Hello From One Fat Chick In England #15

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  • Anyone got anything cheery to post?

    Diet things?

    Everyday things?

    Lets post!
  • Well this is cheery to me, I have 2 job interviews next week in London so will hopefully be moving to civilisation soon.

    Come on Tim Henman for Wimbledon
  • How you doin' Veggie?

    I lost 3lbs this week (of the 4 that I had gained ) - thats good news...

    It was Sprog #1 sports day today - she hates it - but Sprog #2 obviously thought it great and was sick of watching from the side-lines so when the whistle blew she jumped onto the track and believe it or not came 3rd!!! Everyone thought it hilarious and she got to stand on the podium!!

    Going shopping for holiday stuff tomorrow and getting hair 'done' planning on lots of different blond highlights. DH's parents are baby sitting whilst we go into town - may not go back and pick them up after

    Good luck for next week Pheobe.
  • Hi veggie, Melissa, pheobe, making the most of my good news now! I'm having a party tonight for 8 friends, going to get drunk and enjoy myself.

    Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and I feel positive. I am 2lbs short of my original target (I was 178lb, my target was 147lb and my new target is 133lb) and I have had lots of compliments at work this week about how good I look.

    I am going to Cannes (business conference) next week and I have bought myself a lovely evening dress from Monsoon, size 14, makes me feel great.

    I put down a deposit on a new house on Saturday and I just feel really happy.

    Veggie, don't get down-hearted, find a job where the trainer cares about getting people to be good at their job instead of putting them down all the time (sounds to me like the trainer is [email protected] and should be given the elbow).
  • Veggie - I totally agree with Nicky - that trainer sounded very dodgy...

    Well done on the weight loss Nicky - Cannes? You lucky

    We're supposed to be in town shopping by 11 and DH is still in bed

    Have a good weekend everyone...
  • Veggie come have my job - it's too much hassle and internal politics for me at the moment.

    I am in the middle of reinventing myself. Yesterday I decided I wouldn't work in the evenings anymore - if I can't do it between 9 - 5 then I ain't doing it.

    I am trying to find things to do with my time, which don't cost anything. We are majorily skint and I think we will be until Ray finds another job. It is so depressing on a Friday when you pay your child care and don't have enough left for food and petrol let alone anything else........

    Having said that I have been drinking too much recently - cheap wine or cider - another thing that is going to go.

    I have also been eating far too much rubbish and not thinking about what it is doing to me.

    I haven't been exercising at all - that is about to change - feel I can start a few simple exercises today.

    This lot may sound negative but to me it's a positive step. I need to face all of the above before I can start to move on. I can see a glimmer of hope on the horizon and by thinking a lot more about as I clean the house today I may see a few more sun beams coming from that ray of hope.

    Off to keep being positive

    My mind is closed to discouraging and negative influences - only we can make this happen.

    Enough - I've gone.
  • I'm feeling very positive at the moment, despite not having lost any weight this week.
    After weeks of feeling ill - a whole stack of viral stuff and consequent low-grade depression - I am starting to feel really well again and beginning to look a bit less grey and blotchy.

    I feel that my eating has been really good this week, although I have probably been drinking too much (good wine - life's too short for cheap wine )

    I even ate rice cakes this week - any trace of feeling low or unmotivated is enough to make me think those things are only suitable for coasters.

    It's only 4 more weeks until the end of term and although I've got a lot of work to do over the holidays I will have a lot more free time to spend on me and my family.

    I always fantasise that I will lose lots of weight/learn a language/paint a masterpiece/finish a sweater over the Summer...this year I'm resisting the urge to set myself lots of unachievable targets. I'm just going to get a stack of books and try to increase my exercise levels.

  • ayup! i am back .
    Well got back today from Bournemouth, the conference was very interesting and a complete change for me.
    The diet was not at the top of my thoughts! i had a sensible breakfast of fruit and yoghurt. Lunch, i bought count on us stuff from M&S, but we ate out every night between 9 and 10pm. i chose wisely whenever possible but it was very hard.
    I went swimming every day and walked a lot but i also sat down all week for at least 8 hours per day.
    I just have to get back to it now

    There is good news though..................I bought a pair of cropped trousers from M&S and I am a comfortable size 16. Yippee!
    The day has finally come when I can wear clothes with zips and waistbands.

    It has been great catching up with you all, keep up the good work.
    I am doing the race for life tomorrow!! Wish me luck!!
  • Well done TQ! Getting into a size 16 means you will be able to buy clothes in nearly every high-street shop .... BLISS!

    Pleased to report that my positive feelings were right, I am exactly 10st 7lbs, my target weight way back on January 1st. My mum arrives on July 5th, I can't wait to see her face!! New target 9st 7lbs.

    To give you all faith that you can do this, especially with family support, my husband has gone from 15st 1lb to 11st 12lbs! Battle on, if we can do it anyone can.
  • Well today is the first day of the rest of my life. I'm off this morning to walk 12 miles around Edinburgh to raise money for meningitus and if anything is going to pull me back on to the straight and narrow exercise wise then this will.

    For ages I kept telling myself I need to lose weight to do the walk, but I haven't managed it and now I need to use it as a new starting point.

    Heres's to 15 stone 13lbs.
  • Well done Carol - thats the fighting talk we need to get rid of this flab!!

    Nicky and TQ - keep up the good work. I'm chuffed too, although I only lost a lb this week - I have gone down from size 28 in January to 22 as of yesterday - I know I'm still hovering around the 17 stone mark but with all the dancing I'm doing I've really toned up. In the past week several people have told me that I'm looking better/thinner/well and that feels fantastic. Something else that I've done is I've changed my wardrobe a bit - My mum took me shopping a couple of weeks ago and insisted on buying me some skirts and 'girly' clothes, bearing in mind I was born in jeans - I have actually got my legs out and it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

    Got to have a 'good' food day today - ate too much yesterday, wish me luck, as my friend is coming over for lunch and I'm doing chicken salad but she's a great cook and making strawberry shortbreads - must be strong

    Have a good day ladies - it looks like the weathers going to be nice too...
  • Three whole dress sizes gone Melissa!! no wonder people are commenting!

    I love to see you all doing Race For Life and 12 mile walks, takes guts to get out and do that stuff.

    Gill, you sound bright and ready to face anything - anyone who can face a ricecake gets a round of applause from me

    I won't be doing my daily logon over the next few days, I hope you all have sunny weather (and willpower ) while I'm away and I will look back on catching up with the news when I get back.
  • Well done melissa!Get them legs out girl.
    I have lost the plot a bit with dieting, I drank far too much wine yesterday after the Race for life..........talk about a good day going downhill quickly. I have given myself a good talking to today and hope i can get on with it. I havent been to the slimming club during June, i have to go and face those scales this week, I know it won't be good news.
  • Come on TQ - you've done so brilliantly - get back on track now girl (you're my main source of inspiration

    I have eaten 2 slices of toast with butter for breakfast and thought I'd be good for the rest of the day but a friend turned up today with a huge cheese and pickle baguette which I 'forced' down my neck - now I don't know if I should eat my dinner - it was going to be salmon with hollandaise sauce, veg and boiled new pots - anybody got any suggestions? Talking of which I'd better go and feed the family - how selfish of them to want dinner when I'm not hungry!!
  • I WALKED 12 MILES in 4 hours 10 minutes and came in 1355th out of over 5000 entrants - am dead chuffed.

    Eating has been good today and yesterday - feel asleep before 9pm yesterday - wonder why. Today though I have a cold and am feeling sorry for myself. Ray has offered to make hot toddys later onso that could be my downfall tonight.

    I will be strong I will be strong