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Originally Posted by Impala View Post
It's interesting how even though several people have said that they lost a lot of weight with SW, it seems that it is not the diet they are on at the moment. I am finally realizing that losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is another and am looking for a weight loss program that is realistic in the long term
For me I originally did Slimming World as a teenager and had no problem keeping it off but found over the years that I forgot about it and certain trigger points caused weight gain such as:

Quitting smoking
Going to university
Having children

But if you stick to more healthy extras or more syns once at target then its easy to maintain.
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Originally Posted by pjmslim View Post
Hi folks
I sympathise with you
I am in my 4th week at slimming world
Very frustrated! it's going so slow!I think i need to switch to red days but Ive been sooooo good for a month and I dont know if I can do it any longer!
Atkins was always best for me but it doesn't work any more!!
Any ideas?
My issue with Slimming World is that when you do it they encourage big portions and you end eating a lot more. And I can never manage 3 meals a day plus the healthy extras. I just feel like I have over eaten.

What I prefer to do is to make sure a percentage of every meal I have has speed foods on it and then I always lose a lot more weight and then just by following some of their recipes using this plan you can lose it.

I like Slimming World for someone that has a very unhealthy diet because it trains the body on healthy food and then when you are eating them regularly you can then follow it loosely and work on the recipes.

Another issue I see is that people are too strict and then end up bingeing because they have removed Syns from their diet. Enjoy everything and if all else fails buy an airfryer because at least then the naughty things are not cooked in deep fat fryers.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and last night had a craving for chips and did them in the airfryer and they had the same amount of fat in them as a jacket potato would!
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Thank god I'm not the only one
I managed to lose 9lbs for a wedding by cutting out carbs, however my weight stayed the same for the last year, so I decided to try SW
Omg I have put on 3lbs in the morning to what I used to be and dare not step on a scale in the evening, I feel more curver and I notice the weight gain around my waist and tummy and clothes feel tighter
It felt so wrong eating carbs again and obviously my body doesn't respond well to carbs
I've been on it for 3 weeks and noticed not one change for the better just the weight gain, so I've decided to stop before I put all my lost 9lbs back on

Glad it's not just me that SW doesn't agree with
I tried weight watchers years ago and found their plan a lot simpler to follow so might try that again at some point
My main focus is being carb free again
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It sounds like weight watchers and slimming world are trying to get people to fill up on low calorie foods, which sounds sensible, but if they're not actually teaching portion control at the same time I can see why they might fail some people. Wouldn't it just be better of them to tell you the reasoning behind their meal plans etc - i.e. cutting calories. But if they said that, then it would take the mystery out of losing weight I suppose...

I've been using MyFitnessPal - it's completely free, no food is 'off limits' but it gives you a suggested daily calorie count and a list of macro goals (e.g. so much fat/fibre/protein etc). It's so easy to log my food through their app to - you just scan a barcode, or enter a name for it and if it's in their database, which it usually is, it adds it straight away. I'm learning portion control, how to use a kitchen scale and the caloric value of things - and I eat more veggies now than I ever did because they're low calorie. It's great! When I'm done I know I'll be able to keep the weight off because MFP has taught me so much about healthy eating.

Edit: I joined Sept 2014 - so in 4/5 months I've lost 50lbs by counting calories with MFP. The system works and it's easy. Oh and did I mention... completely FREE!

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Originally Posted by kendalslimmer View Post
It sounds like weight watchers and slimming world are trying to get people to fill up on low calorie foods, which sounds sensible, but if they're not actually teaching portion control at the same time I can see why they might fail some people. Wouldn't it just be better of them to tell you the reasoning behind their meal plans etc - i.e. cutting calories. But if they said that, then it would take the mystery out of losing weight I suppose...
we all know how to lose weight its not hard, we just all want the easy magic diet pill option of not having to work at it. after 12 years on this site I can tell you that is has never been truer, I've seen people come lose leave and return over and over again. We all need to lose weight we all know we need to eat right and exercise yet we are all still searching for this pill that machine this magic celeb diet to give us everything we want without the effort

congratulations you cunning sleuth you've just found the business model of weight loss groups. if we all lost weight kept it off then well there would be a lot of upset business and marketing types around wouldn't there?
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Smile BBC Doc a Real Eye Opener.

Originally Posted by StrugglingSlim View Post
Hey guys! I've been to so many different diet clubs, and tried to go it alone, with varied success for years and years now. I've tried Slimming World twice before and am now on my 3rd run.

I've heard so many success stories. So many people saying "SW is the best. I couldn't lose weight at all but on SW I lost stones!" But is there anyone out there like me? I struggle to lose. I lose a pound a week for a few weeks, then put on! And I don't know what I'm doing wrong because I do follow the plan every week but I just keep going up and down.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or has anyone had it in the past and overcome it? How? Thanks
Hiya, Myself and my partner were on SW for about 6 months. We lost quite a lot to start with but then we stopped AND then started putting on weight! We got so disillusioned that we packed it in. We have since yoyo'd up and down until we saw a few documentaries recently on BBC 2 'What Is The Right Diet For You?' and 'The weight Of The Nation on HBO We watched those and it was like OMG's? is it THAT simple? What you don't realise is that when you're heavier your metabolism is super fast as your body uses loads of calories just 'being alive'. As soon as you lose a significant amount of weight (more than 5% of your body weight) your metabolism changes and lowers - so you keep eating and exercising the same but your body is using less calories 'being alive' than it was and so you're now over-eating, even though you're eating the same amount of food. This means you lose weight slower ... When you eventually lose enough weight to lower your metabolism significantly (within the normal range of BMI) your body will be using 1/3 less calories than someone of the same BMI who has never had a weight problem!
This means if you go out for a meal and eat the same as your friend (who has never been overweight) who you are now the same weight as, she will have had a 'normal' amount of food and you will have over eaten by 1/3.

This knowledge is AMAZING and has helped us lose the weight we've lost so far. You can do the online test to see which weight gainer group you're in and get a free ebook to help you plan a diet. Honestly it's changed our whole outlook on weight loss and we're being successful week after week.

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Try health coaching! Live Lean Health is a great way to do this and sessions can be on Skype as well, so it helps from the comfort of your home :-)
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Do you know, I've done both SW and WW and a doctor friend of mine told me that if one doesn't work do the other one as SW is fat sensitive (ie cuts out fat) and WW is carb sensitive (ie cuts out carb). Apparantly we all lose weight n different ways. I know I need to cut fat to shed weight but can continue to eat carbs til the cows come home and not put on a pound! Xx
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I am starting slimming world tomorrow. I am doing the old school green and red days though. Moreno red as I've heard good things about it. A few of my friends have been doing the extra easy and haven't had great results. It seems to me like you can over eat on it.
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I struggled with SW and I have found that a change in habits on the slimming world diet is what works best.

For example many of us get really bloated on SW and by having loads of red days (carb free with lots of meat or fish with veg) can make all the difference. Or others say that going without healthy extras or reducing syns is the answer.

It is also often down to the amount of weight you have got to lose. Those that are obese find it easier because they have a mass calorie drop when they sign up.

I would go on instagram and search slimming world as you can see exactly what people are eating that are losing the most on there and it will give you better ideas.

Alternatively I have noticed a lot of SW followers do the Whole 30 for a boost so maybe look at that?
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I tried Slimming World. I did lose some weight but I found it very awkward to stick to with my lifestyle and work pattern. I work ten hour-shifts. Factor in travel to and from work and you are looking at being out of the house for 14 hours. I just don't have time to do vast amounts of cooking or preparing lunches and healthy snacks for the next time. This made my choices very limited especially the small amount of bread for sandwiches and things you were allowed. I binned it as I was miserable. I'm trying calorie counting. I can eat what I want as long as I count it and don't have to factor in healthy option A and healthy option B, count syns and so forth. So far this is a little easier - also a bit cheaper.
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Default Gaining weight/ SW

I went the other week and lost 12lbs. Great I thought.
Went yesterday and have sticking to it
And.......gained 16lbs ???
How the **** have I done that. ??
I stopped going for 7mths and only put one pound on...I start
back and have put loads on despite following the plan.
I've decided to stop now, I'm not paying to get fat.
I will follow a sensible eating plan and get support from
my sweet Facebook pages.
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I've been doing it since June and I still haven't got my stone award. I am now just half a pound away from it though. Slimming World does work, but contrary to what consultants will tell you about allowing a treat and having this that and the other you do have to be strict and 100% on plan, don't get me wrong have your syns but be really careful cos so many things have hidden syns. A girl at my group joined the week before me, got her stone award in a matter of weeks and hasn't lost since because she's a)having too many syns and on the back of that is b)thinking things are free when they are syned. one week at group she was handing out these jars of spinach and ricotta paste, she even put one in the SOTW bag, she was insisting and adamant that they were free and when someone checked on the app they came out at 25 syns and she'd been eating almost one of these jars a day because she hadn't bothered to check the syn value. So if you are struggling, not losing as much as you think you should, really take stock and check your syns cos you could be having more than you think. On the other hand some people lose really quick and others don't, I am a slow loser so I don't compare myself to those in the class who lose 2, 3, 4 lb a week, i'm a happy with a pound and ecstactic if i lose more. I will get there in the end it will just take a little longer, but as long as we are going in the right direction, I'm told that the slower you lose the easier it is to maintain when you get to target.
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SW has changed my outlook completely and helped so much with overcoming binge eating but it wasn't the plan I was the one who had to do the hard work, and the hard work isn't on your plate or in the gym its in your head.

The plan is so flexible you can tweak it or like me only follow certain principles like focusing on eating a lot of speed and being sensible with treats and sauces (but I don't count syns strictly because it makes me very anxious).

I found going to a meeting every week kept me sticking to my lifestyle change and sitting in the meeting a time to think about how I got here, why I eat what I eat and how I can improve next week.
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