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Default Great American Detox Diet 8 weeks, anyone?

So I have eaten vegan, vegetarian, and raw in the past but the holidays have gotten me off track. I can't bring myself to get on the all raw bandwagon right now, even though I lost 12 lbs during the 30 days I did it. I have been eating a low meat low dairy diet (I cook mostly vegan at home but sometimes add cheese to stuff and I indulge in meat about once a month). I feel so sluggish with all the holiday eating and I know I need to do something drastic.

I just read The Great American Detox Diet by Alex Jamieson (wife to Morgan Spurlock of Supersize Me! fame) and I am committed to doing an 8 week detox to get my body "clean". When I was eating raw I found an awesome raw food forum but I haven't found a detox diet forum so I am hoping to find some people here. The detox is no sugar, artificial sweeeteners (stevia, agave and honey are OK), no alcohol, no refined carbs (no white rice, white flour) no dairy and no meat. There are somethings that are vague in the book and I was hoping to get some feedback (and perhaps some great recipes).

So I am starting 1/1 and am comitted for at least 8 weeks and I am hoping to lose at least 10 lbs in 8 weeks. Right now I am 5'4" (don't expect that to change) and 180 (reg 175 but those darn cookies, cakes and pies!)lbs. I am doing my 4th marathon in May and very serious about losing weight permanently as I am signing up for an Ironman triathlon in June 2011 and 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run is a long way to lug an extra five lbs let alone an extra 40+!!

Has anyone done this sort of detox? Any tips you might have?
Thanks in advance.
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I'm nearly vegan, because I only occasionally have some dairy. Other than that, I'm all vegan! I'll eliminate the occasional dairy and do a "cleanse" if you do! I've done it before with good results.
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I'm definitely doing it. I just went shopping today with my menu plan. I have split pea potato curry soup made and I bought a costco pack of agave nectar, frozen fruit and frozen veggies, fresh veggies and some nuts so I will be good to go! It doesn't seem like these boards are that active (or perhaps I am just not that interesting)
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It's not that they're not active, it's rather that your detox diet, with the exception of no alcohol, is how I eat every day. I probably wouldn't be a great motivator for you, sorry!
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Default Detox

Hey! I'm kind of doing the same kind of detox. A coworker is doing it through his church (I'm not doing the church portion onf it, only the diet) and it's called a Daniel Fast. It's for 40 days, and it's no meat, no dairy, no sweeteners, no bread, etc. It's focusing on mainly fresh fruits, veggies and proteins that are not from meats.

He's done the detox before and said he has always felt so much better afterwards. Considering I'm a pretty good carnivore, I'm supplementing all that with some of the veggie burgers and other replacements, and have decided to learn to use tofu as a supplement. I don't know if those will help you or not.

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