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Default Well I see you'll have gotten used to me

I was very physically ill yesterday and yes I try to post most everyday. It it important to me. I lost 1 Lb this week. Of course I have welcomed that tme of the month again two weeks after the last one so this to is no helpful. Another medical thing fto see to but I have had problems in this area since my daughters birth and death (all in one go). Sue I know you will understand this well but I am a DES baby and while my female organs are not deformed they are very small. That pregnancy was a miracle in it'self. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant ever... so I am just thankful I had her at all. As for this weight loss problem ....yes I am again at the crossroads but Sue (my champion) I am hanging tough. I must do this for my health and for my own personal self Idenity. This week has been very frustrating but sitting with my head over the garbage can for nearly two hours yeasterday did nothing to increase my spirits. Still, I know that really it is no big deal I just have to be Patient.
I admit it is a bit strained but still holding. I visualize my goal every day. I have been eating a more varied selection of foods.
I made Liver and onions last night , something I love but perhaps frying was not a good idea. No breading of course but bacon grease. I have been using butter on my boiled eggs. my omelet was just eggs and hot dogs but these hot dogs have no fillers and is made of quality meat , I have only one place I can buy they as they are kosher. Perhaps this is still a bad idea. I don't know.
I made beef soup this past week with yellow squash ,onions, celery tomato sauce canned, garlic salt , white pepper, carrots and round steak. I eat no bread or starches of any kind including
starchy veggies. I hope I don't have to live on tuna permanently but I will if I have to. I have no stairs and couldn't use them if I did. On a flat surface I walk fairly normally but outside of that my legs collapse. I haven't walked about as much as I have been ill but I guess plain tuna will have to be the diet this week just to get me past this wall and then girls even with the Atkins book I will appreciate food input. I may go back on the drink alone for a while if tuna doesnt work. Wish me luck. Ok so pray hard for me.

Lee, I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain of your children. It is a difficult time for us all but for you and for others who also have lost love ones there are no consoling words. Just know some of us understand only to well and all of us care . Vent all you want or need to it is better to lay it out and share than wear.
Give yourself a bit of time and the support of us all. Take care.
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