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Sassy_Chick 09-20-2006 08:40 PM

Evening Ladies
Evening Ladies...........

Yes we enjoyed the tea lastnight. It is definately different than the tea bags -- for sure! Hub is really enjoying it. I am still going to get him something else as a surprise, but not sure what yet.........He said lastnight he felt a bit silly being a guy who likes tea, but I said, "Hey in England EVERYBODY (well mostly everybody...) drinks tea, they take time out in their day to drink it. If you like it, don't worry about it. Tea is great for you." But there was something he told me that the Tea Guy told him about the Decaf Teas. They don't have any of the good stuff in them. Hub asked him how they Decaffenated it and he said they soak in water until the Caffenine comes out, and so does all the "Good Stuff" as well. Just a little knowledge there for ya........:)

Hub is making potato soup tonight. That is perfect for this time of year I think. ;)

Cristina -- TY for the Congrats on the mile. I felt so great doing it! :carrot: Hub is enjoying his tea.
Glad that you are starting to feel better. I understand how you feel after mowing and all. When they mow here at the Apt. Complex I have to close the windows...........I read ahead to your other post too. Take care of your back. I DO know how that feels and praying for it not to go completely out. So take care! Also about the Xmas Stocking, I would like to do that, but I would also like to maybe fill the stocking, if that is okay, if you tell me what to fill it with? I think you have my email addy AND my snail mail address so just email or PM me. ;)

Marti -- Glad you made it back to us. :hug: Thanks. I still am amazed how different the taste of the loose teas are. I don't like the tea bags and I will never go back to them ever. :no:

Liz -- Glad you and DD are back OP. I know what ya mean its hard to stay OP all the time. Hub and I went kinda Lax in the Exercise Dept. But I got back on by doing my WATP DVD.

Hey Jane -- Sorry to hear your battling a cold. Hope you feel better. Glad you had fun shopping. Have fun at the Taste of Home Magazine show! Take care of yourself and no worries on the Indiv. :hug:

Okay I think that is it for now girlies. I hope you have a Great Evening & Night. I for some reason kept thinking it was Thursday today. I am glad though cuz that means I have tonight off. :p


Marti 09-21-2006 12:40 PM

Good Morning Gals....

Well I believe I'm coming down w/a cold. Ick! :( Feeling a little stuffed up and the throat is a little tender. Hoping to nip it in the bud and tend to it!! I hate colds.

Liz--It's wonderful to have someone you can buddy up w/to stay accountable. How old is your DD?

Jane--What a great B-day for your DGD! Post us a photo of her all dressed up when the day comes.

Cristi--Back pain and sleep is such a bad pair! I'm so sorry you're in pain. Do you go to a chiropractor? I have never been to a one. I hope you get some relief soon.

Sassy--How strange that you hubby feels silly about liking tea. :dizzy: My hubby loves it and when we went to SF, we bought some really good Green tea's in China town. I think I'm going to make myself some this morning.....

Ok gals, sorry to cut this short but I need to get to town and run some errand before work. Chat more later!!


harkeyvalley 09-21-2006 01:33 PM

Good Moringing Ladies,

I just got back from my first day of walking one mile. I can't believe I was huffing and puffing the whole way. Since I'm at the base of a mountain, my road is all down hill from here so the walk back was all up hill. I been feeling blue of late and I'm hoping the walking helps. I feel trapped at home, not being able to work, all my old friends have died or moved out of state so my husband is my best friend and only contact. I am praying that a tremendous weight loss will allow me to go back to work and meet new people. I quit working 7 years ago to stay at home and care for my mother who had Alzheimer's Disease. It took 6 years for the disease to slowly kill my mother and stole my life. Within 2 months of going back to work, I got injured and haven't been able to work since. I'm now back at home and I'm dying inside. I have a lack of purpose. This weight loss journey is my last hope for a new life and sense of purpose. Sorry, to have rambled, but I'm trying to keep my spirits up and I though sharing would help. I hope I haven't depressed you guys. You guys are the bright spot in my dreary life.


Cafe Ole 09-21-2006 01:38 PM

HI All! my secret to a last minute garage sale is to toss up a sign on the corner & haul everything from the basement (see I leave stickers on stuff and when it doesn't sell, I put it in the corner for the next one, if I still have it after 2 sales, I donate it). So I mark everything that isn't already marked while I set up, it is crazy in the beginning :)

I am sorry if this sounds like a me me me note. I am mentally not here, I am so stressed & frustrated & p***** off, & scared. My gf is on life support thanks to her dh. After his big show of threating everyone in the Hosp after he said her little accident happened he is locked in the pyscho ward at the moment. SHe is not well, the hosp knows he did it. He smashed her eye sockets (yes both), and hit her so hard she is one bruise her whole mid torso, her kidneys have failed and I am just sitting her bawling like a baby. I may not be on for a couple days I am going to try to help her kids out. Any prayers for her safety & healing are beyond appreciated. Prayers to send that freak to the ward locked up forever are appreciated even more. Sory to be a downer. I want to do individuals I just don't have the mind frame.

I hope everyone has a great day (please don't let me be a downer, I am just venting & feels better to hit a send button. Words I feel can't be typed).

I will come back when I can but I have to make her family a priority along with mine and my work just took a back seat for a couple days. Thanks for listening (well reading). :stress:

FrouFrou 09-21-2006 05:19 PM

Hello Chickies...:wave:

Looks like some ladies need lots of hugs and prayers.

ROBIN...oh my goodness. I feel for you, your friend and her family. I just hate hearing stuff like this. It brings up my sister and all the abusive men she has had in her life. My heart goes out to you all, espeically your friend and her family and I will be praying for her and that they lock up the abuser. And don't you dare feel like you are being a downer...we are here for each other and anytime you need to vent just do it! :hug: :hug: :hug:

NORMA...hugs to you too missy. :hug: :hug: :hug: I know all too well where you are coming from with not having friends and feeling stuck at home. I do get out and that is a lifesaver to me. I've been in Kansas going on 9 years now and really don't have anyone I can call a friend other than my kids and DH. And not working it is hard. My heart goes out to you and I do hope that your weightloss journey is exactly what you need to get you back to feeling better about yourself. And again, don't feel like you are depressing us...we are here for you anytime you need to talk. Is it possible for you to maybe do some volunteer work just to get you out of the house for a couple of hours maybe a couple of days a week? I've done that a couple of times and plan on doing some more sometime soon. Right now though my time is on the Troops and seeing what I can do to help them, and trying to find some group to join. :hug: :hug: :hug:

SASSY...what a sweetie you are! You really don't have to stuff a stocking but if you want it would greatly be appreciated! :thanks: I will get with you on what I am stuffing them with. And as far as DH feeling a little odd...that's just silly. I know a lot of guys who prefer tea over coffee or any other drink. I was thinking about potato soup...funny you should mention it. I went to Subway for a sandwich and thought their potato soup sounds soooo good! They didn't have any today, they had broccoli cheese, ick. Didn't sound good to me so I passed on it. Today is a soup day for sure! It's a little chilly here today.

MARTI...I have gone to the chiroprator before...used to on a regular basis but quit. I need to go back because it kept my back aligned, plus felt soooo good to be cracked and popped! But I went once when my back was out and it totally made it worse so I don't go when my back is out. I just let it runs it's course and it is usually a lot better in about five days, depending on how bad it is. I've not been able to exercise which is killing me! Take care of yourself and that cold-hopefully you can nip it in the bud before it gets worse.

JANE...hope you are feeling better today. Did you make it to the cook show? Dying to hear about it. I love the magazine...always have great recipes.

Hi to everyone else out there :wave:

I should have had someone take my picture today...what a sight. I guess I slept wrong last night because while my back feels better, I couldn't stand up perfectly straight today, lol. Wouldn't have been too hard for me to blow over with the wind blowing like it was, lol! :rofl: Anyway, I did manage to get my grocery shopping done regardless of the back (thank goodness I had the cart for support) and the wind and rain. Geez, just when you think the wind couldn't get any worse. I swear I thought it was going to blow me off the road. Then add to that...pouring rain, egads! Just had groceries to buy and car tags to go pay so I have been indoors the rest of the day. I will have to brave the wind and probably run after the trash can when the trash guy comes though, or just let it blow to Missouri. Other than that I haven't gotten anything done. Been on the computer since about 1. Decided today I am going to let the house go...no vacuuming, no dusting, didn't even make the bed. But I will do a load of laundry later when I head back upstairs. Okay, starting to ramble...

Take care ladies:hug: :hug:

jules1216 09-21-2006 08:54 PM

Robin--I don't know what to say...my prayers will be with your friend and her kids and you. My DH was abusive the first couple years we were together until I got the courage to leave--he still gets a little emotionally abusive but he has not laid a hand on me in many years.

Cristina--I love your cute little avatar!! How's Josh adjusting,DS's friend Jason isn't back yet and his other friend Tony is leaving in a few weeks. Give me a some ideas and I'll fill a stocking and mail to you to mail!!

Norma--hugs to you..

Marti--try Cold-Ease there dissolvable tablets that my dd swears by. With the weather changing along with the leaves my allergies are starting and have those same symptoms.

Sassy--I am a tea lover too. The little college town my daughter lives in and goes to school at has a really cool little tearoom. I guess I am not as picky as some of the reviewers because I really enjoy it and it and DD and I's fave little restaurant The Blue Moon are both walking distance from her house.


Jane--hope you feel better-The Taste of Home thing sounds fun.

Katiecat--I love Chai tea too--my weakness is chai lattes....Your bday trip sounds wonderful!!

I have been going to gym and loving it--turns out a coworker I really like joined two weeks ago!! We are going to do the Bodyflow and Pliates classes together with the mother of her dd's boyfriend who was friends with my ds--did you get that....One of my other friends is pregnant--she's 27 and her fiance is the guy that set me and DH up--it will be his 1st child at 45--also had a really good friend die at 51 leaving his wife who is 45 (and a very very good friend)--they were married as soon as she turned 18 and have ALWAYS been together. She's having a rough time and I am trying to be there for her. Lot's more to tell but that's a start...

Hi to all that I missed, gotta get ready to watch Grey's!!

Jane 09-22-2006 12:54 AM

Hi ladies,

Cristi - I'll go in on the stockings for the troops. I think it's wonderful that you are doing that.

Sassy - I like how the British make time in their busy days for tea, don't you? Seems kind of... classy, or something. Now you'll have to start making scones.

Liz - sounds like you're doing great with the diet and exercise.

Marti - ah -ha!! I bet you gave me this cold through a PM or something, lol.

Norma - yay for you walking the mile! Just a thought - not sure how you feel about religion and church in general, but church is a good place to make friends. I often chat on the phone and do lunch, etc, with church friends.

Tiffany - come on in for a chat when you have time.

Robin - prayers are being sent for your friend!

Julie - glad your coworker will be joining you at the gym. You can keep each other motivated, right?

Thanks for the well-wishes. :hug: I'm better but still not up to snuff. No, I didn't get to go to the Taste of Home show, but Pat said someone from her work would use the ticket. I spent most of the day on the couch with a box of Puffs and a huge glass of water. Katie cooked supper, and Neal has been taking very good care of me. Hopefully, I'll be much better tomorrow, since I think my fever is gone.

Take care,

harkeyvalley 09-22-2006 12:55 AM

Short Note: We have severe storms rolling in and we are under a tornado watch until 5 AM. It's really rumbling out there. Rotation was spotted just west of us so things may get bad. We don't usually have too many tornadoes here but the damage from them near us has left us without power for days due to power lines down. If you don't hear from me, I'm probably without power. I'll contact Jane by phone if I go down for awhile. If we're lucky, the storms will stay north of us.

JJPhat 09-22-2006 07:51 AM

Good Friday to all!!:D
Please bare with me ladies, I am still getting use to having so many people to type to. I am very much aloner and really like it that way. There is a book that talks about tempraments and I'm Melencholy / Flagmatic which means I like to study and take it easy...lol So, here goes nothing...lol

First of all I would like to collectively thank everyone who has concerns for our family from the smokey situation we had. It is good to us that you care. Norma, the beans were so done that we are set up for life, having made the whole bag into diamonds...LOL As it turns out, my upstairs neighbor smelled the smoke and came down and buzzed on my door a half hour before I woke up. Her husband told her to stop buzzing that we were asleep. It's a good thing that God didn't give up so easily. phew! The smokey smell is still with us. I am not sure whether is decreases each day or if we become more accustomed to the smell. I hope the former is true. I sprayed my couch and will be taking the curtains down next. I have already washed bed clothes. I think that will do it though.

Christina--Your Christmas Idea is a good one. I sent my husband and his soldiers stuffed stockings last year, hubby's was bigger and more elaborate but all had the same stuffings. Well, I did give hubby a little something extra. Anyway, they all took a picture holding thier stockings, except my husband's didn't come in the same shipment so he didn't have one in the pic. I still didn't get to have that pic either, come to think of it...lol

Jane--My oldest daughter, Melody (12) wants the movie about the 12 dancing Barbies. I keep searching our PX but I think I'm going to have to buy it online or something. BOOO..lol Or it might come in just before Christmas.

Marti--I'm sorry you have a cold. Colds really stink! I drink OJ when I think I feel one coming on but really kiwi has more vitimin C than oranges so you might try to eat a few kiwi each day. I pray you get better quickly.

KatieCat--I should have written this before now but I have been very busy. After posting my message about the olive oil I re-read your message. I missunderstood you to say that olive oil wasn't good for you.:( Sorry about that, I hope you can forgive my oversite. On homeschooling my children. I have 4, Melody 12, Bryan 10 (on sept 26), Megan 7, and Ben 1. I even school Ben. We have been doing sign language with him since birth and it has really panned out to do so. Instead of whining for something he just signs it. I decided to get him some flash cards and show them to him and sign whatever the picture is. I don't know ASL fluently so I'm also learning with him and really the whole family. Even my husband is picking up on things...lol It's neat to see him signing to Ben. Congratulations on getting more PT. It really stinks that we can pay in thousands of dollars, for many years, to insurance companies and they are so stingy that they don't want to pay a cent and will try to get out of letting you go at all, to get yourself fixed and mended. BOOO to insurance companies...lol

Norma--per the temprament book I perceive you to be Sanguin / Choloric--this means that you thrive on the company of others, you are the life of the party and do best when you are not alone. The choloric part is about wanting what you want when you want it...lol Anyway, It is important for you to purpose to meet people. Even if you go to a gathering that is advertised in the paper. I know where you live and so know that it is a long way to town but it would be much better than feeling alone and useless. You are important and valueable! By not seeing others you deprive them of the privilege of know ing you. Anyone who meets you and makes your friendship is blessed by God. Don't mess with thier blessing.:D I love you. I wish I were there to hang out with you. ok, getting too mushy for the thread, I'm going to move on. Just know that you are loved and valued, even from across the ocean.

Robin--I know exactly how you are feeling toward your friends situation. I was friend to someone who had similar issues for 3 years. I eventually resolved that I was going to drive through thier house with my van and run him over at his computer:mad: But before I resorted to it I called my pastor (her counciler) and told him what had happened that day and that I wanted to run him over. I did think that killing him was way to good for him though. I eventually told her that I loved her but that I couldn't talk to her anymore while she allowed him to do these things to her. I was on the vurge of committing a serious crime at hearing about him. I told her that I would be here to help her and get her out of the situation by taking her to the police and being her support. I told her that I knew she was scared of him but that I would not be passive in helping her stay safe. She is the one who had to make the decision. She did and we got him arrested....for the first time in his life. His father always told him that the "Smiths" (not his real last name) were above the law and that there was no wrong for them. He NEVER got in trouble for anything he did so he was very shocked to find that he was being arrested. The days he spent in the slammer weren't all that great either. Lots of men bigger than him were there and they didn't treat him with kindness. Anyway, all of that to say. I KNOW how you feel. Helping your friend will help her family. I am NOT telling you to run her husband over but maybe being there as support if he gets arrested is a giant step.

I wish I had some sage advice to give you. I don't. This kind of thing infuriates me to the core. I will pray that your friend completely heals and that her husband will not have opportunity to do this to her ever again.

Well, ladies, I have been on here far longer than I expected. I just wanted to reply to everyone I could. I will not be here this weekend. We are going on a family retreat in Trier. There will be classes in communication and something else that I can't remember...lol We are blessed that the Chaplain is paying for everything through the army. Your tax dollars are helping families enjoy each other and stay together. Thank you! I will let you know how it went when I get back.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!:hug:

Just something fun: A bird in the hand means poop on the wrist;)

Marti 09-22-2006 12:33 PM

Morning Girls.....

I need to get going so this will be short. It's Jhanai weekend also so I will have limited time on computer if any. (just a heads up)

Norma--Many hugs to you!:hug: I agree w/what everyone has said. And also agree that you don't have to worry about depressing us. We're here for each other!

Robin--My heart goes out to your friend!! :hug: Will say a prayer for your friend.

Cristi--Have you thought about doing some Yoga? When my back acts up or if my sciatic nerve is bothering me, yoga seems to do wonders. Even for my headaches! Amazing little form of exercise.

Jules--What type of class is Bodyflow? I'm happy to hear that you have a friend in the gym w/you! That is great!! I'm still trying to find a good routine to get my butt to the gym. Right now we're all in a funky schedule due to training a new girl. Next week I'm hoping......

Jane--Um....I believe you had the cold FIRST....so you must have given it to ME! :lol: I'm hoping it doesn't get worse. No fevers or anything. I'm a total clean freak at work.....wiping down keyboards and phones and headsets to the phones. Girls at work must think I'm loony.:dizzy:

Tiffany--I love OJ. And have plans to get some this weekend. For now I'm drinking tea and the warmth seems to sooth my throat. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Ok....must get moving!! Need a shower and the dogs need some kind of attention.:D

Hugs to you all!

jules1216 09-22-2006 02:28 PM

Marti--I joined Gold's Gym. The Slim-n-Tone got me started but I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted. The Bodyflow class as described (not all the words) on the class scedule "combines yoga, tai chi & pilates leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed while working your core". They give you some free training and I have done two sessions so far. I am up to 25 minutes on the treadmill ranging from 3.5 to 4 miles an hour. I work legs and butt on Mondays(and treadmill), arms and abs on Wednesday(and elliptical) and the next training session will give me some more target type things to add and I go do just cardio Sundays & Fridays. I'd like to add some of the classes and more weight training. Today I am sick so I am not sure if I will make it or not :(, but I am enjoying it. After the whole turning 40/empty nest combo--I am doing this for me and I am not worried about anyone thinking I am too fat to be there or embarrassed because I am sweating and huffing and puffing. The last time I went I wasn't ready and did care about those things but my whole mindset has changed.

Jane--hope you get feeling better--I have been trying to get my DH to go to the gym with me with no luck, my coworker Trish has been trying to get her DH to go--he travels alot with his job but the first full week he's back, we are conspiring to get them both in there together.

Norma--hope you stay safe!!

JJPhat--I like the personality books & tests, I own one called the Christian Woman's Guide to Different Personalities (I think--I'll have to go check for sure) That and Cynthia Tobias's "The Way They Learn" sure helped me with my kids when they were at home and even helps me at my job as a supervisor. My DH's cousin met and married a German woman while he was stationed there--still together with 5 kids--oldest is almost 17.

Well I have to go to the grocery store. If I feel better I may try and hoit the gym later--I usually go Friday mornings but I am just not up to it this morning--allergies and a headache trying to turn into a migrane.

Sassy_Chick 09-23-2006 05:57 PM

Hey Ladies. Quick Quick pop in here, first wanted to say thanks to Cristina and Jane for the lovely and very cute Bday cards! :D I am afraid I am catching the all dreaded cold that is going around work! UGH. But I am fighting it! I went to the store this morning after work and got some Dayquil and Nyquil and some cough drops!!!!!!!! I refuse to be sick on my bday and anniversary and on my vacation! (tonight is my last night at work!) :dance:

Have a Great Evening and Night!

More later!


FrouFrou 09-23-2006 06:06 PM

Hi Ladies and Happy Saturday!

JANE...I can't believe that I forgot to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Neal! :o :^: It totally slipped my mind and I am sorry about that. Did you guys do anything special to celebrate? Hope you are feeling better. I'm glad you have Neal and Katie taking care of you and Mary is close by. Hey, I heard on the radio this morning that the Taste of Home is coming here in October. Can't remember the date but I may try to go. I love to get tips and recipes and watch others cook.

JULES...glad to see you here missy, I've missed you! :hug: Glad you are liking the gym. You sound like me with the attitude. I hated working out in front of anyone and was always trying to find a time when no one woul dbe at IF...I don't care now. If people are there...good! The more the merrier. The majority of women that are members are skinny and I felt out of place but they don't treat anyone any different. I'm not getting the results I want either but I still have to pay so I must go, lol. It does make me feel better and I have missed it this passed two weeks. But I would love to have something like at your gym...the tai chi, yoga, and pilates. I don't think Josh will ever adapt to the conditions over there. He hates the sand, the heat, the room he's in, the bed that is falling apart, being so very bored, etc. Of course he must be buys because I've not heard from him for a little over a week, not even an e-mail. Do you know where Jason is and where Tony is going?

NORMA...hope you didn't get any bad weather. DS called me Thurs but didn't leave a message and when he came home he said "Don't worry, it was just me calling and yes, I am fine." What? he said the tornado sirens went off on the side of town he was working and the weather was bad...like I was supposed to know. I didn't hear the sirens 20 miles away and was on the computer so had no clue what was going on where. It wasn't that bad here...just cloudy. I hate tornado's.

TIFFANY...I would love to get a picture of DS's Unit, or even a picture of him and his buddies. I sent some cameras, hint, hint. So what kinds of things did you stuff the stockings with? I could use some pointers/tips. Enjoy your family retreat!

MARTI...there's no way I could do yoga with my back out. About the only thing I can do is sit or lay down with ice and heat on it. When I sit I have to have pillows behind me to support it...the slightest little move kills me! Ugh! It's a pain for sure but I know that it won't last very long and that is a comfort in itself. Thought it felt worse yesterday but it was just a visit from stupid TOM making it worse. Hope you enjoy your weekend with Jhanai.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Okay, to all the ladies who want to know about the stocking stuffers, here is what I plan to put in there so far...100% cotton brown t-shirt, pair of black heavy duty socks, chap stick, disposable camera, toothbrush, toothpaste(travel size), and lots of candy! Actually, there were a couple of other little things but I can't remember what they were. But if you are wanting to stuff your stocking put what you want in there. And if you like, include a little message from yourself. I think they would love to hear that people think of them and I KNOW that they will appreciate the stockings! A big THANK YOU ladies! :hug: :thanks: :hug:

Well, ladies I haven't gotten much of anything done this past week. I did get some laundry done yesterday but it is piling up and needs to be folded. Thank goodness the kids do their own! I will attempt to do that today. Just trying to take it easy until Monday. I am hoping come Monday morning I will be better enough to go exercise...don't worry I will be taking it easy for a few more days. But I've got to get back to exercising and get my house clean! Anyway...

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Chat with ya later :wave:

FrouFrou 09-23-2006 06:16 PM

Hi Sassy...you snuck in there while I was writing that mini-novel, lol. That and I had to take a break to let Ernie dog go potty. The dog was running around going crazy so he NEEDED to go! Sorry you have the cold bug too! You ladies stay away from me, lol! I just got through with those darn allergies which is close to having a cold, but I don't want a cold. Hope that you do have a very Happy Birthday and a Happy Anniversary too!

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MARY KATE and SASSY! May all your dreams come true and may you both have a GREAT BD weekend!

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Mary Kate & Sassy...
Happy Birthday to you...
And many more...


:woo: :hat: :hb: :gift: :woo: :balloons: :woo: :gift: :hb: :hat: :woo:

Okay, I know your birhtday's are tomorrow but I don't know when I will be on tomorrow so...

Jane 09-23-2006 09:38 PM

Hi ladies,

First off -

Happy Birthday to Mary Kate and Sassy!!! :cheer: :balloons: :carrot: :cp:

Also to Sassy - you're welcome for the card, and I sure hope you're feeling better. No fair to be sick on your birthday, anniversary and vacation.

Norma - yikes, we've had terrible storms here, too, with tornado-like winds. Hope you have power, and that all is well.

Tiffany - what a beautiful tribute to Norma. I can tell that you're a wonderful DIL. Hope you and the family had a serene time in Trier.

Marti - oh, ok, I'll admit I had the cold first, lol. What do you and Jhanai have planned to do this weekend? Whatever it is, have fun!

Julie - your workout sounds great. I agree with how our attitudes change as we get older. I don't worry much at all what others think about me. Recently, at Walmart, Makenzie asked me to sing "Following the Leader" and all 3 of the girls followed me as I sang the song all the way to the check out, lol. They marched behind me, singing their little hearts out, and I didn't care what anybody thought, lol. Each decade I reach gives me a new freedom.

Cristi - thank you for the anniversary greeting. I have to admit that I don't keep track of JLs anniversaries. I do good to remember birthdays, lol. Since I'd have to mail the filled stocking, would it be ok if I sent you the $$ and you pick up a stocking and fill it while you fill the others? If that's not what you wanted to do, though, please let me know. I'm not sure what you need me to do. I hope your back is better today.

Well, I'm feeling so much better today. I still got lots of rest, and finished my 2nd jigsaw puzzle. They are so much fun. Nothing much going on.

Take care!

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