where to stick it to.
She does lovely.
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I thought it was common knowledge that celebrity clients of Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, and all the other diet programs..... also have personal trainers, person chefs to cook (or heat the food in the case of food delivery), personal assistants to count their calories/points/veggies, and that they're paid for their endorsement....

You can bet the personal trainer isn't crediting Weight Watcher's.
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I'd be thrilled to look like her before picture. Absolutely thrilled.
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She was gorgeous before, and gorgeous after.

And part of the WW plan is that you must exercise, but they do focus more on the eating. There have been several articles that talk about how weight loss is 80% food, 20% exercise, and that's how WW bases their plan.

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She looks amazing. Hopefully WW will include a statement about physical activity in the future commercials. Congrats to J-Hud!
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Weight Watches is so expensive. I will lose weight the old fashion way...through diet and exercise. Jhudson looks awesome!
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I agree with Kaplods on this. Also, since I do WW, I know they encourage lots of activity.
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She does look amazing.
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I dunno but big women sing better than smaller ones... that's proven. J/K, but of course they'd claim it was all due to them. That's like a fisherman bragging because you caught a nice fish. None of your sitting, having the proper bait, reeling, tension on the line, etc. matters.
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congrats to jhud ..it feels weird to see her skinny though...it will take some getting used to.
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She looks great both before and after! When she first got famous, I had a feeling she would start trying to lose weight. With all the new things accessible to her, I would've too!
I'm sure WW would try to take credit for it, she was a success under their program! But of course she had other sources of help (personal trainer or whatever have she) who would love to take credit as well.
I give her credit to herself for sticking with it and becoming successful.

I like the way she looks skinny, though she was always beautiful.

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I think the only one who deserves credit for Jennifers' weight loss - is Jennifer. No one else. She's the one who put forth the effort, she's the one who ate properly and made the right choices, chose the right foods and avoided the wrong ones, she's the one who did the physical activity. She may have been guided, but again, she's the one who did the work.

She looks amazing, absolutely exquisite and I bet she feels amazing and exquisite too. There is no doubt she was beautiful before, but now - she is at her optimal and she is healthy. She's done a wonderful thing for herself and her child. I hope that she decides to maintain it.
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I think my question is how did she really do it? Doesn't her personal trainer also have an eating plan that goes with his exercise regimen? Did she incoroporate his ideas with WW (which I've done before)? I would like to know more . . .
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Originally Posted by bellenoir View Post
I will lose weight the old fashion way...through diet and exercise.
That's what Weight Watchers is. If they have started handing out magic pills that let you bypass that, lemme know! I want to sign up!

Weight Watchers is paying her. She's their spokesperson. She has an endorsement from them. She's a walking advertisement and she's being paid well for it. She was on the cover of WW magazine last month (the month before?) and she does talk about exercise in the article. I mean, of COURSE she's exercising. It's part of the WW program. And of course WW wants credit. That's why they're paying her.

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I think she looks better in the "before" pic.
(Except I think that dress is gross.)

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