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Default 14stone. 5'3. 23years old fatty.

Hey everyone

I'm Rachael I'm 23 and as the title says I am a fat chick. I used to be 18 stone and a size 24 when I was 15. I managed to lose the weight to 10 stone but I can't seem to do it now!

I need to lose three stone to be happy with myself. When I lost 8 stone my boobs deflated so I've decided this year I will lose weight and have new boobs!

Really struggling. Only started last week no loss yet. Gym 5 times a week for a hour of cardio. Bike run etc.

Healthy food no chocolate or crisps at all n one cheat day. Saturdays !

Anyone have any more advice I don't want to be a fatty any,ore!

R x
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Hi Rachael, sorry for the late reply! There's a lot of tumbleweeds on the UK board these days

Sounds like you've made a good start! Are you following a specific diet plan? I count calories using an app on my phone, but do take a look around the board and read up on the other diets that people are doing to see if there's something that will work for you. Don't be afraid to try a few, it can be difficult to get right!

Don't worry about not seeing results straight away, a week is not enough time. I'd recommend at least 3 weeks before reconsidering or adjusting a plan.

Good luck!
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Hi Rachael,

I am also 5"3 and started at 14 stone 4lbs + (this was the weight i was brave enough to step on the scales at).
i turned 28 on Monday and restarted my weight loss after maintaining for 6 months at 179 lbs or 12 stone 11.
i am also worried about my boobs. i have already gone from a full E cup to a D cup with a little room and they were a bit droopy to start with and now i think they are worse.
A very buff friend of mine who has just started army training recommended i follow something close to the low Gi diet plan - im sure you can find this on a search engine easily.
It really lets you eat whatever you want within reason and i honestly found most of the things i really liked and ate regularly were fine to carry on with just in different amounts within a given meal or snack e.g 50-75g dry weight of wholewheat pasta rather than 75g of white pasta. I find that not only do i feel fuller on this 'diet' - as the general principle is that low gi foods take longer to digest and leave you feeling less hungry compared to high gi foods but my general health and mental attitude is better. It could be a placebo effect of just thinking the "good" food is doing me good or it could actually be that eating less processed is doing me good.
Anyway im rambling on here. If you would like to chat feel free to PM me or whatever.

good luck!
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Hey Rachael!
I am also a 14 stone fatty only I'm 24. I've struggled with my weight since my late teens and its only in the last few months that I've started to think about the time I spend at the gym. I would work my arse off at the gym and eat well and step on the scales and there would be very little change, so then I'd get upset and fall off the wagon for a few days, feel guilty and then them whole cycle would start all over again. Now I try not to think about it that way. I concentrate on how amazing I feel when I burst that last 10 seconds on a treadmill. I think about how I can feel muscles working that probably havent in years. I put on a waist belt that 3 months earlier I had to put holes in ( and not in the good way! In the its too small for me way) and now it fits great. I think even taking the pressure off yourself helps a little. I know, we are still young and if you are anything like me you have teeny weeny friends who don't lift a finger and can eat what they like. Lets admit it, we hate them ALL! But we have to keep telling ourselves that being fitter will benefit us so much more in later life, and the weight will, eventually come off with it!
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Hi Rachael,

I'm 5'2 and about 13 stone, I'm 34 and the older I get, the harder it is to lose the weight! I've just joined this site as I am hoping to find tips and motivation to lose my weight and keep it off this time! Like yourself, I was a fat teenager and I managed to go down to 8 stone in my mid-twenties, but couldn't keep it off.

Best of luck to you and if you want a diet buddy, hit me up!

xx K
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