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MrsKirby 01-20-2015 03:17 PM

Newbie in Essex eating paleo!
Ok I'm not gonna lie, I've just copied and pasted this from the thread I just put up in the introductions but I thought I'd pop it in the uk fat chick bit too...

Hiya everyone, my names Leanne I'm 30, mother to a 10 year old teenager, wife to a bodybuilder. I started Paleo 5-6 weeks ago, even with the odd slip up I've so far managed to shift 11kg (1st 10lb) going from 129kg (20st 4lb) to 118kg (18st 8lb) at my lightest weight I was 16st 7lb and at my heaviest I was 24st 9lb. I want to get down to a size 12 (I'm currently between a size 20 and 22) and was a size 24 5-6 weeks ago! I feel so much better already! I don't even crave rubbish (processed) food anymore and I'm around 85%-90% Paleo every day now and over the coming weeks that will change to 90%-95%.

I got married in July last year and managed to put on 2 stone from buying my dress (October 2013) to the wedding and I didn't even notice until the day! I had back fat hanging over the top of my dress! After the wedding I then put on another 2 stone then a couple of weeks before Christmas my husband said to me "you know I love you no matter what, erm... Do you wanna start coming to the gym with me again because you're getting out of breath just walking up the stairs" that's what made me realise that I'd gone from an everyday gym goer and pretty healthy eater to someone who sits on the sofa eating a packet of biscuits, three packets of crisps and a couple of bars of chocolate as a PRE DINNER SNACK!

So anyway... I took my swift boot up the bum from my dearest husband and sorted my diet out. I'm not back in the gym yet because I'm totally lacking in confidence and I just can't face it yet. Especially because we're members of a bodybuilding gym and even though everyone in there isn't how you would think (egotistical n*bheads) I can't bring myself to take that leap just yet.

So, there's my story! I'm hoping to make a few friends on here to chat with, just about life, diets, cake... Ya'know, whatever

sammymilner 01-23-2015 11:52 AM

welcome leanne,

i am sam and i am a mother to a teenage boy and a 8 week old baby girl. Now she is here and christmas is out of the way i am back on a mission.

I am currently 12st9 and pre-baby i was 12st4.5 so i am nearly back to where i was and then i want to get back to a size 10 which will be around 9st3. so i have a good three stone to go.

I fell off the wagon at christmas and ate a lot of rubbish so i have just made that weight back off and went for a walk in the park this morning and want to lose a stone from xmas and valentines day so only have 5 pounds to go in three weeks for that.

its all fun and i rather like it :)

if you do overeat though - then try some hypnosis as its a great way to lose weight just by eating less instead of following a diet.

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