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Default Help -- Vegetarians and Jenny Craig, Lifetime Team Weight Loss, Amy's meal plans

Long story short -- I lost a bunch of weight on Medifast, gained it back, and now, four years later, I am going to lose weight again.

1. Any vegetarians on JC here? What is corporate VIP?
2. Is anyone doing Amy's? If so, what did you think?
3. What about a combo JC/Amy's?
4. Is anyone doing Team Weightloss at Lifetime?

Please tell me what you think and give me your ideas.

I started JC a few days ago, but it has very poor options for vegetarians. There are only a few choices, and while some are OK, some tasted downright gross to me. In addition to that, it was expensive.

I started looking for some substitutes and looked into Amy's new Light and Lean meals, which have similar nutritional content to JC but taste good. They are pricey, though, at five dollars for a frozen meal, almost as much as JC.

The snacks and Anytime bars are tasty. The only meals that have tasted OK to me for JC so far are the Pesto pizza, pasta ole for lunch and the ziti for dinner and the pancakes and vegetarian for breakfast.

I have a coupon from insurance for 30 days free at Jenny's, and then a 50% off Premium coupon from my sister. Oddly, the insurance coupon also offered a "corporate VIP" membership, but I can't find anything about it.

I am starting Team Weightloss at Lifetime Fitness next month, but will have to stop since I only was able to afford it from some friends who joined and gave me their referrals for MyLT bucks. I have a friend who lost over 150 pounds at Lifetime, so I am going to try it. That will provide the accountability and support that I would otherwise have from a JC counselor. I have had the Lifetime membership for over a year, and I love it for the pool and great facilities, but have not used it as much as I should have been using it. I noted they have some sort of 90 day challenge for weight loss, has anyone tried that?

Sorry that this is so long. Thank you for your help.
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