Weekly Weigh-in 12

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  • Thought it was time for a new weigh-in thread.

    I have started yo-yoing again. A gain of a pound this week. Well done to those who have lost this week.
  • I HAVE NOW LOST TWO STONE....I HAVE NOW LOST TWO STONE !!I went to get weighed today and last time I was 11st 7...and now it says 11.3 yipee yipee!!! Hello and good luck to all weigh-ins this week!!
  • Tomorow is my weigh in day
  • Hi Leigh - try and put it behind you and regroup even if you've to fake it to make it. It's hard very hard to focus on anything but the negative aspects this is why this is such a fantastic place for support, you can dump on here and there is always someone who's either been there/going thro' the same. We are !!!

    WELL done Teel

    Tonight's my weigh night and I've lost 2lb - 23lb in total - 5lb to go for my 2 stone and I'm away next week on holiday so we'll see what happens when I return.

    I'm sure you'll do well tomorrow night Tory.

    Aren't we brilliant - YES WE ARE!!!!

    Love Dee

    I've changed my swimming girl to walking/jogger girl
  • Dee...congrats on your weight loss!!! Hope you have a great holiday...where are you going??
  • Don't know yet - we have a motor home and we just go where we feel like. I hit my 2 stone also but not with slimming world when I started this time I was 15.5 lost about 6lbs on my own and then started with s.w. @ 14.13 so when I'm 12.13 that's when I'll celebrate.

    Have a good week people


  • I was an absolute angel last week and I weighed in on Monday a whopping half a pound lighter. Was very very discouraged. I had work hard, watched what I ate an drank, cycled, walked and ran about but all to just lose half a pound. Has made it difficult to stick to it this week.

    But here I am.

    Well done to everyone who lost, atleast I lost half a pound and didn't gain it, that would have been even worse.
  • Yeaah, I've lost another 2lb!

    I'm really pleased as I've got my period which tends to bloat me out and I tend to put on weight!

    I've been really good on my diet this week so to see a 2lb loss is a great motivator

    Here's to another successful week!

  • Well done Amanda, 2lbs off is a great motivator. I just want to see a lower number on the scale tomorrow at my weigh in.

    Keep working at it and we'll get there - eventually in my case
  • i lost 2lbs this week
  • Well done all you losers
  • Hi, I'd like to add my weight loss if i may?
    I've only just joined 3FC's but am finding it a great help!

    I have managed to lose 6lb in the last 13 days!! This has mainly been to ALCOHOL and a low fat diet.

    I'm going to go and start a new journal now...I figure that if i have to own up to what i've eaten on here, i'll be less likely to eat it in the first place!!
  • Hi Tulip-Fairy, what a great name. Had to read your post twice to realise that you had no alcohol to get that great loss. Thought for half a moment you had discovered some miracle where I could have loads of wine and still lose.

    Well done.

    I still live in hope
  • I have lost 1lb (just by the skin of my teeth!). I'm a bit dissapointed that my weight loss has slowed down so soon (week 3), but I was fairly inactive all week.

    I did drink lots of water though!

    Will try harder this week and get out and about more.

    Well done everyone

    Amanda xx
  • HELLO and welcome to Tulip-fairy and Amanda-Panda. It is always great to meet new people on the boards that are aiming for the same goals as the other 26,000 or so members.It is a great support group, I find it better than attending a formal class which can be quite embarassing for the larger amongst us. Well done on your losses but please don't be disheartened by the small and the slow! I have AT LAST lost 2 stone but it has taken me 2 years to do this, mainly because I am unable to excercise due to medical problems. But here I be, 2 stone lighter and not quite beleiving it yet.Half way there now....must not fall off the wagon now!!!

    love from Teel