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S/C/G: 202.5/189/120

Height: 5'2


I do not get how dress sizes work I'm 14.5 stone and a size 20. How can people be heavier than me and 3 sizes smaller? My best friend is a similar weight to me yet wears a size 14/16 despite my fiance being convinced she is much fatter than me. Oh, for the days when I was a small size 12.
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S/C/G: 323/313/168

Height: 5ft 6"


Its all about the body shape I think, I have pretty big chesticles, a small upper waist, but big hips and stomach, NO ***.

I usually wear blouses which are mostly slightly floaty and streach skinny jeans. I also have a really long back which I think helps me wear my clothes better.
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I bought a UK size,so sad.

about us
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Height: 168cm


I think it totally depends on body shape as Scotsgal said *nodnod* clothes are cut for different body types and shapes. Some places cut larger and plus-sized clothing the same shape as the smaller sizes and that's just nope all over! I'm just over 20 stone (yes I know! Aaahhh!) and I can wear anything from a 22 to a 26. A 24 is usually a safe bet. I'm quite nicely proportioned so i'm fairly lucky, but I do hope to be able to wear an 18 or smaller one day soon.

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S/C/G: 323/313/168

Height: 5ft 6"


I share roughly the same sizes as MsTibbles, But I will tell you why...

In Fact I will show you guys what I am talking about.

I have on a pretty tight top today so it will show you exactly what my shape is doing.

Two of the pictures are front on, one kind of shows that after my gigantic boobs, I do actually have a little waist in there somewhere.

One picture is side on that shows I carry some back boobs and some weight on the back of my hips, although I don't have a butt.

Then one pic shows a full length me with a shirt on over my top which I would usually wear if I left the house, the shirt is a UK size 26 from Newlook.

The acid wash jeans are a size 22 (that constantly fall down) from Yours Clothing.

The black Top was a tight tunic dress I have had for a while which was an 18 from H&M that I am sure has stretched with me.

It totally depends on where you hold your weight. My boobs are a large factor of Top size.

Yet I am 21st10
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I'm 14st 3lb but not for long I hope 😃day one doing weight watchers I'm a 16 on the bottom & on the top 14/16 my problem areas are my boobs & my thunder thighs 🌼🌷🌼
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I am 11st 5lbs and I can be anything from a 10 to a 14! I find certain brands fit tighter/looser than others! I don't think I will physically ever get a size 8 because of my shape but I am fine with that! A 10 on top and bottom would do me
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I have to say this is a massive bug bear of mine too. UK sizes are really inconsistent store to store- there are some I don't even bother to try and shop in!

I'm 5'9 and currently a 20/18 dress depending on the store. I weigh 270. I do think height is part of it - so many things only stretch one way and nobody wants to flash of cooch at work!

There is a really interesting article on the insanity of sizing from Slate which I can't link because I'm new, but have a look at "Why clothing sizes make no sense" from 2012. For me, I tend to head to ASOS for a lot of things, Dorothy Perkins for basics and more recently New Look for fun seasonal things. I'm not really keen on investing a ton of money into clothes at the moment because my size is changing and fingers crossed then I can go to diesel for jeans etc!
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S/C/G: sz 20/22 --> sz 10/12 --> sz 8

Height: 5'8"


I'm a size 12/14, and 5'8". I don't weigh myself, but my waist is about 33" or so. I have child-bearing hips and a big bust so certain clothes might technically fit (comfortable, no pulling of fabric, etc), but my size 8 pre-teen daughter looks much nicer in them.

I've also found that the cut of the clothing makes a huge difference in fit. I have jeans with a low rise and a pair that are high-waisted -- the low-rise jeans aren't as forgiving of my mum-tum because they finish right on my hips. High-waisted jeans in the same size tend to be too loose.
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