Is there a trick to using egg replacer?

  • I tried Ener-G egg replacer in a batch of cornbread and it turned out like a brick. I made sure it was well blended with the water before adding it to the recipe as directed. I probably should mention that the cornbread was gluten free, from bob's red mill. I had made the cornbread once before with real eggs and it turned out fine - or as fine as it could be for gluten free. If you have to cook gluten free then you know what I mean

    Should there be a noticeable difference in baked goods with Ener-G egg replacer? Did I just set my hopes up too high?
  • I've found that I can make vegan cornbread (with the Ener-G) that's awesome. But when I try to make that same recipe GF with the Ener-G, it all goes to heck. If anyone's had success, I too would love to hear about it.
  • You may want to check out the renowned blog by Shauna Ahern - Gluten Free Girl - she is renowned for the most up to date info on gluten free baking. Even if you do not need to be GF she has great healthy recipes.
  • This is my vegan corn bread...

    If you do not mind a freckled appearance, try it next time with ground flax seed instead.

    1 tbs ground flax + 3 tbs water = 1 egg.

    Or make it with just unsweet applesauce for the egg.

    It takes a while to fine tune those things.

  • I've never had a problem cooking with egg replacer, but I just recently started gluten free and haven't baked too much with it. In general, I use the egg replacer for any baking and love it. No one has been able to tell the difference. My GF products I have baked don't taste as good as there gluten filled counterparts--it seems to be a texture thing.