Hello from Scotland

  • Hey everyone, thought I would post a wee hello in the UK section too. When I was 2lbs away from hitting 19 stone and going to need to ask for a seat belt extender when I was going on holiday, I knew its time to change. So far I have lost 2 stone 2 lbs and dropped from a 24 to a 20/18. I don't think I'm going to need that extender either I have joined a gym and go every day and have changed to brown bread, low fat spreads and yoghurts. I also use the app myfitnesspal, which really helps track my calories. I limit my treats like a curry or chow mein as life is too short. I am averaging about 2lbs which my doc says is perfect. If anyone has tips, advice etc it will be gratefully received. Many thanks.
  • Hi there Fionnin

    I'm technically not in the UK; but am a Brit (from England) who left 5 years ago at about 125kg and then put on more and more. I have had the seatbelt extender nightmare too - I ordered my own off ebay as it was just too embarrassing having to ask for one. I'm now at 109kg and on recent flights dodn't need it - and I could put the tray flat out too

    I've joined a gym and am trying the C25K program. Early days but I want to carry on. I use mynetdiary to log calories and exercise and that has been really motivating - I think it is very similar to myfitness pal. I have dropped nearly all carbs, and eat protein with every meal. The carbs I do eat are complex - whole oats and rye bread. And like you, once a week I have a bigger meal, usually at a restaurant here (we have some incredible lunch buffets) - again I limit the carbs but I enjoy the variety in a curry or a Chinese meal. I have also been watching 'Biggest Loser' (some of which I don't like...... such weightloss is not achievable, in my opinion, in ordinary life) and find it great to see real people losing real amounts of weight. The main thing that kicked me off was not recognising Pauline Quirke on tv when watching 'Broadchurch' - i couldn't believe it was her! I then read the book and decided I COULD do it - but using my own diet, not the stuff she used.

    Good luck!
  • Hi cat lady, first of all well done on your weightloss, excellent work. I watch the biggest loser too but agree, such weight loss is not achievable in real life but more importantly, I don't think it's healthy. I know the trainer from BBL Australia Michelle Bridges has criticised it. It's also why so many of the contestants then need surgery to remove loose skin as the skin is not being given a chance to go back to normal slowly, which would minimise the looseness.

    I am averaging 2lbs a week which is slow but steady and at 30lbs so far there is no sagging skin as of yet.

    Where I am struggling is carbs, I LOVE my bread. Particularly crusty bread and fajitas. Luckily weight watchers do bagels at only 150 calories each so any advice in this area, gratefully received xxx
  • hi Fionnin!
    Welcome to 3fc! I am also from Scotland, Morayshire to be exact. Congratulations on your success so far!
    I also use myfitnesspal, my username is MissSMcC same as here, if you or anyone else fancies adding me
  • Hi missS, I think I have sent you a request, incase I haven't, my username is fionnin. Congrats on your weight loss so far. If we all support each other, we will get there in the end
  • Hey there! I'm also a Scot ( from Glasgow) so welcome! I find this a great help when I start getting the sweetie pangs!
  • Me too!
    Hi Fionnin
    I'm too from Scotland. Glad to have found this forum and glad to have found some UK members. Have made a reasonable start on my journey, but deffo think I'm going to need support. Well done on your weight loss so far, I'm hoping to mirror your efforts.
  • Hi Cara and Fiona, it's nice to see another Fiona too. I have now reached the 2 stone milestone which is good. Still aways to go. If anyone uses myfitnesspal, please feel free to add me.