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Amazing will be me
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Smile WANTED online buddy/(s)

Hey im looking for some online buddys for extra motivation. Would like someone on my wave length dont matter if our weight and goals arnt similar.
Im not one to follow faddy diets or obsess over calories or how many ive burned ........or any type of diet for that matter. I love my food to much .My weightloss plan is 3 healthy square meals a day in moderation and a little something of what ya fancy sometimes does ya good. And its working
I believe any activity is better than no activity and any more than usual is gona have a benifit. Im not one to sweat it on the treadmill unltill ive burned my weeks worth of calories.
Im laid back and and like to be happy . And dont like my weightloss plans to rule my life........its a small but important part of my life but it WONT TAKE OVER.
iM LOOKING FOR minded people who would like an online support buddy. who has ASOH and likes the odd natter bout general things other than what happend on eastenders last night lol ( you know what i mean)
INTERESTED give me a shout

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hiya, i know what you mean about not really worrying too much, most of the time i dont either, as i dont get that heavy....but im doing this for the holidays in august. saw a pic of me when we went away 2 years ago and my thighs were huge!! i mean it was such a shock cus you dont really see it happening do you? or at least you dont want to see it happening!

im currently stuck at 142-141.but im gonna blast that next week and reach the under 140's im gonna do it, and then il start to relax a bit....

the other half can eat what he likes, even with a little pudge he looks great as he is toned. and goes to the gym alot! but i wanna make sure that i dont become that wife that never goes out and when she does they are all like...omg.....!!! it would break my heart!!

you can chat to me anytime you like i often log on throughout the evening (i try and do it instead of eating!)

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Hi Lucky8

I'm new here an i'm much the same as you. My problem is that I just love my food too much and now it's weekend i'm going to face some problems. At the weekend I normally have a drink with my friends and we get a takeaway.

I have just joined the gym but i'm really bad at it. I just think my dieting isn't working so i'll have to give something else a go. I really hate my body at the moment but I dont have the will power to diet. I do keep trying.

Anyway, i'm free to chat. Happy to moan when i continually mess up my diet.

Happy times
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Amazing will be me
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hiya carolyn nice to meet ya ............yeh im the same love my food and i do that quite a lot ......i 2 gt takeaways n go round my friendsn stuff.
Thats y i cant stick to any strict or faddy diet. I think its only natural and human to fall of the wagon now and again. We all need a lil something of what we fancy.
you keep going with the gym it will get easier
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Hello! My first time on here. I am 5ft 4in and about 12 stone, I'm not sure exactly cos I don't actually own any scales... I never wanted to be a person who obsesses about their weight. I still don't think I am. It's more that I don't like the way I look and I feel really unfit and flabby. I have gradually got bigger as I've got older. Today I want to Primark (so classy) and couldn't zip up a size 14 dress, I refuse to get a size 16. I was a size 12 for a long time and have been wearing size 14 trouser/jeans for a while now. So difficult deciding what to wear, especially in the summer cos I wanna cover up my arms and my stomach, but it's too hot sometimes. Oh, and my thighs too. My problem is I'm lazy and I love to eat, especially unhealthy food! Why can't salad be as yummy! It's a vicious circle with exercise too cos I hate doing it cos I get so sweaty and out of breath cos I'm so unfit, but obviously the only way to remedy that is to do it! Aargh!
Anyway, sorry for the rant! Hope we can all help each other out!

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I love my food too but I do a lot of exercise every day! So I can keep my weight.
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