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Default Bingeing and living for food- making myself sick

Hi all,

I'm writing a fairly desperate post.

It always starts of being innocent, I'll just finish of this or that. Last night I had little sleep and today had to buy spreadable chocolate and white bread for my hubby's kids. I ate the lot, and was seeking more, and more.

I feel disgusted, I went to the supermarket and was half euphoric and half tearful, buying everything I could find that was a carb. I felt so ill but carried on.

I have a beautiful family and am usually sessile.. I feel ashamed, and out of control. I don't think anyone would understand as it's my own greed, but's it like I don't have a stop button. I don't feel satisfied or full. I keep going. Today I made myself sick too.

It's only food, I was thinking this doesn't after, but it was the fact I just wanted more,,,, I should have gone to bed and caught up on food.

I feel so low and ashamed of myself and don't know how to stop :-(
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hi let me reasure u that ur not alone-i have a problem with binge eating-if i start then i dont know wen to stop and even if i feel sick i can keep going...iv not seen any1 bout my problem i been trying to get over it myself and so far ive now done 25days without binge eatin which s a major achievment 4me and i have managed to lose 13lbs up 2my last weigh in on mon-its not easy in the slightest but least im glad iv managed wat i have so far.
try bein healthy and if u want munchies then go 4 alternatives that r healthier like instead of crisps make courgette crisps-theyr nice!frozen grapes or ur fave fruit instead of sweets works 4me so far.also plan in advance for a treat to look 4ward to takin mum 4 meal mothers day and the boyf 4 meal on his bday where i will just enjoy food on those days then back to my diet plan the days after.and also if u ever fall off the wagon then just get back up again and start afresh-nothin is unsalvageable..:-)
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Hi there, don't despair. Changing your eatinghabits is a long long and can be a gruelling process. I used to be just like you. Food here, food there, a little bit can't hurt, oh its all gone.

I spent almost a year adapting my eating habits and just cutting out small things in my life. things just as simple as replacing certain types of oil with others to not having sugar in tea or coffee anymore, as well as moving to sugarfree jam and wraps instead of bread. Babysteps! Nowadays the pressure is on to lose stones and stones in weeks, you can read about them fine and you can walk the walk in the form of a diet or two or even three. but the point remains that when you've finished your WW, or your SW diets, you just go back to the way you used to eat. In my opinion losing weight slowly but surely is also the best and healthiest way to go. focus on 1 thing at the time and eliminate the things from your everyday life. I'm not saying that you should forever avoid things, but have them as a treat now and then

my 20 pence, and I wish you the best luck on the way to a better feeling you! this forum is amazing to be honest

xxx Sorrow xxx
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Going high fat low carb kills bingeing stone dead. I guess it must be the satiating nature of eating fats.

Your situation sounds desperate, and calls for desperate measures.

And yes, I have been there. On my final binge I ate THREE huge Belgian buns stuffed with fresh cream, and two giant Galaxy bars.

Now six weeks on and I am on just two meals a day, about 800 calories apiece, no wheat, no sugar, and don't feel like snacking.
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Thank you for your replies. I had tried to reply earlier but obviously closed the internet down too quickly following my post! It's all this sugar, it's affecting the brain!

I am desperate 362, I have had a weekend away with family and there is food everywhere, we have a huge breakfast and my eating starts there, and if I'm honest doesn't stop. My work is stressful at the moment (not an excuse but I notice my appetite is unstoppable).

I wonder if low carb is the way to go... but I just can't resist the bread etc. I have a little voice that says "I need this right now" or "just this one slice" I do it everyday. I come from a family of eaters although they are sensible, but all love food so it's a central focus. It's touch, as we are eating cake, even sandwiches or porridge, I'm in a euphoric mode thinking how can I have more. I feel mad and embarrassed. Thanks for your post Spice it sounds like you have been doing really well, and you seem in control.

I have to say Littlemissniki I like frozen fruit too :-)

The problem I have is I love food. I feel so full at night I can't sleep, then the little one wakes...then I feel more tired during the day and rely on caffeine.

I can feel full of self loathing but I can't trust myself around food. I
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Hiya onmyown

You are NOT on your own! Change your username!

I just can't resist the bread etc.

Yes you can! If you keep on repeating that mantra to yourself, it will come true! Change the mantra, change the mindset. Start repeating:

"I don't need these empty, pointless carbs!"
"I don't need these empty, pointless carbs!"
"I don't need these empty, pointless carbs!"
"I don't need these empty, pointless carbs!"
"I don't need these empty, pointless carbs!"
"I don't need these empty, pointless carbs!"

Go onto Youtube and find as many videos as you can about wheat and sugar. Play them over and over until you have all the arguments against them embedded in your brain.

I was a MAJOR sugar and wheat binger. How did I get to 362 pounds? That is 26 stone!

But I am not bingeing any more.

Low carb WORKS but you must eat LOADS of fat -- 80% fat diet to start with, and that means NO sugar and NO starch or anything white like rice, potatoes, pasta etc.

It works!

But .... do you really WANT to lose your addictions?
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Can you try having a go-to food on standby? E.g. low cal jello with fruits or yogurt with honey to eat each time you feel like a binge.

Also, are you restricting heavily during the day time? You mentioned lots of caffeine and binging at night. If you are, then try eating more during the day time and/or increasing your overall calorie intake.
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Personally, I think that instead of cutting out 'bad' foods or trying to snack on low-cal options (which can be unsatisfying in my opinion) you should look into intuitive eating, as it may help to reduce the desperate feelings you have around food and the constant urge to binge. I highly recommend The Overfed Head (free pdf if you google it) and/or Overcoming Overeating.

And - try not to be so hard on yourself! You sound like a very nice person and a good mom

Best wishes,

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Default Taking a Step in Your Shoes

I understand how upset you must feel. At my heaviest weight, I was almost 200 pounds and bingeing every single day. I have struggled for years with over eating and it can be one of the most painful and emotionally draining things. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. My best advice after successfully losing weight, and most of all, giving up the guilt of binge eating, is not to chose a "diet" where you are restricting yourself. Binge eating seems to be triggered for me by telling myself that I can't have something, or trying to "make up for it" the next day by under eating. Life is about choices, and although I consider binge eating an addiction, you have the power within yourself to set that addiction aside. Every time you say "no" to over eating you are taking back power. I still struggle with urges to over eat and I think that I always will. An addiction never truly goes away, and with food, you cannot avoid it because you need it to live. If you binge, do not feel guilty. Sit the with the choice and try to identify why it happened. This can help you move forward without shame.

Best of luck
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Carbs are my Heroine. I am an addict. I have eaten boxes of chocolates that my children were looking forward to enjoying as a holiday treat.
I now freely admit this , and I embrace my powerlessness over carbs/sugar. I can not ever go back to eating sugar/carbs. Ever. Because I am an addict.
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