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Default The Truth about Food - Discovery Health Channel

A 5 part series on food on the Health Discovery channel that sounds well worth watching

Sept 30 12pm
The Truth About Food
How to be Slim
This episode reveals: foods that keep you feeling fuller for longer, how dairy products may hold the secret to reducing calorie absorption, and why soup could be the answer to every dieter's prayer.

Sept 30 1pm
The Truth About Food
How to be Young and Beautiful
In tonight's fact-filled feast, discover how the mere color of some foods can fight the aging process, how eating spinach might save your eyesight, and how eating tomatoes could stop you from getting wrinkles.

Sept 30 2pm
The Truth About Food
How To Be The Best
This week female vegetarian martial arts experts go back to eating meat to see if it makes them fitter and stronger; stressed out cabbies test Omega-3 from oily fish, and Montana firefighters determine if snacking or traditional meals best suit them.

Oct 9 9pm
The Truth About Food
How to Feed Your Kids
This episode shows how to open children's minds and mouths to new foods, and overturns some myths about what children should eat.

There isn't a listing for the 5th installment, so I don't know if it's already aired or is yet to come.

Your local dates and times may vary

For more information, visit http://health.discovery.com/converge...uth/truth.html
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