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  • Are there any other Scottish Chicks out there.

    Curiousity is killing this cat - I've been on these boards for 2.5 years - I used to call myself Big Sal but changed my name to something not quite as negative and am now even bigger - strange twisted logic there.

    In all that time though I've never met anyone else from north of the border. I can't be the only one surely ???

  • Jeez - Sal next you'll be setting up your own parliament

    Sorry for hijacking - but did you used to frequent the message boards at the beginning of last year?
  • LOL, my grandad was from Scotland - does that count?
  • BFB - our own parliment, currency and national holidays if you don't mind.

    Yes I've been on the boards almost daily for all of last year and popped in and out occasionally for the 18 months before that. I mostly post on the 10 pounds at a time group. But love this idea of UK group and have spent a lot of time in here recently.

  • Topmonkey that counts with me - think that means you could play football for the national team.

    Knew I'd find somebody, curiousity satisfied.

  • Hi Carol

    well I'm not scottish but I have a couple of good friends who live in Glasgow and East Kilbride that I try to get up to see once a month....I love the place and always hate coming back

  • One of my Nanna's surname was Ferguson how's that? That's scottish enough isn't it?
  • I lived near Lanark and then Stirling from 1996-1999 will that do?
  • Hello My mum's maiden name is Sinclair, does that count??!

    I love this UK thread

    Any chicks from the South West?
  • Hi

    I am not Scottish but love the Burns Night Celebrations - I hope to have my 50th birthday celebrations there in a good few years time as my birthday is 24th (Burns being 25th), will that do?
  • Phoebi
    Hi is Poole in Dorset West enough for you I live on the beach there but we are usually under south coast Banner. Anyway Im near
  • You will all do for me. Although today it is that cold and icey I wish I lived somewhere else - Fiji sounds nice.

  • I remember once it was a lovely sunny winter's day in Stirling and I was just getting my bin in when it started to snow!!! I couldn't believe my eyes
  • Part of my dog's name is McMillan so do i count???!!!

    Oh, and i also work for a company called McMillan Corporation Ltd so will that get me in as well!!!???
  • hi there i live in Scotland near Coatbridge..hope to hear from you soon