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  • Any idea where I can get a cheap one and what sort of size I'd need. I'd be prepared to buy off ebay if I could get a cheap brand. I'm looking to store about 50 songs really don't need more than that to go to the gym.

    Any ideas and recommendations?
  • walmart has the RCA Lyra for @ 39.00 thats what i have works fine!
  • Can I get that in the UK?

    I think walmart is asda so maybe I'll have a look. The main consideration is price I don't care about how nice it looks as long as it can withstand the stepper
  • I think Argos has a few pretty cheap...goes to to check....
    256mb holds about 60 songs and you can add more storage as an SD card, they have more a little bit more expensive like a 1 gig for under £50. They won't skip since there is nothing to skip and should hold up.
  • that looks decent actually i've just seen one on amazon for £15 I might go for but I don't want to wait so maybe I'll investigate town tomorrow.

    I need gym motivation
  • I love my ipod shuffle for the gym - 512mb is more than enough to go for a week or so without refilling it. I'm sure there is other stuff out there too, but all my music was already on iTunes so I went for the option that wouldn't need me to reload everything!
  • I would love an ipod but can't afford one not even the ickle one.
  • Mine is from WalMart too. It's a Venturer. I think there's 40 songs or so on it.
  • They have one for £17.99 at tesco 128 MB. That's about 40 songs?
  • I got mine from Asda they have a sale on at the moment. Mine is a Dual 256 I've got 68 songs on it and it's 19.99 at the moment. I like the earphones with it as they are on a cord loop that goes around your neck so they don't fall off.
  • There are loads of good ones around at great prices.... Currys, Asda, to name just a few.

    I just upgraded today and bought myself a new 20BG Philips Jukebox... it's cool but I've save hard for it!
  • I lost my ipod two weeks ago I'm very sad I have a smaller one somewhere (128mb) that's lost too. ARGH!
  • Oooh maz is that the philips one that looks like a black pebble and you can't see the screen till it's turned on? *dribble* I'd love one of THOSE!

    However I will have to wait till I bust my Zen (more)! I've already dropped it and the key pad's popped out, but it still works - PHEW!

    I would say Argos, Tesco and amazon probably have good deals on tiny MP3s.
  • my mum says she'll get me one for easter yay!!

    Watching Jeremy Kyle at the gym is good but I need a good dance rhythm to work up a sweat
  • I have a pink ipod mini and could not live without it. I cannot go without my music!