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Default Considering switching to a vegitarian (or semi-vegetarian) diet

So I realized today that I've gone the past few days on an entirely vegetarian diet (almost vegan, but for some cheese in my Eggplant Parmesan!) and I actually feel really good.

I used to hate veggies, but now that I'm a little older I'm growing to love them. I think I would like to try a semi-vegetarian diet (simply because all my friends and family are meat-eaters, and I know I would have to cheat eventually) and see how it goes, but I have also heard that there are some essential nutrients that may be lacking if I switched to a veggie diet.

So I thought I'd ask for tips (or recipes! I love to cook!) from some more experienced vegetarians
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You'll want to take a B12 supplement for sure since B12 is only really found in meat.

I also eat 1 tbsp flax to get my daily Omega-3 oil. (Easily sprinkle on cereal, add to a smoothie, etc).

I also take Vitamin D3 supplement since I am indoors most days. You can also get your D3 from mushrooms. (If you eat mushrooms that day, then don't take the supplement as you could end up constipated)

And you should also take a good multi-vitamin.

I went completely veg/almost vegan about 11 weeks ago. I predominantly eat only veg, fruits, beans/legumes, and nuts/seeds, plus lots of water. I cut out bread/pasta/other processed carbs; potatoes; cheese/milk/dairy; eggs/meat; rice/wheat products; and cut down to near zero sugar and sweeteners. I also cut out caffeine.

The first month was rough because it took a while to get used to what I was eating and I had to focus 100% on myself to keep doing what I was doing. Now though, it has almost become 2nd nature and I don't need to think so hard about it.

My family are all meat-eaters, too. And I do allow myself on occasion to sample something that looks yummy, but I limit it to one bite or one very small spoonful.
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I completely agree with Laifierr - make sure you take multi-vits otherwise you could find yourself getting a bit ill.

I've been veggie for 7 years now, but it's taken me a long time to sort my diet out as I wasn't healthy eating despite being veggie. My advice would be to not fall into the trap that many veggies do of relying on carbs - eat as many veggies as you can!
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I went semi-vegetarian a while back and it was one of the smartest things I've ever done. There are a lot of good sources of protein, etc., besides meat. I've done a lot of googling to study up on nutrition and educating myself on the way foods are processed, what is in the processed stuff (mostly sugar, salt and chemicals) etc. and it has been very helpful. I take a doctor approved all natural supplement also.
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I have been vegetarian for about 9 years now, and I will tell you just how important those extra vitamin supplements are! I am proof that you WILL end up sick, with lots of headaches, and a lot of deficiencies if you aren't smart.
i have just started taking an iron supplement, as I was severely anemic. I am also going to start taking B12 as soon as I can get to the store to pick some up. Because of the lack of B12 in my diet (at least I believe this is the culprit), I have suffered some pretty crazy memory loss, fuzziness, manic behaviors, fatigue, etc etc. I'm excited and interested to see how the supplement helps me in this department.
(You'd think that after 9 years I'd have figured out the supplement situation, but honestly I thought all these issues were because of my eating disorder I was suffering. Turns out that's not the case, as I've been recovered for over a year)
Anyway, as for recipes - I promise this isn't a plug, but I have a ton of fun recipes on my site Happy Food Healthy Life. There are a lot of them that are good even if you are cooking for meat-eaters.
Good luck in your new venture!
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