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Default How did you USED to eat!

Does anyone dare confess??

I've always had yoghurt, grapes nuts and fruit for breakfast even before my deit, but I used to buy a high cal cereal bar and sweets on the way in (one packet of sweets I ate on the way, a couple I kept for eating at work!)

For lunch usually a sandwich, but a big fatty baguette sandwich with cheese savoury filling (how I miss cheese savoury!).

Usually at work I would eat the sweets i bought on the way, and or/biscuits.

For tea about 3 times a week was takeaway (whole 12 inch pizza, KFC bargain bucket, that sort of thing), or other days cook a meal. Either way, for evening meal I always ate so much til I was really stuffed!

Snacks were just anything unhealthy in large quantities; whole packets of biscuits, or share size bags of sweets, or 6packs of crisps, that sort of thing.

Then just before bed I'd have more grapenuts yoghurt and fruit.

I could not go more than absolute maximum 2 hours without eating... still struggle with that!

Oh my Laaaawd, I didn't even used to think about it either. Even when I struggle now... at least i am not doing this everyday no more!!!

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No breakfast...usually very little lunch, then I would get home and overeat most evening. Steady stream of snacks at home. Usually something like a sandwich, some chips, or an ice cream bar. Then, if we'd go out to dinner, I'd eat something way too heavy, like baby back ribs with fries, and I'd be painfully stuffed. I never drank soda, or ate much candy, but what I did eat, I ate way too much of.
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Haha, good thread! I used to binge eat so much drunk. Used to be 3 or more full size chocolate bars, whole packets of biscuits and absurd amounts of pain au chocolat pastries. Ouch!
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Default Opppss

Before I Starting Changes In My Diet I Had 2lts Ov Pepsi Everyday, A Family Sized Chocolate Bar For Myself, About 5 Take Aways A Week. Lots Ov Cake And Biscuits I Love Them. Along With Other Snacks Throughout The Day. Makes Me Sick When I Read This Back I Ate Enough Food A Day To Feed 3 People Probably...Now Its Water, Black Coffee And Shakes And I Dont Even Miss The Food!!
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Hmmm... I honestly had a lot of sandwiches. PB&J, tuna, turkey. That sort of thing. Easy grab and go. I ate a lot of soup, cereal, yoghurt, fruits, I just kept gaining weight.

I think what got me here was a love for pasta (noodles and company... mmmmm) and starbucks. Who doesn't want an over sugary drink once a day?

Daily meals aren't so bad actually, it's the occasional I want a taco bell that gets me. I've slowly gained weight in the past few years with fast food, but looking back, I actually have a lot of healthy days...

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Im not from the Uk, but I would eat no breakfast, but go and get crisps and soda and sweets, then have lunch (take out or carb filled) when i ate take out i would go and get bugers like 2 big macs and 20 piece chicken nuggets, and eat a double cheese burger on the way home!!! i was horrible to myself!!!
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Originally Posted by ALG918 View Post
i was horrible to myself!!!
Thanks for your honesty everyone, true honesty!! Hard to confess to, but we are all doing better now... amazing that we used to do that day in day out and not think about it (we do get in habits of denial sometimes don't we!!). Shocks you when you look back! You are so right ALG, I used to think I was 'treating' myself, but really I was abusing my poor body, it didn't make me feel good, physically or mentally.
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My diet was dreadful before. Multipacks of crisps that were gone in a day, devouring a whole packet of jaffa cakes in one sitting, a couple of sandwiches for breakfast and a couple more for lunch, far too much beer... No wonder I reached the size I did!
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Breakfast: Nothing, or sugary cereal or 2 slices of white toast with butter/jam/nutella/honey. Plus 1 cup of coffee with 1 sugar.

Lunch: Sandwich with 2 slices of usually white bread (tuna/ham/chicken/cheese - I usually had salad in my sandwich too!), 1 packet of crisps, piece of fruit and a chocolate bar/cake/yoghurt a few times a week.

Dinner: Same dinners as I have now but bigger portions and I'd usually have takeaway twice a week maybe (as opposed to no takeaway now apart from the occasional Subway - 6inch subs now, I used to have a foot long!). Plus I used to have the occasional dessert. Now I rarely have dessert at all.

At work I would snack on biscuits or cake whenever they were around and have about 3 coffees each with 1 sugar.

Takeaway would be half a large pizza plus dips and sides washed down with Coke. Or Chinese would be fried rice, sweet and sour chicken balls, bbq ribs, chicken with cashew nuts etc. Meals at KFC or McDonald's would be large etc. Now I don't eat at either of those places.
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Even when my DH and i went to Windsor this past christmas i ate horrible, i could hardly walk into town, we went to wonder winterland and i had to sit multiple times, children were staring and talking! Asada was horible!!!
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I'm thinking back, and my eating was never terrible, but I wouldn't bother measuring portions. I used to eat white carbs at almost every meal, like cornflakes for breakfast (again, I never measured portions and I'd easily have had double the recommended 30grams). I drank lots of tea with two sugars (I still drink tea every day, but I use natural xylitol instead of sugar) and I would usually have a handful of biscuits with a cup of tea. My favourites were chocolate digestives, and I'd have like six with one cup of tea whilst playing on my xbox (the biscuits were 85-ish calories each, so that's over 500 calories for a start) and I developed a fetish for these German crisps called Erdnuß Flips. They're basically like Wotsits but they're peanut flavour instead of cheese. They're amazing! They come in pretty big bags, and I could easily munch the whole bag. My dinners weren't monstrously unhealthy, but they were unregulated portions and usually based around white rice, white pasta, white tortillas or white potato. I am a recovering carb addict.
I did like the occasional bar of chocolate, too. I think the worst period for that, I was eating two Bounty bars a day. I also ate late at night if I woke up and wanted a snack.

The things I've never been into are fast food, burgers or fries, crisps/chips in general, and I hate soft drinks or any fizzy drink. I also hate alcohol and never drink, and I'm a vegetarian so my sins were basically carbs and chocolate! The way I've turned it on its head is to replace all white carbs with wholefoods, cut out empty calorie snacks like the German crisps, cut out sugar and use natural alternatives (I'm dubious of chemical sweeteners... or chemical anything) and I've stopped eating carbs at dinner. I also upped my protein intake like crazy and started drinking more spring water. I don't miss my old diet, but I do allow myself indulgences of chocolate if they fit in with my calorie plan!
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The 'x3' is a heart! :)
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I ate everything and anything that I encountered throughout the day! Absolutely NO self control. I'd usually start out with some kind of carb in the morning, I could eat up to 7 waffles or pancakes (or more) with butter and syrup. Then about an hour later I would have some kind of sandwich or other carby food. For lunch I might have a couple slices of pizza or another sandwich. Then dinner. Oh, dinner. I might go to McDonald's and buy a large chicken nugget meal with Coke and a Double Cheeseburger and a McChicken. I'd also get cookies and sometimes even a chocolate shake.

Then I might wake up around 1 and rummage around the kitchen to find another sweet and/or carby food item.

Oh my goodness, am I glad those days are over! I can't believe that was me eating those things. Feels good to admit it and move on, though.
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So true, portions out of control, simple carbs = normal food!
comfort, comfort, comfort food, I'm still a carboholic but I'm watching it
(mostly how I ate in school, then college it got better until binging got bad halfway through after a year of that I turned my life around and here I am just finished college 29 pounds down, fitter and still mourning my old destructive lifestyle).

B: 4 - 6 slices of toast with butter and or 3 x portion of cereal in one bowl my dad must of had a 10 x portion bowl used for a whole family meal I used to give out to him about it and in comparison to him I always until about 6 months ago thought that I wasnt THAT bad, so warped.
crisps, snack bar
lunch: white bread 2 slices
biscuits - after school
Dinner: potatos6 medium with fake butter/pasta 6+ portions/noodles.
With binges a number of times a week 1000 cals of ice cream, a cake, sweets if I was at the shop.. food turned into a loving replacement family for me but let me down in the end. Gosh I even remember every Friday I would go shopping with my Dad, he would let me buy a family sized bar of chocolate and most times I would have it eaten (1000 cals) by the time we got home (15 minutes) or else I'd keep it to eat in bed listening to the radio instead of going out with friends LIVING IN A SHELL BASICALLY.


B: 1-2 weetabix w/milk
wholewheat cracker w/phili
Lunch: chicken/quorn/eggs/half a wrap
Fruit with cheese.
Dinner: frozen veg w/pesto chicken/quorn, a normal portion of potato or sweet potato 1-3 times a week not 7 times lol.

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i used to skip breakfast everyday, and not eat lunch until about 2.30pm when i was starving, my fave thing to get was a chicken pie from the bakers, plus a big bag of crisps and some kind of chocolate bar. dont even want to guess how many calories are in that. then i ate takeaway loads, i love indian food but the problem was i couldnt just have one thing, i wanted it all, so it would be a chicken kebab but with naan bread, spicy onions, chips and pakora and maybe even poppadoms, i never managed to finish it all but definatley ate until i was stuffed and uncomfortable.
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I find it quite hard to pinpoint exactly when my diet went wrong because I was big frome the age of 13/14 until very recently. So it has changed quite dramatically. The only thing I can say for sure is that I'm a terrible snacker. At university I'd quite happily miss meals and snack on sausage rolls, 6 packs of crisps, cheap wine, chocolate, pasties (whatever was on offer) etc at night. It was a combination of emotional and boredom eating as I was going through some painful experiences and food was my only comfort.
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