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Originally Posted by michelle127 View Post
I'm positive that if you dislike your school's reinforcement for good grades, they would welcome you with open arms to volunteer your time to help find healthy alternatives that would make everyone happy. Until then, I guess I appreciate the effort to encourage kids to excel.
Michelle, I am positive that those of us with children who care about this issue volunteer a lot of time, energy, and donate money, goods, and talent to schools.

Corporate America has no business using teachers to advertise products to children. Marion Nestle is a hero of mine, and I would encourage anyone who thinks this sort of marketing is harmless to read some of her work.

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I disagree with it. They have enough advertising going on as it is, and kids are not thinking salads when they see McDs (sadly). But then again, as parents I think it is our job to educate our kids on making good choices in places such as this; we are supposed to be the example. My 13 yr old wants to drop about 15 lbs, and he's doing it...with James and I. He really has shown, teenage stubborness aside LOL) an interest, through asking questions, of what is and is not okay to eat. We don't preach to him, but as my blog says, my kitchen is 100% healthy, so really he has no choice but to eat healthy right. And he is seeing me lose weight the right way, not to mention the hard work it's taking to get it off, and as a result he is trying to get control of his eating rather than later. which is a good thing. So if I ever see ads for places like this on his school stuff, absolutely...I will take the time to educate him on it. I'm grateful to have a good relationship with him, and that, at least for now, he listens to me on most things
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It's terrible that they've gone as low as encouraging kids to eat that crap for getting good grades... At this point it looks like America's youth are doomed to be fat and unhealthy in their adult lives.

In my old elementary school, we would get stuff like coupons to get into Six Flags(theme parks) for free if we read a certain amount of books every quarter of the school year, or sometimes free movie tickets or whatever. Why does it have to be the scary clown place instead of something like that?
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