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Default Hi everyone! Looking for vegetarian diets to lose weight

Hi, I'm vegetarian from almost 10 years, since I was 16, during the last years I gained a lot of weight and I never been able to lose the pounds in excess, almost 35 pounds now. I can't afford a dietologist right now I would like to know if someone have a diet plane that I could follow or some tips.
I started a zone diet but it's difficult for me find the protein part of the meal. For instance, how many times per week I should eat seitan, soja burger or tofu?
Also I really really love sweets such as pies, croissants or gelato. I'm italian and the summer is been really tough since there is an ice cream shop or pizzeria at every corner, and my problem is that more I eat more I get hungry.
Thanks for all the help.
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I don't know of a specific diet that works for everyone but there are many on here that work for people. You have to find what works best for you. I do low carb/vegan because it works for me but it may not be your thing.

I will say eating a lot of sweet generally doesn't work for anyone. Try cutting those first and see how you do.

As far a protein, there are also nuts, hemp, beans, quinoa, wheat germ, etc that also contain protein. You may have to do a little work but you can create a diet with adequate protein. Protein will keep you fuller longer. I try to eat fermented soy or non-gmo if I do eat it. I'm still working on a Seitan favorite. I like to keep my big fake meats for dinner. For breakfast I either do shakes, hemp seeds or nuts. Right now I am intermittent fasting which has helped to get over a hump.
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The book Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Furhman is amazing. It really has been helping me eat healthier and is what helped me decide this past Easter to be a vegetarian. I find reading things helps me keep more on track with things I need support with.
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I started doing a lowcarb/vegetarian yesterday actually. I weighed myself and was apalled at the weight I gained. So I am on it strictly writing down everything that goes in my mouth. I'm hoping it is water weight and I lose it quickly.

The nice thing about lowcarb is that it knocks out my appetite. I agree that you have to wean yourself off sweets first. Then eat good high quality proteins, and green leafy veggies and berries. Nutrient rich food will help you with your hunger.
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