Any vegan, vegetarian or plant based folks around?

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  • I was thinking to go for veganism or vegetarianism .... but I have the impression that I can not do it without meat, potatoes, etc ...
  • Worth it!!!
    I feel so much better that it is WORTH IT !
    I do enjoy my potatoes and other starches.
  • I'm a vegan and I like cakes!!)
    Especially this recipe - vegan blueberry mug cake
    Delicious and healthy recipe!!)
  • I'm here!! I'm here! :)
    Hi there, I see it's been a year since you asked if any plant-based people here.
    I'm here (again) but this time as WFPL. Started 1/1/21.

    Are you still here?
  • Hey, everyone! Ive been a vegetarian for 12 years now and im cutting diary.