Any vegan, vegetarian or plant based folks around?

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  • Hello,

    I notice that the posts in this section are all at least a few months old. I would love to chat with others who prefer not to eat animal products. Maybe you're here but haven't posted because others weren't posting?

    I eat a mostly vegan diet (occasionally eat GF products made with eggs, dairy or honey). I don't classify myself as a vegan but it's the easiest way to describe the way I eat. I recently started an anti-inflammatory diet so I am avoiding gluten and white starches, too. Kind of a limited diet right now but luckily I love fruits, veggies and beans so I'm doing just fine.

    I drifted away from 3FC but I loved the support and encouragement I found here years ago when i was part of the South Beach Diet group. I am posting this in hopes of finding that again.
  • Hi!

    I also eat a mostly vegan diet. I'm vegetarian and avoid most dairy, but I do still eat eggs and honey on occasion. So not technically vegan, but probably 95% of the groceries I buy are vegan. I personally am doing Weight Watchers to try and lose some excess weight. I would love to exchange some vegan recipes with you! I'm not GF but do make some naturally GF meals.
  • Hi abbilutz91!

    It's nice to meet you.

    I'm not much of a cook. I can cook but hate to spend too much time in the kitchen so we eat mostly simple meals. Lots of soups and salads and fruit. I probably wouldn't be overweight but Oreos and potato chips are vegan and I am no good at snacking in moderation.

    We tried a new vegan miso soup recipe last night and it was really good! Here's the recipe if you're interested.

    It was quick and easy to fix and my husband and I both liked it.
  • I love miso soup! Thanks for sharing! I've never made it with bok choy, but I've made it with nori and silken tofu, which mades it pretty filling. In general I eat a lot of soup in these colder months, and also a lot of veggie stir fry - I love making my own healthy fried rice or fajitas.

    Im not good at snacking either. Luckily at my job I work with patients on my feet all day and don't have time to snack most of the time. Nighttime snacking is my downfall, though.

    Also I just noticed you're from Maine! I live is Mass now but I grew up in central Maine.
  • That's pretty funny. I live in central Maine now but grew up in Massachusetts!

    What's your favorite taco filling? I love lentils cooked up with a packet of taco seasoning. I think I like them better than I ever liked the meat fillings! I can't eat tortillas right now, so I'm limited to taco salad for a while.
  • I actually don't really make tacos that often, but I probably would use crumbled tempeh with some taco seasoning. I LOVE tempeh. I like it more than tofu, but it's many more points on WW so I don't eat it that often anymore.
  • Hi ladies, I hover around this board, but it's usually slow around here sadly.
    Funny you mention miso soup, I was just reading an article about how it's one of the best breakfasts you can have. I'm going to make a pot today and take it to work for breakfast all week. I'm curious how it will go, my standard workday breakfast is a bit sweeter: cooked fruit and canned pumpkin, mixed with a bit of soy yogurt. It's really filling thanks to the fiber in the fruit and vegetables; not sure soup will keep me going but maybe if there's enough veggies in it,it will.
  • Hi JayZeeJay! It's nice to meet you.

    Hi abbilutz91! I hope you're staying warm today. It looks like it's nearly as cold at your house as it is at mine. I've never had tempeh, to be honest I've always been a bit afraid of it. lol I can't remember - does it contain wheat? If not maybe it's time for me to try it.

    We're having miso soup for supper again tonight. My husband tends to overdo it when he finds something he really likes! My kids and I have a list of foods we used to love but got sick of because he was wanting to eat them too often! lol I've not thought about hot soup for breakfast - I usually have oatmeal or a green smoothie. Let us know how it goes!

    Right now it is sooo cold here that I'm not in the mood for salads or green smoothies - I want something warm and comforting! We aren't usually cold in our home but this is just crazy cold and the wind is whipping around and the poor furnace can't keep up. I've been eating lots of soup but I'm missing my greens. They fill me up without a lot of calories and are so good for you.... I've got to get back on track!

    It's also been way too cold to walk, ski or snowshoe. I used my Wii Fit last night. It's fun but doesn't always feel like much of a work out. It's better than not doing anything though - and it did warm me up a little!
  • Hi JayZeeJay!!

    Heidi58 it's absolutely FREEZING here! We have a wood furnace at our house and it's been having a hard time keeping up. I've eaten soup I think everyday this week...I have some greens I need to eat but like you said, a salad is just not appealing in the cold weather. I haven't wanted to go outside at all. We also got a lot of snow in that last snowstorm, so sidewalks aren't clear even if it were warm enough for walks outside.

    Tempeh does usually have rice and sometimes other grains in it. Most should be GF, but I would double check the ingredients to be sure. I really like it marinated in balsamic, spices, and just a little maple syrup.
  • Good evening ladies!

    I've had a couple of especially busy days. That's good in some ways - the busier I am the less time I have to sit around snacking, lol, but it also meant less time to cook. We tried a new recipe and LOVED it, crispy baked tofu. It is so quick and simple and was really, really tasty. We had them with a big salad and it was a quick and easy supper. I had ketchup with mine, Fergie dipped his in BBQ sauce. Here is the recipe if you are interested. (I used lemon pepper seasoning for the salt free seasoning.)

    It's warmed up nicely here in Maine. We saw 30 degrees today. The kids were funny at recess, asking if they could take off their jackets. It was close to 50 degrees warmer than this weekend, but not exactly shirt sleeve weather!
  • Veggie based here
    I went back to a vegan diet a few months ago.
    My labs have really confirmed this is the plan for me.
    Plus 39 lbs down in 3 1/2 months.
  • Maybe a couple of months ago I found these pea protein patties at Trader Joe's and they've really helped me reduce my meat intake. I'm a competitive sprinter/long jumper, so I try to minimize carbs and maximize protein and that's sometimes pretty hard. I think they're just called "TJ's Hi-Protein Veggie Burgers".
  • I have never thought of peas as a source of protein. I googled these patties from Trader Joe's and I would love to try them, but we have no TJ in our area. I might look for something similar in other stores. The package does not call them "pea protein burgers" so I will have to look for ingredients on the package. I like that they also contain black beans.
  • We'll have to hunt for those TJ veggie burgers. We had an absolute favorite veggie burger, but then we moved and now can't find it -

    Wannabe, peas are a great source of protein. Frozen green peas alone offer a substantial amount of protein. I'm a huge fan of Vega protein powder as well - it's pea based and has several other vegetables as protein base. I use the vanilla flavor in smoothies.
  • Hello! I've been vegan for 2 years. Would love to catch up with other veg*an friends .