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thanks Caroline, it looks great, have spent some time checking it out. How goes the weight loss? I am powering on - pretty close to goal. Clothes fit again, that's the best bit!
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Helo everyone. New to the forum. My hubby and I are on the final day of the attack phase. So far going really well. I've skim read the book, hubby has read it completely. We like the science and evolution to normal eating with regular PP to shock and maintain our weight. We also know when we will be having blowouts - and know what we have to do following those events so it is already resonating in our brain as a long term lifestyle.
Has anyone tried any of the recipes from the recipe bok for Muffins or cookies. Mine were somewhat of a disaster.
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Anyone still doing this? I am finding it very easy. I am 63 years old and have had weight issues all my life. I lost 9 pounds since Oct 1st.

I would recoomend just buying the recipe book, rather than the diet plan book. The recipe book has all the info in it.

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Hi everyone! I started Ideal Protein yesterday but I have read a lot about the Dukan diet. They seem very similar. I'm thinking about switching. Any comments or advice about the Dukan diet?
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Welcome, ladies

Patns: Yes, the recipes in the books are life-savers in the first couple of months; before you know it, though, you will have enough material to write your own book!

Mellow-Yellow: the best advice comes from Dukan - if you decide to take up his plan, you have to bear in mind that any deviation can upset the weight loss process and has the effect of a pin on a balloon, putting paid to your efforts of months and resulting in stalling or gaining some of the weight back (which I have proved to the T). The effect is cumulative, and, unlike calorie counting, if you fall off the wagon, it is not just a matter of days to get back on track. Huh it might be the best advice I could give to myself and stick to it. Good luck with whatever route you take!
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S/C/G: Starting Nov1,2010-165/165/140

Height: 5'8"


Fractal~ Thanks! Best wishes!
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Just started today. Hoping to get this thread going again.
Love the idea of the Dukan Diet. I am a very much Paleo lover so this fits in to most of my way of thinking anyway.
When the book comes out in the US next month I'm sure this site will be alive with new Dukan posts.
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One man would not fall...
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OMG LOL i read the title as Dunkin diet and immediately thought of donuts and the inevitable... WTH...

Sorry for my untimely outburst, put your best foot forward and make it happen.
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Default Stopping the insanity

Just started 2 days ago.
Any suggestion will be deeply appreciated!
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Raluca xx
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Just started the cruise phase 2 days ago. I lost 5 pounds in the attack phase and i am kinda excited so far. I did that test on the website and i am supposed to be at my goal weight (174 lbs) on september the 20th. Hope it all goes well.
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I lost 7 lbs the first week. Then I didn't lose anything until 6 days later I have finally dropped another 2.6 pounds. It is difficult to mix it up but it works, stick with it. I love having no cravings.
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Thumbs up Easy-to-follow version of Dukan Diet

Some of the earlier posts on this thread were talking about how difficult it is to follow the Dukan Diet.

I agree--it can be tough. Have you looked in to the Euro American programs?
Their website is

They have pre-packaged kits that break the Dukan Diet down day-by-day and give you nutritional supplements, appetite suppressants, etc. Seems like an easy-to-follow version
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I started the Dukan diet yesterday. I feel pretty good so far.
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I'm not in the UK, but I'm in my second week on Dukan. A few of us (waves to Raluca) have been posting in the Carb Counters section

I'm finding it pretty easy to stick to so far, although I realize 10 days in isn't that much. But down over 6 lbs so far, which is pretty good motivation!

But I was surprised there are not more Dukaners on 3FC. At least in the US, there have a bunch of news articles talking about how this was supposed to be the next big "fad" diet.
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