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Fat to Fab and Fit
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I got this
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Queso cheese dip. I am SO bad with that, I could easily eat at least half of the jar or more. >_<

Before the discovery of my acid reflux and possible f'ed up gallbladder or the functionality of it, it used to be hot cheetos with lime and peanut butter (not eaten together at the same time, mind you, lol.)
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So Close to Goal
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Peanut butter.. I could eat an entire jar in one go. SO addictive!! Especially the Yum Yum brand!
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Strangely, its the things that are ON my plan! The main culprit is almonds. I either don't buy them, or I keep them in the trunk of my car to keep them from being too accessible. But I have no problem keeping other food in the house (for my kids) that I don't eat (i.e., peanut butter, cheese, chips, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.) In the past, I could sit down with the jar of peanut butter or eat a huge hunk of cheese. But for some reason I am ok with those being off limits and I abide by that, but when I have the almonds in front of me, there's no stopping me from eating them!!!
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Any baked goods, but I also struggle with Mexican food. So good, but so bad for you. I don't think I could make a "healthy" choice at a Mexican restaurant.
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Height: 5'3


ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, peanuts, almond butter, biscuits - especially M&S ones, hummus which is not allowed on paleo :-(, and cereal.
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Definitely potato chips, I swear they're coated with something addictive.

Portugese sweet rolls.

Movie popcorn. I'll not go to a movie just because I know I'll get popcorn.
Not getting it is not even an option.

The little chocolates called "Ice Cubes." They're made with palm oil of all horrible things. But they're soooo good and make me think of my childhood.
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Chinese food- the place I get takeout from has no MSG and uses only fresh veggies, but I always get the food with the heavy sauce I never get the healthy options!
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Perpetual Dieter
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ben and jerry's icecream and also relentless energy drinks, ah i have such an energy drink problem
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Height: 5' 2''


cashew nuts, rough bran cakes, hummus...
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