• Yesterday I couldn't manage to eat any more weight watcher meals and really craved a nice treat. I vowed to myself (as always) that I wouldn't go mad and as always that never sticks!

    Really annoyed myself with how silly I was but weighed myself this morning and hadn't put much on whatsoever so thought i'd been given a chance to try again and be really good as I so don't want my week of losing 5lbs to be for nothing!

    Anyway was good all day at work and come home where my mum has been shopping and brought so so much sweet treats etc and once again i've messed up and not known when to stop!

    I'm so upset and angry with myself. This always happens when I allow myself a treat - I remember how good it tastes and always want more the next day.

    I really really don't want all my hard work and effort of losing 5lbs last week to go to waste. I really dont want to put it all on again or i'll be so upset.

    It's so hard!

  • A 5lb loss last week is fantastic, well done on your efforts so far.

    Just pick yourself back up and start again. Some people find that factoring in the occasional sweet treat works out best for them, instead of refraining altogether.

    I'm not on the Weight Watchers program myself but I have seen lots of their food in supermarkets and know that they have lots of yummy treats.

    A personal favourite of mine are their yoghurts and fromage frais. These are the ones:

    Why not stock up on some lower calorie desserts such as these? Or ask your mum to pick some up with the weekly shopping? Just an idea to feed a sweet tooth without going off plan.

    Also, does you mum know that you are more conscious about what you are eating? Maybe have a chat with her and explain that whilst you appreciate the thought, you'd prefer for her not to buy x, y and z anymore.

  • It's very hard. They key is will power. Try and outsmart your stomach.

    And don't beat yourself up if you've slipped. We all do, especially in the beginning. Just be accountable for it (which you are by posting it here) and move forward with a new attitude.
  • Yea she does know i'm trying to be good and she does buy some healthy things but I just see all the naughty stuff and seem to lose it and just go mad. And its always after ive had a treat day!

    Makes me so angry. I'm gonna try cancel out yesterday and today then and really really try to start again tomorrow. I really would be so upset to put on that 5lbs again!

    Thanks for your advice - it really has helped.

  • I know what you mean, it's been like that for me the last 3 weeks, but I'm telling myself that enough is enough - today was really the last straw for me. You can do it, don't let a slip-up get you down! xx