FRIENDS FIRST -Desperately Need A Diet Buddy #24

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  • Ok Ladies, here's the new thread. Brandy, I hope that some of the others will find their way back here to rejoin us ... You know who you are ... come back, we miss you!
  • YAY!!! I found you girls :)
    Okay so I'm REEEEALLY excited I found you girls again ...its been quite a while...maybe like 2yrs already ...this is Dorothy...Dot, remember me????

    I hope you do, if not I hope we could touch base again...I have gained most of my weight back and DESPERATELY NEED a diet buddy or two or three, lol.

    I will start the WW diet again on the flex points this coming Monday.

    SW:169.5 (last time my max was 175 and I got down to 150)

    1st mini goal: I have 10.5lbs to go

    GW: 120lbs

    Still need to go back and get the hang of this whole site again....just glad I was alble to find you again...too my a while browsing thru all the forums, lol
  • Dorothy, yes I remember you and it's great to have you back! Like you, it's been a long time since most of posted on this thread, and I'm hoping that we can get a few of the others to rejoin us and get back on track.

    I think you've done really well not to get back up to your previous max weight ... it's the right time for you to get back on track. I wish I could say the same for myself. However, my weight has been steadily increasing over the past 12 months or so, and if I don't do something soon I fear that it's going to start causing me some serious health problems. I already feel tired all the time, I have aches and pains everywhere, which I know are due to the extra weight I'm carrying around with me. My family have a history of various illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, and breast cancer ... all of which are more likely if you are overweight ... I don't want to be next!

    Hope to see you here regularly ... and Good Luck!
  • Hello (and welcome back!)! Did you put a link in the old thread? If that doesn't work, we can start with PMs and work up to emails to harass people into coming back.

    This is going to sound crazy, but we just suspended our JC deliveries. The weather is changing and I'd like to be able to COOK once in a while - you know, something not heated in the micro? I have a LOT of motivation to keep on working on my weight, but not much to keep up with JC for now. I need something different.

    Right now what I need is SLEEP!


  • Brandy, I didn't put a link in the old thread ... basically because I don't know how to! But I did mention on the old thread that we were starting a new thread which could be found under "FRIENDS FIRST - Desperately Need A Diet Buddy #24", so hopefully they'll be able to find their way there should they wish to rejoin us ... And of course, any newcomers wanting to join in will be more than welcome!!

    I don't think you're crazy for suspending your JC deliveries ... After trying many, many, different kinds of diets over the years, I am now firmly of the opinion that "Real Food" is the way to go ... you know, the stuff that you actually put together yourself using fresh ingredients and cook it in the oven/on the hob/on the grill, or whatever. I'm not saying that I never use pre-packed/micro stuff, but I think if you are limited to certain foods/meals etc., you soon become bored with them and find it difficult to carry on with a particular diet, which is a huge waste of money. Far better to eat real food and keep any eye on those cals/portion control ... that's my theory anyway ... I need to put it into practice!! ... And of course, I will!!
  • I'm with you - JC was not my like, life long plan or anything. We were just desperate as the baby was up 10 - 12 times a night, I was up all night and sleeping in the day so I could care for her, nothing was getting cooked, and the idea of planning a list and buying food was enough to bring me to tears. I saw the commercial and thought...this is it. Something to control my eating (because as it was, I would just grab something if and when) and no prep! Yay!

    Things are somewhat better with the baby and sleeping, not perfect but BETTER and I feel like real food again. Althought the Jenny wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Some of it was pretty good (and some of it was pretty horrible!).

    Hope everyone finds us!

  • Happy Halloween!
    Hi Girls!

    Okay so want to report that even with all the caos in my life right now I've managed to come down to 165. Just to summarize I may be switching jobs because my current job may be closing shop, but I havent heard back from the new job I thought I basically had so that's a bit frustrating. In addition, I'm dog training and taking my certification test in two weeks keeping my fingers crossed on that one...just a lot going on right now.

    Brandy: Its good to see you here. Right now I've been doing the WW dinners and some lunches because I just dont have the time. I also discovered the Zone dinners and those are pretty tasty...I'm hoping it'll be a while before I get bored...because I know it'll happen, lol.

    Fat in Hong Kong: I forgot your name , but I totally remembered the screen name and was happy to find you girls again. I understand about the health probs. I'm on the same boat name its somewhere in the family...its like the two most unhealthiest families joined forces, lol
  • Hello Ladies , may I join you all? it would be nice to have a buddy while I am losing weight and since I am on here everyday checking the boards I would love to join in.
  • Higherfaith - please do join us I normally check-in most days so I'm here to give you support and encouragement when you need it

    Dot, well done on getting down to 165, that's great! Any news about the new job yet? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you My name by the way is shown in my signature at the bottom of all my post ... in HUGE pink letters ... can you see it??

    Brandy, how are things going with you and the 'real' food?

    Well, I haven't even got off the starting mark yet, so in a fit of desperation I signed up online yesterday to a UK Slimming Club ... Slimming World. I've been thinking about it for a while now and finally made the decision to do it. The plan seems pretty straight forward and sensible ... healthy normal food, no counting points/cals/fats, etc, and lots of 'Free' foods to eat so that I shouldn't get hungry. I really need to do this because I can't go on the way I am ... every week I get on the scales and the numbers are steadily increasing. So wish me luck!
  • Well , hello everyone. gots lots going on today for me ..... I hve pulled Christmas stuff out and have finished with the last of the large trees , I have a friend that is getting married on Sat. so I have to make her bouquet , I was so busy with decorations here today that I forgot to eat so I am sitting down to a treat of raisins and nuts , ( just a little to get my energy back). anyway thats about it for me today.
    Take care
  • Christmas already! I am not prepared. It's going to be tough to keep my little one off the tree. She's such a climber!

    Nic, I hear such great things about Slimming World! Let us know how it's going.

    Dot, oh what I would give to be 165!

    Things are ok here. We're still finishing off the last of the JC food (it's endless) and Mark is begging to go on "the fake Atkins" diet. Which is essentially a lot of salads, a lot of broccoli, cauli, berries, lean protein, etc. Very clean and whole foods and labor intensive on my part but I will admit, when we eat like that I fairly ZING with energy. Whatever keeps the scale moving, I'm willing!

    Take care...I'm going to check out that Tahiti vacation banner right over there ----->
  • Higherfaith ... What do you mean, you've pulled the Chirstmas stuff out and have finished with the last of the large trees???? ... Please don't tell me it's that time already?! As you said you're making your friends wedding bouquet, I'm hoping you're going to say that you're a florist and that's why you're sorting out Christmas trees and decorations on the 8th November? Or are you just an early bird?

    Brandy, it's only my first week, but the Slimming World plan is going pretty well. Food-wise, I haven't felt hungry at all, so I haven't felt the need to snack on 'naughty' things. When I first signed up online and printed out all the info, I thought that it looked like it might be a bit complicated and was worried that I'd have problems sticking with it. However, I'm pleased to say that after reading everything over the first few days and divuldgeing(sp?) all the info, it seems pretty straight forward. What I really like about it is that there are so many 'free' foods, so you never have to go hungry ... and I'm not constantly counting and weighing food!

    I don't know if you know the plan at all, but basically you choose either 'original' days or 'green' days ... on 'original' days you get to eat free foods which include loads of lean meat (inc. bacon) & poultry, fish & seafood, eggs, veggies & fruit ... on 'green' days you get to eat free foods which include pasta, rice, potatoes, grains, pulses, eggs, veggies & fruit ... In addition to that, there's a 'Healthy Extras' list including certain foods that you are allowed depending on whether you choose an 'original' or 'green' day. Any other foods that you want, you count as 'syns' ... you're allowed 5-15 'syns' per day, just like having extra points or cals for treats, so no foods are banned. Gosh, reading back through what I've just typed, it sounds very complicated ... but now I've got the hang of it, it's really easy ... honest! The only thing I'm concerned about, is that I seem to be eating rather a lot ... but they say I can eat as much as I like of the free foods ... Mmmmmm???? ... We shall see .....
  • good afternoon all. I'm not a florist but I have done flowers for 5 weddings . I love Christmas and I have a large house so I like to start early to get all the trees out and the decorations in place for people to enjoy. Since I have lost weight I do have much more engery and so I take advantage of it. this year I have 9 trees to do , and on Christmas eve I will be entertaining around 30 people. so far my diet plan is holding firm , I will prepare light foods for hubby and I while others will dine on what else I make. Have a great day everyone!!
  • Higherfaith, I'm very impressed with your organisational skills ... I wish I could be more organised ... I say every year that I'm going to start planning things early ... like buying all the pressies, and decorating etc ... but I always seem to be rushing around at the last minute! Oh well, for me that's part of the fun ... I love all the excitement with the build up to Christmas. This year we have friends from the UK coming to stay with us. They arrive on Christmas Eve and will also be here for New Year's Eve, so we're really excited about that. It should be fun!!

    Well, it's my first weigh-in day tomorrow since I started the Slimming World plan ... I'll let you know how I get on
  • Nic, that does sound complicated do most diets at first. I guess as long as you understand it, that's what matters Fingers crossed for your first weigh in! Good luck!

    And um, yeah, not so Christmas-ready around here either. We have already bought, wrapped, and shipped gifts to DH's family in the UK and we have several things for S and I'm done shopping for DH. I have a few other gifts here and there but I am by no means ready to decorate. Although, I should get the tree up so I can start wrapping gifts and putting them under there...they are stashed in every spare corner.

    Diet is...well, I have no idea. I keep forgetting to weigh, which usually means I'm stagnating. The days are just getting away from me. I need to take a few minutes tonight to regroup!

    Everyone take care,