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suetalks 09-23-2006 11:00 PM

Hi chickies...Sounds like there have been many colds and allergies..Hope those affected are feeling better. If I could I would make you all chicken soup. :)

Happy Birthday to Mary Kate and Sassy...and a belated one to Jane. (I think I already wished you one, but not sure) Happy Anniversary to Sassy and Jane.

Yay to those who are doing well at staying OP and/or exercising and a "come on we can do this" to those who are faltering as I am. :hug:

We closed on our new house on Tues. Wed. I did clean as I had planned. Thurs. we moved my Mom. Fri and today we packed and moved lots of boxes. I have all the closets cleared out except for hanging clothes. I emptied out several kitchen cabinets and all the bathroom cabinets. We got the blinds put up and they look nice and allow privacy.
We haven't moved for 28 years and this is hopefully the last ever. It is so tiring. Last night I think I fell asleep before I even laid down. The only time I sat down today was to read the front page of the paper with a cup of coffee this a.m., to eat meals, and tonight after my shower when I read the rest of the paper. And now. Tomorrow we will move some small pieces of furniture if it isn't raining. We will actually move in on Thurs. as that is the first day they were available to hook up the phone.
Got an offer on the present house on Mon. but it is contingent upon a sale of their house. So, we are once again keeping our fingers crossed.

So, that is what is happening in my life...and I have been reading about everyone here. I will be without my computer for a couple days this week, but not sure when.

Talk soon...

suetalks 09-23-2006 11:30 PM

I have a link to photos. I will do photos of the bedrooms later. The house now has some grass in the yard and all the construction junk is gone, but I forgot to take that photo. :)


tommysgirl18 09-24-2006 12:10 AM

just a quick note to say hi

things are going great on this end. the boys are doing great. brandon is almost 2 1/2 now. logan is almost 1 now. he is starting to walk holding onto furniture now. and sometime around brandon's 3rd birthday, the will be getting a younger sibling.

me and tommy are doing great. we are hoping to get a computer and internet at our place soon.

Sassy_Chick 09-24-2006 05:47 AM

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Morning Ladies! :D

WARNING: This is a long one, you may want to grab your cup of :coffee: or whatever you drink before reading!!!!!!! :lol:

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee..................Happy Birthday to me and Mary Kate tooooooooooooo................:gift:

Happy Anniversary to Jane and Neal! :love:

Thank You All for your Bday and Anniversary Wishes as well! :) Well its official, I am on VACATION!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOO! And I'm a year older. It doesn't feel like neither! lol.

People @ work had a cake for me and what not and got lots of Happy Birthdays. ;) Lastnight we "splurged" and had cinnabons. :o If you don't know what those are, I'm truely sorry! lollllllll. I was only able to eat about 1/2 of it anyways...........

I plan on not worrying about staying strictly OP this week, but I don't want to go totally off, if that makes sense? Infact the hotel hub booked has a fitness place so I plan on using it! ;) We are only going for two days, just out of town, up by the outlet mall. So that means lots of walking! :D

Okay off to Individuals...............

Marti -- Yeah I know Hub is silly for feeling that way over liking tea. But you know how MEN are. :p Sorry your getting a cold too! I think its just in the air. EVERYBODY at work is sick! I told everybody I needed an Oxygen tent or something! But alas I caught it. But I am fighting it with Dayquil and Nyquil and cough drops, so far so good!!!!!!! I hope you feel better!

Norma -- CONGRATS HON on the mile! :cp: Uphill is definately harder! We used to have a trail that was all uphill, across the st. from us when we lived in upstate NY and boy did I ever feel it once we got back! :hug: about feeling blue. I have been there, done that! I was in a car accident 10 years ago and it affected my ability to work as well. I felt the same way you did. Then I got lucky finding this job I have now. I can actually do it because I can sit and stand whenever I need too, which is what I need for my back. Also I have a nice office chair that my dr prescribed so that helps me as well. I'm not sure what your injury is but don't give up hope. Even if you cannot go back to work, what about volunteering a couple hours a week or something? Just an idea. I do understand though. :hug: Uh oh. I hope your okay. Read down about your storms and all. Take care!

Robin -- So so sorry to hear about your GF and I will definately keep her and her children in my prayers that she is okay. :hug:

Cristina -- NP I have been wanting to do something, but I just did not know what to do. So now you have opened that door for me. :) Just give me a list of their wants and needs and I'll go from there. Hub said he would send them some Cigars, as a couple years ago a group he is in sent the troops a bunch of Cigars from their whole group and the troops really enjoyed them. they sent a picture back with them smoking them. ;) Not sure if that is what this unit wants or not, but he said he'd be happy to send them some. I read down below a few of the things you put in yours. So they like a lot of the basic stuff, right? Like Toothpaste, stuff like that? How about Shaving supplies (shaving cream, etc) or do they get all that? You'll have to fill me in. ;) I know that Phone Cards are a good thing to call home, right? PM or email me. :)

The Potato Soup didn't turn out. :( But I told hub it was the thought and effort that counted. ;) Definately soup weather. At least here. Rainy and cold.

I've BTDT with the back. Its not fun, glad you rested and enjoyed yourself. I need to clean, but don't wanna. :p I know I'm not cleaning at least today anyways. (my bday) Maybe tomorrow, I like to have the place clean before we leave. Sounds crazy, but true.

Hey Jules! :wave: The tearoom looks very nice! :) We have a tea place up by work that hub wants to check out. He got lots of different kinds of teas to try out. Glad you are enjoying the Gym. I have been a "Bad Girl" lately and haven't been. :nono: They even sent me a little card saying how many days its been since I last went. (I think that is supposed to be the "guilt" feature we signed up for?) :o lol. Anyways. We've just been busy lately and I know that isn't a very good excuse but we will return, probably more this week since we are on vacation and can go whenever we feel like it! :D

Jane -- Yes I just love how the British make time out for Tea. I think that is a nice tradition. Not only are you taking time out of your day to relax and enjoy some tea, but also to visit with whomever your having your tea with! Very nice. Sorry your not up to "snuff" yet. I guess its going around. The weather is great for it at least.........Feel better. :hug:

Sue -- OOPS I missed a page........DOH! :doh: Congrats on the closing of your new home! :dance: I will keep my fingers crossed for ya that your "old" house sells! :goodvibes Your pictures of your house are gorgeous.......

Hi & :welcome: Mindee (Tommysgirl18) :wave:

Again, many, many thanks to you all for your Bday and Anniversary Wishes! :hug:

Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!

Marti 09-24-2006 12:01 PM

Good Morning ladies--

How are you all doing this fine Sunday??

Jules--Your workout routine sounds fantastic. And I'm so glad that you're enjoying it. Having the right mindset in doing things makes a huge difference if we do things or not. I'm really wanting to get myself going here.....NEED to make a difference. I want to see some kind of difference before my Birthday in January. Gives me plenty of time.

Cristi--I must have scanned through the post last time I was one because I didn't read you message about stockings! :o What a wonderful idea!! I would like to join in on that. You want us to send it to you correct?? When is the time you need them by?? (sorry....I keep trying to scroll back but I can only go so far!!) And if what Jane suggested is easier, I could do that too.....and sent a note to go w/it. Just let me know.

Jane--My chest doesn't feel so congested as it did the last couple days so I'm thinking that I'm not going to get the full blown cold!! You're lucky, I'd have to come over there and make you baby me while I was sick! :lol:

MaryKate-- :gift: Happy Birthday!! :balloons: I hope you're getting spoiled and being treated as a princess today!! Tell us all about it later!! Many birthday hugs!!:hug: :hug: :hug:

Sue--Your home is gorgeous! I love it. I want to move in w/ya!! :) I love seeing brick houses. We don't have many around here. I bet your just really excited to be completely moved in aren't ya? I'm happy for you!!

Mindee--Baby number 3??? OMG!! Girl....slow down! :D Glad to see you checking in, it's been a long time. POP back in when you get a chance!! And heres to thinking PINK for a girl this time!:)

Sassy-- :balloons: Happy Birthday!! :gift: Have a wonderful birthday and what great timing!! Vacation!! Fantastic. Enjoy your day!!

Hello to everyone else out there!! POP in and say Hi if you get the chance!!

I need to get some laundry done, then I have plans to go to my sisters and have her cut my hair and give it some color.....if she wouldn't mind of coarse...need to make that phone call.:D

Chat w/you all later!

JJPhat 09-24-2006 01:25 PM

Hello everyone,

We're BACK!! This is kind of going to be collective. I will try to write a more segmented one later but I'm not making any commitments...lol

I will say this. This weekend was a wonderful learning experience! The class we went to is called PREP Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program. It was a couple of hours at a time. We didn't really get a chance to hang out in the house they got for us. I call it that because it had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen and living area. It was 3 stories. It was pretty nice for what we were using it for.

I wish ALL married people and people thinking about ever getting married would go and take this program. It is so good. Not only does it help you to talk with your spouse about hard issues but it also helps you to have a good relationship with others you talk to. I am planning on implementing this with my own children so that they will feel valueable and important. I am SO excited!!
I don't want to take the site up with all of this talk but if you are interested PM me, we can type back and forth or something.

Ok, well I'm going to get off of here. I am so very sleepy. I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend. OH BTW I had a wonderful exercise. My house happened to be at the top of a mountain. I am NOT kidding either...lol I was panting so hard in the middle of the climb, and I thought that my heart was going to beat out of my chest. By the third day it was not so bad. I kind of wish we lived there for about 6 months so I could get a more interesting place to exercise

Ok I'm really going now. I have blabber fingers! lol

Oh I stuffed my stalkings with candy stuff and food stuff that my husband said they couldn't get out there. Mostly skittles and fruit like oranges.

going...I'm going..lol

Sassy_Chick 09-24-2006 11:55 PM

Popping in! Just wanted to say I had a nice Bday today. We went out to eat. We ate at a Seafood place, We both had crab. :drool:

Then we went to Dave and Busters, its a place where you can play video games, play pool, eat, just about everything. Google it if you are lost about what I'm talking about. ;)

Also we woke up "Early" today so we can "break" our cycle and be Awake during the day this week. As you all know I work nights so in order to enjoy our vacation, we must be awake during the day, as it is a "5 O Clock World". If we lived in Vegas, then we'd be in the "Norm." But alas we are not. So we are getting ready to go to bed. I was ready to go to bed at 10 PM but hub wanted to stay up and somehow I made it! So I will be in most of your all's "Daytime World" for a few days at least. :p

Have a Good One!


Marti 09-25-2006 12:17 AM

Hello all!!

Got back from my sisters about an hour or so ago. She cut both mine and Jhanai's hair. Jhanai pretty much got a trim. My hair went from the middle of my back to my shoulders. James will be a little surprised. I didn't want it to be quite that short, but it turned out really cute so I'm loving it!! Now I need to color it. Think I'll wait until next weekend.

Anyway....I have some cleaning to do in the kitchen so I'm going to go. You all have a great night.

Jane 09-25-2006 09:36 AM

Good Monday morning, ladies,

Sue - ah, you're bringing back recent memories, since I was going through the very same thing - moving - only 5 month ago. Try to not work too hard. Easier said than done, I know. The photos are great! Thanks for sharing.

Welcome back, Mindee!! - it's so good to hear from you. And I'm having PINK thoughts this time, lol. My son's baby is due around the same time as yours. Btw, please PM me your new address, ok?

Sassy - welcome to the Daytime World, lol. Hope you're enjoying your vacation. Yes, I know what a Cinnabon is, and wish I didn't, lol. YUM!

Marti - your hair cut sounds cute. I've got an appointment to get mine trimmed Wednesday. Mary is going to color it for me sometime before then. I'd like to get my nails done, too.

Tiffany - blabber fingers, lol. That's a good one! I'm so glad you had a fruitful experience, and the house they assigned you sounds great. I think most marriages would benefit from the kind of interaction you mentioned.

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

Must have been a weekend for broken things......
Katie's bf broke up with her, and she's so sad about that. :( I'm helping her through it, though, the best I can. It's so easy to feel insignificant after a rejection, and I'm trying to put it all in perspective for her. She's so glad she didn't move in with him. So am I!

Then yesterday, I broke my glasses, and have to get them fixed. (Thankfully, I have a spare pair.) I only wish Katie's heart could be mended as easily.

Have a great Monday, ladies! (Is that an oxymoron?? teehee)

Sassy_Chick 09-25-2006 10:09 AM

Morning all.

Yes its me and I am awake in the daytime. lol. My back is killing me though.

Anyways........I hope you all are doing well.


Marti 09-25-2006 11:27 AM

Good Morning Ladies!!

Tiffany--Glad you had a wonderful time this weekend. And the house being placed on top of the hill! Enlightenment and Exercise in one.
(I agree....blabber fingers is cute!)

Sassy--Being a former night worker I know what it's like to adjust to the day shift. I believe my worst night hours were from Midnight to Noon. In the summer it was SO hard to sleep at noon!! (I lost a lot of sleep that year) Hope your back feels better soon.

Jane--So sorry for Katie!! It is a good thing that she didn't move in w/him. Poor thing. I remember what it was like to have my heart broken. I send her many hugs in hopes that the hurt fades quickly!!:hug: :hug:

Good Morning to the rest of you gals out there.

I need to get moving. You all have a good Monday.

JJPhat 09-25-2006 02:33 PM

Guess what?!

I don't watch Oprah. But for some reason tonight I turned on the tv and there she was, with two doctors who are helping a woman get her life back by helping her make right choices with food and exercise. I would have changed it if it wasn't about a subject that I was interested in...lol

If your food (any food) has any of these four words in the first four ingredients then it is counter active for your life. They age you and make you tired.

High Fructos corn syrup (sugar), Enriched flour or enriched anything, salt, partially hydrogenated vegetable/soy bean oil

can you believe it?! Ok, so most of you ladies already know this. I probably knew some of this but for some reason, because I want to change myself, now I'm listening. I am glad I don't drink soda but diet soda is horrible for you. She stopped drinking diet soda and her wrinkles are going away. YAAAEEE for her.

BTW the Dr. says that tomato sauce (can) reduces the risk of cancer. AWESOME!!

Ok, just thought I would put this out there for anyone who wanted to know. I am going to go look through my cupboard and see how much I have to toss. Lord help me...lol

I am definitely going to have to figure out how to cook from super scratch! I already cook everything that I make now from kind of scratch but maybe even going so far as to make my own pizza sauce and stuff like that.

Happy day to you!!

suetalks 09-25-2006 10:16 PM

Hi all...Still moving and my computer is at the new house. I am on the laptop at the old house. :) Tomorrow I go over there to un-pack the kitchen and get that all in order. We moved the table and chairs and the small china cabinet today and it looks so nice. I hate to see the big formal set that is in my dining room go...but love the new look. My new sofa and chair is in to be delivered Fri. YAY. I am not too sore from all the lifting and bending....maybe that means I am in better shape than I thought.

Wishing you all a good week and sunny skies.

Sassy_Chick 09-25-2006 11:21 PM

Hey Ladies. Yup still awake, waiting on laundry........We were out later than I expected today. We went out to get the oil changed in the car and what not before we leave tomorrow. Then we went to the mall for a bit before hub's physical therapy appt. only I couldn't walk that much due to my back. I hope its not a bummer when we go to the outlet mall. But as hub said they do have plenty of places to sit and we are in no big hurry.

But anyways getting back to today. We then went to hub's physical therapy appt. then we stopped at the in-laws because hub had some packages sent over there because we work nights and usually are asleep during the daytime. Of course it wasn't a "Quick Visit". FIL took us out to dinner, for our Anniversary (tomorrow), which I didn't expect. So that was nice. MIL was sick and then we got back and fil wanted to show hub something or whatever. Anyways. We didn't end up leaving there until after 9 p.m.

Oh well its our vacation I guess we have no real "Schedule" but it annoys me because I usually always have my apt. cleaned and our bag packed the night before. So that "bugs" me but I guess I will get over it. lol.

Marti -- I am doing okay. Its hard to "Stay Awake" for me during the day. I kept wanting to dose several times today. But I made it........:p

Tiffany (JJphat) -- I think that is your name, I guessed by what others have typed to you. Yes I think we have discussed Dr. Oz (The dr. on Oprah) here. I infact saw his book today and almost bought it but I'm cheap and want to check the used book store first. :p

Sue -- Hey Sue. I hope your unpacking goes well. That is always my least favorite job. But maybe once we buy us a house then maybe I won't mind too much. Be careful moving things and take care.

I hope you all had a great day!


harkeyvalley 09-26-2006 01:00 AM

Hi Guys,
Sorry that I haven't written. Storms kept me off the computer over the weekend. At the same time I managed to get an ear infection. I'm in alot of pain and dizzy so I guess I'll have to go to the doctor on Tuesday, if I can get in. I'll check back when I'm feeling better. Take care all.

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