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mountain walker
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Smile Think of what you save!!!!

Hi all,
My hubby gave up smoking 12 and a half weeks ago (and counting....can you tell??) well we worked out that we are saving around 35 per week and he has had some( not all) of that money to treat himself.
Has anybody worked out what they save by not snacking on chocolate, or having take out etc etc etc.?? I know that fruit and veggies aren't cheap but that aside we MUST be saving by eating less!! I thought I might have a go at estimating! I know everybody will have a different amount they save but it might act as an extra motivator.
Personally my idea of heaven is a Reflexology sesssion followed by a pedicure so I am saving for that!!
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Over 8 years ago, my DH & I both quit smoking (first, we cut down through cessation); and we went from over $200.00+ a month, down to $50.00 a month to $zero$. We had all that money to do other things with.

I agree with you that some people will save by eating healthier, esp those that eat out a lot (in the restaurants daily), and eat a lot of pop & junkies (which are very expensive where we live in Canada). A family bag of chips or nachos costs about $3.50 to $4.50 dollars each. If they cut all that out, plus the daily donut & coffee runs, they must be saving money.

DH and I never ate out a lot to begin with; and only had junkies once a week or month, so we just did a switcheroo. I make a lot of homemade stuff to save money and to make sure it's healthier. We are spending about $100.00 a month on fruit & veggies; and we choose leaner cuts of meat now too, but many people would have spent that on junkies or fast foods otherwise (from what I read on this site anyways).
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I used to have a fizzy drink each day for my lunch and more than likely have a bar of chocolate or crisps or some sort of unhealthy snack during the day. I'd also have one or even two takeaways most weeks. So now I'm saving I'd say about €20 - €30. Not a lot! But for a broke student, it is.
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Funny enough, just a few minutes before I found this thread I actually thought wow, how much money am I saving now. Have not calculated yet, but it will help me live on a budget and save up for some nice stuff that I want.
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I reward myself with 2 for every day that i go without junk food. i figure that's how much I would spend on a daily basis, whether it's coffee, crisps or chocolate.
If i work out it goes up to 3 a day. My brother matches it because he's managed to lose a whopping 28 kilos so he's willing to help.
In turn, I spend that on nail polish, manicures and now I'm saving up to buy myself a rose gold bracelet
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We were at a stage of spending around 100 a week mostly on take aways. I now manage to do a weeks shop for the 2 of us for around 20 - 40. Hubby spends a bit more on unhealthy stuff for him but not loads.
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Little Miss Random
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My husband (friend at the time) gave up smoking over four years ago. He asked me for a date, I gave him one, 18th December, and he gave up on that day and never had a single puff since.

He says it was his way of proving how much he wanted me. I married him a year and a half later!
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