New challenge ending 16th May 05 aka Cathy's birthday challenge!

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  • OK, Starting date for a SEVEN week challenge will be Monday 28 March. At least that's what I worked out on the calender, someone better check it out though, cos you all know how bad my counting is

    Please post your challenge figures, and have a wonderful Easter weekend.
  • seven weeks...... i aim to lose a stone
    thats 14lbs
    2lbs a week im sure i can do it
    ill report starting weight on monday(after my easter egg)
  • Oh I am up to 12st 5lbs!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (says she eating a gingerbread man...)

    My goal for this challenge is to loose 6lbs! Then I'll be back to where I started...

    Seriously though, I will be majorly strung out with major projects and finals so I won't be in the mood for dieting!
  • Woo the forums back

    I'm going for 14 big pounds.
  • yum yum scoff scoff lol
    oooh er, lets see. lets say 10lbs for me peeps.

    Everyone enjoy easter?

    Loz x
  • ooo can i join? i might as well go for 10lbs seems a reasonable goal, but these last few lbs r so stubborn grr!!! start weigh is 9st 9.5 lbs so that would take me to 8st13.5. my god 8 stone ive never bin that skinny in my fully grown life
  • I'll aim high - veggie, toots you have a pound for pound buddy if you want one!

    2frus - good luck with the finals! Drop in on us and we'll get those pounds off you! PUT THE GINGERBREAD IN THE BIN

    Easter was no real shocker - no choccies but a lot too much red wine, I've crawled that magic pound back on!!!! Never mind, I am sure I will get rid soon and make it to 13st by the end of this challenge.
  • I'm going for ten again

    Didn't make the ten for Easter, maded EIGHT Which is better than it could have been, had I been able to eat all thiose chocs out at this time of year
  • Oooh 12st 3 1/2 lbs this morning... That's ok! I can cope with not being such a pig! Just chilling out and trying not to eat all my easter eggs at once!
  • I'm in too! I'll try for 14 pounds (which will be a 7 week record for me!)...but anything over 10 and I'll be happy .
  • im up for that 11st4lbs as of today.......easter by may i want to be .no retype .........BY MAY I WILL BE 10st 4lbs!!
    im definitely going to
  • im up for that 11st4lbs as of today.......easter by may i want to be .no retype .........BY MAY I WILL BE 10st 4lbs!!
    im definitely going to make this challenge as ive no b/days or mothers day or easter to get in my way, and im no longer going out on 1st of April so on paper its looking good im sure ill find some excuse for not managing it
  • 2 posts!!!!!!!!!! have we got boogies in this new system?
  • No toots, you just REALLY MEANT IT!!!

    Anyway - we're OFF. And I feel optimistic, but then I would wouldn't I? First day back at work and a gym session built in, I couldn't not feel good about it!

    And I ate breakfast, so that's a good start, I know I'll get half the exercise I want to be doing, so that's OK. Just don't know what food is going to pass my lips!!!!
  • today wasnt to bad for me, i did nibble a little on a few biscuits, but what the pebbledash i was working all day so probably burnt it off before i even reached work this morning, tomorrow is my last day then im off until saturday but only half a shift(thankgod)so will try and get the kids involved in some walking