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Unhappy Suddenly I am having problems eating my veggies!

I don't know what happened but I have noticed that since yesterday I have not been eating my veggies. I find it hard to eat them now. I usually eat raw veg like lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers. My nutrionist told me that carrots are starches and as such I try not to eat too much of it.

But I need to eat my veggies! What can I do??? I do not have a grill and as such I can't cook grill veg but I need help!!!

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nobody ever got fat off eating carrots :P

If you like carrots, then eat carrots, even if it's just to get you back into eating the more favourable vegetables.

I don't have a grill either, but i do have a microwave, frying pan and cooking oil spray. What I do is microwave frozen veg till they're defrosted, then make them a little brown in the frying pan. There are no cool looking grill lines, but i assume the flavour is the same
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Maybe you're bored with your veggies? I know if I always eat the same ones, I end up getting kind of sick of them. Maybe try some new veggies and then after a while you can bring your old standbys back without a problem. As for preparation, maybe try roasting them? I have been roasting cauliflower and green beans lately. I cut the cauliflower into florets, and just snip the ends of the green beans and cut them in half. Then I toss them in a bowl with 4 cloves of sliced garlic and a little black pepper, and then roast them in a 450 degree oven until they're tender (I stir once during roasting). I think it turns out great, the first time I did this, the veggies never even made it onto my dinner plate because I ate them all of the pan while making my boys dinner. I know roasting works well with other veggies, but those are the only ones I've done.
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Are you eating the carrots cooked or raw? If you cook them, they are easier to eat and your body will process them faster. You might want to limit eating cooked carrots. However, there are no problems eating them raw. You can eat as many as you want! Kind of similar to potatoes. Limit the cooked ones, but if you eat them raw, no problem!
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I agree with the recommendation to roast vegetables. I include olive oil and toss it all through the vegetables. I cut up anything I have and try to make at least twice as much as I think we'll eat at a meal. I serve it hot from the oven, then chill the leftovers. Since they already have olive oil on them, a sprinkle of vinegar (I like to use cider vinegar) makes them into an instant salad or salad topping.

I like to have as many colors as possible in one combination, but I have roasted all of the following in different combinations. I usually use fresh vegetables, but have roasted thawed frozen green beans in a pinch.
Peppers (green, red, orange, yellow)
Onions (always onions)
Brussels Sprouts (from frozen - I like to slice them in half)
cabbage, including coleslaw mix
green beans
Yellow Squash
Sweet potatoes
tomatoes/cherry tomatoes (whole or halved)

If I have a mix with hearty/root vegetables and then more delicate ones, I'll put the hearty ones in for 10-15 minutes, then add the others. I usually cut baby carrots into thirds on the slant so they'll soften more quickly.
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I am a picky eater and there are only a few vegetables I'll eat. Sometimes I can't bring myself to eat those -- only it's not pickiness, because they are things I don't have an aversion to, but I just am so unenthused at certain times that the vegetables go to waste. This is so frustrating. I hope it'll pick up again, as it has sometimes in the past. Vegetables have always been something to get over with rather than something to seek out. I am "green" (LOL) with envy at my friends who actually crave vegetables...
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i must admit I`m not a big veggie lover and i looked for an easy way to eat my veggies and fruit

Buy a fruit juicer

I use Jack LaLanne Power Juicer and it is great

I hope this helps
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The problem with juicing is that it removes what probably is the healthiest part of the fruit or vegetable, the fiber.

Drinking fruit and vegetable juices is not as beneficial as eating the whole fruit/vegetable. It may be only marginally better than eating none, especially for weight loss, because you're concentrating the calories, especially with fruits and sweet veggies like carrots and beets.

Fruits juices are often not much healthier than KoolAid, because the antioxidants in many fruits are concentrated in the skin. Apple and white grape juices are arguably the worst offenders. What's left behind is more valuable than what you get in the glass.

You'll get some of the antioxidants and even perhaps a bit of the fiber if you have a juicer that pulverizes rather than truly just juices, so if you juice look for that feature. "Juicing" in a blender is nutritionally better, because the fiber doesn't get left behind, but you don't end up with a clear juice as much as a thicker "smoothie."

I'm not saying that juicers can't have their place (especially the pulverizer type, especially if it doesn't have too fine a filtter), especially if you use the fiber that is left behind (folding it into meatloaf, or baking it into breads). If you use the stuff that's left behind, you'll get the same benefits as eating the whole fruit/vegetable, but if you're throwing it away, you're probably putting the best part in the garbage.

It may be better (and easier) to use a food processor or blender to pulverize veggies and fold them into meat loaf, breads... or use them in smoothies.

There are a lot of ways to hide and camoflage veggies. Another way is to prepare them in ways that you might find delicious, but unhealthy and then gradually make them in healthier and healthier ways. I have a friend whose kids wouldn't eat green beans until they tried them deep-fried in a restaurant. My friend then made oven-roasted green beans with quite a bit of oil and roasted them at high temperature (so they were kind of like the deep fried ones - crispy), and then roasted them with less and less oil and salt until the kids liked them plain.

I've done that with slightly bitter veggies. I'll use my fat allowance in the preparation of the veggies (because fat counteracts bitter flavors), for example in a stir-fry or sauteed with butter, and then gradually reduce the amount of fat until I like the veggie naked.
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It's winter so it's time for winter veggies - leeks, kale, butternut squash, delicata squash (oh, yum!), potatoes, apples, turnips, kohlrabi.

Head out to your local farmer's market and start experimenting, ask the farmer's for their recipes.
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