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Default 220 lbs of FAT

Argh. Just looking for some support/ideas/anything remotely helpful to sort my head out and get into gear to lose all this FAT.

I struggle to resist things if they're in the house (So yeah, obviously don't buy them) I also struggle to maintain a 'diet'. Eg - slimfast, weight watchers, etc.

I just want to eat clean (but then comes in my fussy eating-ness like not liking salad etc)

Can someone PLEASE give me some ideas of what to do. I've tried calorie counting, I didn't lose a single pound! I've also done the whole slim fast, etc and it just doesn't keep the weight off. and I've only ever been able to maintain for like, a week at most. I don't want to have to invest in all these expensive diet things. I just want some SIMPLE ideas.
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Well i can help you with simple and cheap ideas to lose weight)) Of course you won't see fast result! But evetually you will see it;-) first of all not less then 2 litres of water per day, no sugar/soda drinks, very little sweets, more meat (chicken, beef, wheal, turkey) and as much as you want fish and sea food, more veggies and fruits (baked, grilled, boiled or fresh), active life - more steps and walks, less - elevators, buses, cars etc. Find the easy sport you like - bike, swimming, walking and do as much as possible. Wish you best of luck)
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I feel the same! For me it was getting used to exercise because now I'm starting to enjoy it and its makes me not want to eat sweets etc due to the hard work I put in.

Maybe you could try cutting down on bad foods as opposed to cutting it out completely?
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slimming world spagbol is brilliant. spice up the bol and you get a good chilli base too. lean mean veg and baked beans.

Are you a comfort eater or a boredom eater? I.e do you pick at the biscuits when watching tv etc? I am I can get through a tube of pringles watching JK without even being hungry.

best thing is find out your secret eating and make a way of avoiding it. i.e do you eat at a ceratin time (between 2pm and 4pm for me!) when your not hungry but just eat. then find a way of getting out of the house i.e go for a walk around town 'window shopping' as you women like to call it or purgatory as us blokes call it.
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