Learn the Power of Commitment

  • We need to understand the difference between a decision and a commitment.
    A commitment means there's no turning back. You're burning the trail behind you. More often than not, a commitment will allow a person to reach his or her goal. A commitment implies that you'll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. The decision is the point at which you merely say you're going "to try" to reach a specific goal. Your're going to do what you can. First you make a decision, then you make a commitment. When individuals tell us they want to achieve a specific result, we can tell if they're making a decision or commitmen when they are asked what they are prpared todo to get that result. If the answer is "whatever it takes, "we know thy've made a commitment and we can be gin to help them achieve their goals.
    A decion only initiates the process, while a commitment empowers you to reach your goal. Wehn we truly commit ourselves to achieving something, we will not accept failure. We realize that from time to time we may get off course or not perform quite up to par. We realize that we may even behave in ways that are actually contrary to our commitment. However, the power of commitment allows us to get immediately back on track and continue forward. When we merely make a decision but fall short of making a fullfledged commitment, we are actually setting ourselves up to fail. As soon as we gegin to get off track or behave contrary to our decision, we'll either justify our behavior or we'll simply give up on our decision.
    A commitment gives us the tenacity we need tin order to receive the benefits of our cosistent actions for thoughts. In weak moments a commitment gives us the power to ACCEPT, ADJUST AND ADVANCE. a COMMITMENT IS APROMISE TO OURSELVES THAT WE WILL NOT BREAK. if there are moments when our efforts belie our commitment, we don't give up. The no. 1 reason most people fall short of achieving specific change is not money, time or lack of planning. It is the lack of commitment to the change. The power of commitment will provide alternatives, ideas, hidden resources and other success tools simply because failure is not an option. When failure is taken away as an option, creativity and will power take the place of regignation and complacency. When it comes to breaking habits, a decision is never enough. Behavioral change reuuires the power of commitment. Positive change inyou life not only requires your commitment, it demands it. If you decide to lose weight, for example, you probably won't. However, if you make a commitment to do whatever it takes to live a leaner, more healthy body, you will. It will just be a matter of time.

    Thought this was interesting this morning.
  • Wendy,

    That was very well put. What book is that from? I am learning that myself. That is also what the Dr at the fall rally was trying to tell us as well.

    I am going to make that committment right here and now to be a thinner, in control person that I want to be.

    Have a great day.

    I am going to do my tonetics tape before I go to curves this morning to save time at the other end so that I can get in some phone work today. I need to be committed to that again also.

  • i'll let you know. It's something we did here at work, and I don't know the title right off hand. It is about SUCCESS, though.