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Evil Old Witch!!! 8 years ago I came out top of my year on my degree and was awarded a special prize which I had to get at the Uni 'prize evening' (awful ) anyway Anne Widdecombe was our local MP and was dishing out the prizes (book tokens) - I was the only 'mature student' to get one and she singled me out to have a little chat with before the prize giving - evil old cow totally misinterpreted everything I said and turned it in to a Party Political Broadcast - announcing that I had done well 'despite being a single parent' - (whereas I had said I thought I had done well BECAUSE I was a single parent) - she did a speech of about 5 mins duration about how hard it is to be a single parent, how awful life is for single parents, how family life in the UK has changed for the worse because of single parents... but how it was improving because of that current government! How kids from single parent families always end up in trouble with the law, don't do well at school, have less life choices, etc.... She also never mentioned that I had been married and got divorced by my own choice.

Anyway - I feel better now I have got that off my chest! (Isn't her's enormous!)

Flumper... I think I have got lots of what you described to look forward to - the only thing I can suggest is that there are some lovely sofa throws available nowadays... Shame they can't make felt tip pen ink that washes out - I think most parents would willingly pay extra for that.

Foster training last night - OMG - we had a male foster carer to give us a talk - I think most of us came away wondering what the **** we are doing. It turned out that he specialises in abused kids and 'soilers' - it took me 5 mins to work out what he was going on about. Yuck!

The daughter from **** is here - and my computer is not my own any more - so if you see me on MSN then it almost certainly isn't me (if you see what I mean). The reason she came over to visit (I think) is that she wants me to lend her some money ... which I'm not going to do because she has booked to have her tongue pierced. She asked to borrow 100 and I asked her how much her tongue piercing (plus large gold stud/bar thing) will cost and she said about 130.... I said that if she is broke she ought to cancel the piercing is she is so hard up - she think's I'm a miserable old bag now!

Strange one this - has anyone else got grown up kids who have somehow managed to have an idealised memory of their childhood? Vicki was talking yesterday and she makes me sound like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mary Poppins and Maria (from the Sound of Music) all rolled in to one.... weird!

I am back down 1lb... I wish someone would come and steal my appetite, I am going through a hungry all the time phase again. If Melissa's theory is right then I should see the benefit of me being good on Monday when I get on the scales tomorrow - yes, I am still weighing myself each morning (naughty).

I have just seen that we are now on page 9 so I have started another thread... click HERE to go there.

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