Meat/Eggs Recall

  • I live in Germany, and here is the latest scare:

    So apparently Dioxin, which is a heavy metal, is found in eggs and pork. They've closed down 4700 farms, killed SO many pigs, recalled SO much meat. It is really quite tragic.

    Everyone around me in my life eats pork and eggs daily (that is like, the food here, that is the hamburger here). They are all extremely worried about the dioxin exposure - as they should be. I'm not so worried- of course.

    But even here, where they are all separating their trash, making SO much noise about global warming (rightfully), using tons of wind energy, and producing envir. friendly cars - the meat consumption (and dairy) is OUTRAGEOUSLY high! There is nothing on the media, pointing to the fact that the country needs to change its eating ways.

    It really doesn't make any sense to me. Why is it that the world can really ignore this problem??