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Chipmunkee 04-11-2019 05:57 AM

Looking for a weight loss buddy...
Hi, Iím 30 and am looking to lose probably about 35-40kgs. I am determined to lose weight but really could do with a buddy! Thing is...I havenít ever spoken to friends and family about how my weight effects me and family tend to say the wrong things! Anyway...good luck with your weight loss!

beanie87 04-27-2019 05:24 PM

Hi, I'm 32 and just joined recently, I'm looking to loose about 10kgs and would be willing to be a buddy! I am a full time mum of 2 with a part time dinner lady job at school. My biggest struggle with eating properly is I eat lunch at about 11am then I can sometimes come home from work and pig out on anything and everything. I did try to have lunch after work but it killed my appetite for a decent tea (I eat at 5pm with my children). This week I have started a yoga video which is a session every day for 30 days to help with weight loss, I have just looked at the next few sessions and they are ramping up according to what I'm reading. I must admit I am feeling better already, but I will start to struggle with keeping going particularly as the weight loss slows down.

My husband knows how I want to loose the weight but I especially struggle when he's away for about 3 nights a week working.

I have never been a buddy before but am willing to give it a go. x

Danielaxsnutrition 06-10-2019 11:04 AM

Hi, I'm 28 years old. I had a weight problem in high school. I lost close to 35 kg and now I've been keeping the same weight for years. All you need to do is change your lifestyle and learn what foods to pick. I have studied nutrition for more than 7 yrs. now. Write me a private message if you are interested. :)

zoku 07-30-2019 09:22 AM

Danielaxsnutrition is right. Just keep the focus on your diet daily and start some hard workout or go to gym.

Garyhansonuk 12-13-2019 07:06 AM

hi am 31 years old i have loss 8 kGs through Dieting But I didnt exercise but want to loss 10 kgs more i think this time i need to join gym as well hope i will do it

sunflowergurl 01-10-2020 05:41 PM

I am looking for a weight loss buddy . If anyone is still looking for a buddy whatsapp me 00353851194248

JesseBowie 10-06-2020 05:38 AM

Hi im from Brazil
I'm also trying to lose weight, eating is too good, but I'll fight, after all it's our health

JesseBowie 10-06-2020 05:42 AM

We have to keep in mind that we can even eat a delicious meal, but just eat in small quantities and exercise, I know it is difficult, but we need to re-educate our mind.

JesseBowie 10-06-2020 05:44 AM

We will succeed, just stay focused day by day, God bless you all.

Online_B 10-19-2020 12:33 AM

Hey Guys, You can do this :cp:

maxba 10-19-2020 12:47 AM

you can do it

scoop1980 11-11-2020 10:37 PM

I miss my old workout partner.

scoop1980 11-11-2020 10:39 PM

we may not keep a record of everything we eat but our body sure does.

diana555 11-12-2020 01:57 AM

Good afternoon! Tell us how you can lose weight quickly? I am 38 years old, my weight is 103 kg.

HardissonHard 12-17-2020 09:00 AM

That is possible, but you should control yourself in weight loss

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