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  • Hi, Iím 30 and am looking to lose probably about 35-40kgs. I am determined to lose weight but really could do with a buddy! Thing is...I havenít ever spoken to friends and family about how my weight effects me and family tend to say the wrong things! Anyway...good luck with your weight loss!
  • Hi, I'm 32 and just joined recently, I'm looking to loose about 10kgs and would be willing to be a buddy! I am a full time mum of 2 with a part time dinner lady job at school. My biggest struggle with eating properly is I eat lunch at about 11am then I can sometimes come home from work and pig out on anything and everything. I did try to have lunch after work but it killed my appetite for a decent tea (I eat at 5pm with my children). This week I have started a yoga video which is a session every day for 30 days to help with weight loss, I have just looked at the next few sessions and they are ramping up according to what I'm reading. I must admit I am feeling better already, but I will start to struggle with keeping going particularly as the weight loss slows down.

    My husband knows how I want to loose the weight but I especially struggle when he's away for about 3 nights a week working.

    I have never been a buddy before but am willing to give it a go. x
  • Hi, I'm 28 years old. I had a weight problem in high school. I lost close to 35 kg and now I've been keeping the same weight for years. All you need to do is change your lifestyle and learn what foods to pick. I have studied nutrition for more than 7 yrs. now. Write me a private message if you are interested.
  • Danielaxsnutrition is right. Just keep the focus on your diet daily and start some hard workout or go to gym.
  • hi am 31 years old i have loss 8 kGs through Dieting But I didnt exercise but want to loss 10 kgs more i think this time i need to join gym as well hope i will do it
  • I am looking for a weight loss buddy . If anyone is still looking for a buddy whatsapp me 00353851194248
  • Hi im from Brazil
    I'm also trying to lose weight, eating is too good, but I'll fight, after all it's our health
  • We have to keep in mind that we can even eat a delicious meal, but just eat in small quantities and exercise, I know it is difficult, but we need to re-educate our mind.
  • We will succeed, just stay focused day by day, God bless you all.
  • Hey Guys, You can do this
  • ok
    you can do it
  • workout
    I miss my old workout partner.
  • US
    we may not keep a record of everything we eat but our body sure does.
  • Good afternoon! Tell us how you can lose weight quickly? I am 38 years old, my weight is 103 kg.
  • That is possible, but you should control yourself in weight loss