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  • Want to know effective weight loss
  • The jorney for a better body

  • Yes
    yes I would
  • feel the burn
  • Great advice...
  • I have found a gem highly recommended
  • thanks
    super helpful!
  • Im currently juicing, I’ve heard really positive things about it!
  • eating healthy and counting calories is what i used.
  • hello how is your weight journey going so far
  • i haven't tried juicing yet
  • do you care to share?
  • what is more effective for better weight loss than medicine ?
  • juicing is just another fad diet; been there, done that. you WILL lose weight by juicing, and fairly quickly at that. then when you go back to your old eating habits the weight will come roaring back.
  • Can someone share with us effective ways to loose 20ibs in 5 months


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