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  • I'm sure I used to be taller! I remember when I was at school we did this chart thing about height and I was one of the taller girls at 5ft 7. When I joined my current doctor I was given a total medical and I was measured at 5ft 5.5 - SO WHERE'S MY OTHER ONE AND A HALF INCHES GONE?????

    I want 'em back!
  • Maybe dieting shrinks you in more ways than one!!!! Well I know I am definately 5ft 4ins thanks to the Boots 'weigh yourself then put a gun to your head ' machine that gives height, weight, BMI and some food calories. It doesn;t quite stomp on you when you are already down but it might as well. Grrr!
  • Morning girlies,

    Just got back from curves and the supermarket, needed to stock up on some meds for Hannah, she's still under the weather, I've just woken her up and now she's esconsed on the couch with a blankey.

    The pressie, well it doesn't actually have my name on it...although when I got back on Friday, Dave and Hannah both kept on about it, saying what did I think it was, so I'm assuming it's for me...won't I feel silly come Christmas Day if it's not, it could be a spiffy new gas BBQ that Dave's bought for himself...he does need one...we didn't bring ours from AZ, it was too knackered.

    As fro unwrapping, I wouldn't do it... and Dave is a very precise wrapper, he'd know. He should wrap things in a store at this time of year, he does a lovely job, all the corners are perfect, he can tie ribbons and bows, mine start off quite nice, but I have a tendency to screw the ends up, or cut the paper to short and have to add... so my wrapping isn't quite up to par with his.

    It's gloomy and doomy out this morning, but not 'raw' as forecast, I shall be walking the dogs after lunch today, hopefully not bumping into doblemans or huskies on the way. I'd walk at night, like we always used to, but there's not a street light to be seen around here and apparently there's a lot of coyotes around too...don't want my two to come across one of them, the wylie coyote would think Lew was an appetizer and Pen was the main course.

    Sarah, your pressies and wrapping sounds like at my house, I've got piles and boxes getting ready to post all in J's future room if he lives with us in a few weeks...I'll have to have it sorted by then otherwise he won't even be able to get to the bed in there, he'd have to pole vault from the door.

    Those Thorntons sound right up my alley, filled with rum....mmmmmmm :licklips: I'll stay away from anything like that, I'm bad enough with the mint kisses which I have two bags of in the freezer and won't come out until everyones here.

    Right, well that's about it for now... where's Veggie? She's very quiet again this week?
  • I only get paid tomorrow (always the penultimate working day of the month, except December). Still, I think I have enough cash to make it to midnight...

    The Boots machine can never make up its mind about my height. The new one goes with 5 ft 8.8 though which is close enough to 5ft 9 for me. Once it measured me as 5ft 3 though
  • Payday is the last working day of the month here and that's the same for December too.

    mmmm chocolate
  • Hello everyone

    Glad to hear your all well.

    Today I bought my first pair of size 10 trousers. I had tried a pair on in New Look but they didn't look right and felt a little loose on the hip I assumed they were faulty. Anyway today I went into Marks and Spencer and tried a 10 on
    and they were just fine. I never ever saw myself in size 10.

    Take good care

  • Wow that's a brilliant achievement Michele - very well done on getting into a 10

  • The minute we got one of those Boots height/weight/body fat scales/whatever else it does I was on it. I was in the shop and all the staff were having a go on it. I didn't do body fat as it was 20p extra.

    Michele size 10 oh my gawd thinness. I'll think I'm thin if I ever get to size 20.
  • I'm jealous of the tall ladies..I'm only 5'3". Gloomy and cold now, I'm going to have to force myself to go to the gym this afternoon. I hate running on the treadmill but it's too nasty to run outside today.

    Congrats Michelle on the size 10, that always feels so good.
  • I forgot to say, I'm doing the disguising presents thing this year. I bought my parents an iPod nano to share (or more likely to see whether they use it enough to get another one for their birthdays), and I'm hiding it inside a big mug. When it's wrapped it will feel like a mug and they'll have no idea what's in there. My mum's been hinting that she wants one for ages, but she won't be able to locate it even if she prods presents!
  • Michelle... WOW! Size ten, how wonderful that must feel... you'd be a size 8 over here Keep up the good work and smile.

    Helen, so your Mum's a poker and a prodder is she? My hubs is... and he always nearly gets his guesses right. I have a few things under the tree for him that he has no clue about though...handy him being away every other week

    I've been a piggy tonight, couldn't be bothered to cook as I'm still knee deep in pressies and have managed to totally destroy a good sturdy box I was planning on using for sending home, and I ordered was bloody loverly....I'll get on the ball later and hopefully work some of it off... I can do the ball while watching some telly... yes, that's what I'll do....

  • Michelle - size 10! What a skinny minny

    Chris Get on that fitball and work off that PIZZA!

    I made it to training last night - I ran through some brown belt stuff for about 20 minutes beforehand, then didn't really do much in class and then I taught some new guys.
  • Wow Michelle! That's great! Do a lap of honour around your living room - unless you are at work - inwhcih case do one round the Boss's desk!
  • Well done Michelle!!!!
    It's hearing things like this that inspires, everyone else to carry on.
    A size 14 would do me a 12 would be fantastic.

  • im back...
    hi all..

    looks like you are all shrinking away !!...

    ive been BAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD>... put on 4lb over the last 5 weeks.. been away for a week.. not been sticking to diet at all... stressed & depressed.. i if i dont have a job in a few weeks.. then thats no .. they are goin to terminate my conrtact or pension me off on ill health (if i quialify) not an option being a whopping 200 a year..! not sure what were goin to do.. gone to my union see if they can help... tis a long story... dont have the energy to repeat again lol...

    but im back on the healthy eating.. going swimming.. i wanna go spinning.. but not sure if im up to it again yet.. will see maybe next week... see how my neck holds out....

    by for now.. keep up the good work !

    lou x