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Starting over =]
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Question what should i do?

I have a classmate who is always bothering me about my vegetarianism. i've told him to cut the bull**** but he doesn't shut up. i'm afraid one day i'll blow up at him and make a fool of myself. any suggestions to what i should do?
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Default What should you do?

You shouldn't have to do anything. You are the one that is making a great choice. You recognize that vegetarian diets can be a very healthy option and that there are alternatives to a diet high in meat intake. Who cares if he doesn't get it? He's the one that's going to have to deal with his own health. I think you'll find that if you stop reacting to it he'll get bored of it. I would just pretend you don't even hear him and just smile on the inside because you are way stronger than he is!
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Just ignore him or if you flip keep cool.

I had this guy I know telling me I was stupid for being veggie I reduced him to going well meats better in about 2 seconds and he just looked like an idiot.. As long as you aren't preachy about it you should be able to eat whatever you like.
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Try putting him on the spot, and asking him why he cares so much what you eat?

Or be crazy sarcastic and say, "I ate a big hunk of meat last night, so now you can leave me alone - Who knew dog tasted so good? So do you have any pets?"
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Starting over =]
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thanks everyone! those are really great suggestions. i will try each and every one. i just hate that we live in a world where people are bothering others about personal decisions that don't affect them at all.
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he feels threatened by your decision. i would just ignore him.
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I think your friend is just trying to take out his undealt aggression on you, to make him feel superior or better in some twisted way. If he can make you feel low, then it will boost his ego. My family still mocks me and offers me ham after 10 years, and it just proves their ignorance and inconsideration. Strangely enough my family has lots of health problems, and I'm the only one still kicking hard and strong. Strange they don't see that. I believe in the power of tofu and broccoli. And Japanese people are the healthiest in the world and they eat mainly fish, seaweed and tofu, no red meat involved really. Just stand strong, and eat what you want. It's your body and your life.
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San - geeze, that's annoying! You would think they would have gotten over it after 10 years

I don't understand why people even care what other people eat- it's not like it affects them any.

The staff at a place I used to work at used to comment on my lunches in the staff room. I brought a salad almost everyday, veggies and dip and fruit - nothing weird about that is there? And yet every day someone would comment : "Do you think your salad is big enough?" "Salad again?" "are you on a diet?" Grrr! I just like salad- get over it!

I just kept saying "Well it beats the food at the food court downstairs" as they all got gross, greasy take out from the food court in our building. After about a month they finally gave up trying to get a rise out of me.
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I’ve encountered plenty of people, family included, in my 12 years of vegetarianism that for some reason thought my decision to not eat meat was ridiculous/offensive and somehow their business. I don’t try to explain it to them, because I can’t really get into talking about factory farms without getting a little hot under the collar, and I realize that may make me look judgmental. I just have to assert that what I put in my body is my choice and it shouldn’t make a lick of difference to them, and leave it at that. I still wouldn’t say most people really “get it” as far as the vegetarianism is concerned, but all they need to understand is that I will eat what I want and it won’t do anyone any good to have an argument over it. I wouldn’t try to get into it with this guy as he clearly isn’t open to changing his opinion, I’d probably tell him in no uncertain terms that it’s none of his business and then talk to him as little as possible.
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