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Default Working Towards 1,000 lbs.


I just don't even have words to describe how much this saddens me. Her poor daughter, I feel like this is incredibly selfish and no matter how 'healthy' she says she is, eating 12,000 calories a day, striving to weigh 1,000 lbs, and not being able to walk 20 feet without feeling winded is horrifyingly unhealthy, both physically and mentally. I cannot imagine what must have happened in her life to make her think that weighing that much will make her happy.

What do you think?
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all i have to say.

the real concern there would be the children. for her, it's her life she can choose what to do with it. but the example she's giving...
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So sad and so ignorant.
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Default 43st mother

I just read this article.

Now, I'm all for each to their own.. I really really am, and if she wants to be a million lbs in weight then fine, that's her issue. BUT it's not okay when THIRTY medics had to be there to assist her with her daughter's birth. Who knows what else was going down at the hospital that night, how many emergencies and people in dire need of care there were, and 30 medics are too busy to attend to needy people and urgent cases because of this woman's selfish choice. And yes, she is selfish, because she is trying to get fatter and fatter to set some stupid record, despite knowing full well what a drain on resources she is. She is selfish because she clearly doesn't care about being healthy for her daughter. 43 stone is what, 600 lbs?


And there's no way in **** she's healthy, as she insists.

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If she didn't have a child, then it would be whatever, but she does. I'm all for feeling good at whatever weight you are, but not intentionally killing yourself for it and leaving your child motherless. She's not teaching her child to have a healthy body image at all, she's teaching her child to mutilate your body to be appealing to other people, no matter if it harms or kills you in the process. She's finding validation through men, encouraging her to eat more and gain more weight.

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I believe she was on the Tyra show recently and was disappointed when they weighed her and she did not weigh as much as she thought she did.

It is sad because her daughter is missing out on a mom who can do things with her and watch her grow up because the way she is going she will not see her reach adulthood.

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That's...really scary actually. I guess I can't describe how it makes me feel, I want to say kind of disgusted, but I feel it's hypocritical of me? I think that whenever she does (if she does) reach 1,000 she's not going to be as happy as she thinks she will be. It honestly sounds like she likes the attention and if there's more of her more people will pay attention.
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I was born this way hey!
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OMFG!!!! I hope she doesn't die in the process of her "dream".
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In my perspective, it appears this is more of a case of someone suffering from a skewed sense of reality or mental illness. Much like a person who wants to be so thin, they are willing to die to see their skin and bones in the mirror.

I hope someone reading the story - her family, friends, or whomever - can intervene on her behalf. I'm going to say a prayer for her. She definitely needs it.

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I have Heard of men being chubby chasers, thought nothing of it, but to pay to watch this women eat, and to send her gifts to plump her up, that is ....well leaving me speechless....
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I feel so sad for her daughter. She's going to grow up thinking that kind of relationship with food and men is healthy, and that is just sad.
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Gross... reading that made me lose my appetite.

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That's insane! I don't even know how to respond to that. I hope she comes to her senses.
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I feel sad for her and her daughter.

I can empathise (because I can empathise with almost any situation, it's a weird trait I've always had, and probably why I chose psychology as my field of study. I've got a master's degree in developmental psych and a bachelor's in behavioral psych).

I think what happened is that she had a hard time losing weight (like many of us do), and it became overwhelming, and then she started getting all this positive attention for "what came easy" where she was getting little or no credit for losing or maintaining her weight (because quite frankly, most people don't care - and I'm not saying they should).

Some people crave celebrity and attention, and are willing to take notoriety (because even negative attention, is attention). Here, she gets some of both. In the counterculture of feeders and fat admirer's she gets positive attention, and from mainstream culture she gets notoriety - which in her mind means that EVERYONE is paying attention to her, which must mean she's special.

Sad, though that this is the only way she can find to feel special.
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I feel so sorry for the child; she's growing up around someone who is setting very bad examples of what is healthy to eat. I just hope the child doesn't become overweight as well. I hope this women will give up her goal of reach 1,000lbs. It's not safe.
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