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You know I think I saw Amanda's edition yesterday, but I didnt know about it so it didnt register. I'll have to look again today.
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Okay, I have been to all the places (3!!) in my little town that sell magazines and only one carried Woman's World and it's still the Oprah cover. I'm going shopping this afternoon (out of town obviously) and the first thing on my list is WW!
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I read Amanda's article today. Great story! I loved how they found experts to validate the principles that worked so well for her. It was still a little sensationalized - it is Woman's World, after all - with their "You can still lose 28 pounds by Thanksgiving!" claim, but it was way better than some of the diets they've featured. And, Amanda, you look amazing. I wished that they had shown a picture that wasn't in the huge jeans so that we could see the full-body results, but you still looked great.
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We can do it.
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Just did some catching up on the ******* deal. The class action lawsuit has been filed (I believe that was filed Monday) and a judge ordered Hedi to have a swear in deposition done by Nov. 1st to answer many questions surrounding her and this diet. Here is a link to KTLA's 3rd piece on this on going story:

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Awesome! I'll spread the good news!
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I'm new here and noticed that no one has posted about Christin and Deni appearing on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet this coming Monday. The show is about diet scams. Two people from ******* are also going to appear, Tippy Toes and Singinglass. I believe Tippy Toes took Christin's place as PR director and Singinglass is a moderator. Also, Heidi Diaz is due to give her deposition for the class action law suit on Monday and her son Brandon is scheduled on Tuesday.

Monday should be a very interesting day.
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Thanks! I was disappointed because the show was advertised as a Fox show and not available in my area. However, I just discovered that it will be on CBS at 10am, just after Regis!

I heard Tippy was planning to fabricate testimonials.
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it's always something
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OMG! That was so FANTASTIC! They totally RIPPED ******* apart and exposed it for the dangerous diet it is.

WOW! I'm so impressed with how they handled it
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Am watching now - it wasn't on until 11 here. EEEEEE.
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