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Husband has this allergy, too. He can't eat any stone fruit, apples, pears, almonds etc.

We heard that if you eat an apple fresh off the tree you're ok so we went apple picking this fall and he ate his first raw apple in 15 years. No issues, so he ate another and another

I have a food dehydrator so I make him fruit leathers which he likes. He eats a lot of dried fruit, too (dates, figs, apricots)

as for raw, easy to grab foods he likes salads (kale, spinach, lettuce etc are fine for him) cucumber or I make boiled veggies drain them and put them in a vinegar base and he eats them like pickles.
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Most people struggle to eat vegetables at all, let alone stick to cooked veggies. I don't think your problem is that hard, although i couldn't live without fruit. I love fruit. Can you eat cooked fruit. e.g. fried bananas, baked apples. A lot of fruit is delicious stewed.

On the weekend or day off, cook up a bit pot of stewed stuff/casserole/soups that includes lots of veggies. Voila. You are done.

You can put it in the freezer individual containers.

This can work whether or not you are a vegetarian. Make all your stews/casseroles with three to five different veggies.

You can also make cooked vegetable salads. So you take cooked veggies to to work along with a little bottle of dressing. Put on your lettuce leaves and the dressing and toss. Add in a few nuts or seeds if you want to make it really nice.

But the fact remains that eating well and healthily takes some time, organisation and effort. And that goes with or without the vegetable allergy.

Learn how to make ratatouille. Its one of my favourite veggie dishes. Its a french veggie stew. Also make vegetable tarts and all sorts of quiches. Though its a pain having to make pastry.

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I have several containers, that steam veggies in the microwave. 2-4 minutes, ya got cooked veg.
One I got from Pampered Chef, One is a WW product. But there are lots of options out there.

Spritz a bit of cooking spray in a non stick or cast iron skillet and fry a banana, these are really good and creamy.

Fruits, such as peaches, apples, apricots, cherries, strawberries, and more, can be home canned. Peaches and apples are super easy to cook down in a crock pot. YOu can do a whole bunch and freeze in individual servings.

Many fruits, fresh squeezed, are easily used to cook with. Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, pineapple. Cherries cooked with lean pork is cool. My Dh, picky sob, even liked that. Pineapple and lean ham! Yum!

All fruit jelly, really is not that bad in small doses and can add lots of flavor to many dishes.

Might be a bit off the wall, but check out magazines like "Mother Earth News", "Organic Gardening" and stuff like that. It might not be the food, so much as how it is raised. GMO, Pesticides, commercial fertilizer. Try a veggie or 2 in a good organic/natural soil in a pot and see what happens.

I get that it poses an issue, I also have food allergies, we just have to get creative.

For my allergies, which were many, years ago, most I've outgrown, except for chocolate, and sometimes coffee. I've found, for chocolate, I can tolerate an excellent, high quality dark chocolate, in small doses, and I have found two brands of organic coffee, that taste way good, and don't give me the that crippling belly ache, that sends me to bed with stomach cramps.
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This is so very interesting to me. I never knew something like this existed, though obviously a person can be allergic to practically anything. This seems like a very difficult thing to deal with. I'm not crazy about veggies per say, but to have something almost completely off limits would make things very difficult.
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Very interesting post! I was told by an allergist that I was allergic to raw onions... he said cooking them would help. But I noticed a few years ago that raw broccoli makes my mouth burn. I did wonder for a while if it was all in my head or because of the texture of the food but I'm pretty sure it isn't. Cooked broccoli seems to be fine. Thanks for the info Glad to know I'm not off my rocker and it's probably just another allergy to add to my list.
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