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makingachange4me 02-17-2019 12:31 AM

Cheap, easy, healthy vegetarian meals?
Hi! So, Iíve been a vegetarian for 6 years now. The problem is, Iíve never been a healthy vegetarian. I mostly eat mac and cheese, pasta, and veggie burgers. Along with any meat-free microwavables I can find.
I want to change this and start eating healthy and losing weight. But I have a very limited budget. I also struggle with depression, and making meals with a lot of preparation just isnít possible for me right now. Every vegetarian meal I find is either expensive and healthy, or inexpensive and unhealthy, or inexpensive but takes a long time to prepare and cook. does anyone have any recipes that are both cheap and easy to make while still being healthy? I mostly shop at Best Market and Aldi, if that helps. I understand if this is just not possible, but if anyone has any ideas please let me know! thanks in advance! ps im sorry if anyone has posted something similar to this already.

The Fitter Fox 03-28-2019 06:47 PM

I am not a vegetarian but I do eat a lot of veggie meals. The easiest and simplest veggie meal to make is soup.

Choose any vegetables you like and roast or boil them, add vegetable stock and seasoning and just blend it all together. You can have a healthy and delicious veggie meal in 10 mins. So easy.

grannynancy 03-28-2019 09:22 PM

I use budget bytes, Katies bright kitchen and Vegetarian times for a lot of cheap easy vegetairan recipe ideas.
My go to is tofu (pressed all the moisture out as much as possible), tempeh or seitan stir fried in a cast iron wok with any variety of veggies. A well seasoned wok and you can be by without a lot of oil! Then I add either some curry powder or chili powder or other seasonings depending on my mood.

mjf 04-06-2019 05:43 AM

I suggest eating more beans. Beans are one of the cheapest healthy foods. If they're canned, they're quick to prepare. You can also use beans to make foods such as chili. If you make a big pot of chili, you won't have to cook it every day.

For vegetables, potato, sweet potato, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and spinach are usually cheap, but it won't be the same in every supermarket so check the prices. Check both the fresh and the frozen section. Microwaving frozen vegetables takes very little effort. For fruits, bananas and watermelon are cheap. For healthy fats, look for a cheap natural peanut butter. If you eat grains, brown rice and oats are usually cheap.

booo57 12-04-2019 01:42 AM

I like this recipe - Baked Cauliflower buffalo bites
Delicious and healthy!))

Brooke C Walko 12-24-2019 07:43 AM

Top 10 cheap vegetarian recipes

1. Paneer stuffed pancakes
Price per serving: £1

2. Green pesto minestrone
Price per serving: £1.54

3. Winter greens puff pie
Price per serving: £1.78

4. Tenderstem broccoli bake
Price per serving: £1.70

5. Spring green fried rice & eggs
Price per serving: £1.40

6. Halloumi flatbreads
Price per serving: £1.51

7. Courgette & caramelised red onion tart
Price per serving: £1.04

8. Roasted aubergine & tomato curry
Price per serving: £1.32

9. Italian shepherd's pie
Price per serving: £1.26

10. Satay noodle soup
Price per serving: £1.74

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