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JJPhat 09-26-2006 03:28 AM

Hi all....I am nervous about looking through my cabinets. I always THOUGHT I made good food choices but if I am to look for the list of "OZ" bad ingredients..YIKES

Sassy you crack me up. I pretty cheap too...at least that's what my mom says..lol Anyway, I am going to see if his book is in our library first. Then I will see if I can get it from a used book store...if I can find one here, that's NOT in German..lol

To everyone else. Have a fantastic day!! BTW I lost 2lbs!! I'm not going to put it on my weight loss track line though, because I keep going up and down and it would be bad to keep going up and down on that too..lol

Have a great one all


Jane 09-26-2006 09:41 AM

Good morning,

Sassy - hope you have a good day at the mall today. Happy Anniversary! It was nice of your fil to take you out to dinner last night.

Marti - well, if the breakup wasn't bad enough, Katie didn't hear back from a job she wanted badly. Now she's feeling very unwanted. :(

Tiffany - Yay for the 2#s gone! Yep, Dr. Oz makes a lot of sense, and since I have no bookstore locally, I'm hoping to pick up a copy of You on a Diet while I'm in Chicago. (maybe we could all follow it as a group?) He is a promoter of whole, unmessed-around-with foods, which I totally support. I've drastically changed over the past year the types of foods that I eat. Now if I can get the portions under control, I'll do okay. :dizzy: Not that I don't eat some processed foods, but I think I'm doing much, much better than before.

Sue - I'm thinking of you while you're moving. At least the weather has been cooperating. I think more rain is on the way later in the week, though.

Norma - aww, I'm sorry you have an ear infection. Hope it gets better. And with the storms that came through over the weekend, I wondered if your power had been affected from what you told me over the phone recently. Glad you're back online!

MaryKate - how was the weekend? I bet you had a glorious time in Mendocino! Tell us all about it, and share pics if you have any, ok?

Hello to Cristi, Julie, Robin, Liz, Nixxie, and anyone else reading this. :wave:

Well, we leave for Chicago in 2 days, and I don't even know what I'm wearing, lol. I'm a list maker, and have fallen short this time. I've got a lot to do between now and then.

My glasses could not be fixed because the screw was broken off inside the lens. I have the frameless ones, if you remember. Anyway, $438.00 later, the new ones will be ready around Oct. 10th. :yikes: Thank goodness I have the standby ones that I keep for Walt Disney World. They have the transistion lens that turn dark outside. It takes so long to get the new ones because the lens are hand-drilled, and I have a no-line bifocal. They are also no glare, which I love that feature. But, still!

Hope you ladies have a great day. I'm spending it with Makenzie Jane. :cp:

Marti 09-26-2006 12:37 PM

Just a quick hello!! :wave:

Need to get moving. Ran out of coffee so I "need" to stop at starbucks and get a cup! :D

Tiffany, those are the two doctors that I had questioned about on the last thread! They really do make you stop and think don't they??

I gotta run....

ta-ta ladies!

Sassy_Chick 09-26-2006 02:29 PM

Hey Ladies.

Just a Very quick hello and Goodbye..........We're getting ready to leave now! Have a Good one Everybody!!!!!!!!!


FrouFrou 09-26-2006 05:21 PM

Hello ladies...

Sorry this is a fly by but it took too long reading and catching up. I hate when I miss a day or two...seems I can never get caught up. I will try to get on later, not sure but if not I will see you tomorrow to do individuals. For now, I hope everyone's day is going well. Talk with you soon.


Jane 09-26-2006 09:49 PM

Eeep! Time to move to #214. See you there. :)

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