Steel Magnolias -- #27

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  • Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my cat nap in front of the TV and now I'm ready to head off to bed. It was another beautiful day in my corner of the world, but I guess rain is on the way according to the weatherman. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and we have a long weekend to regroup!

    We are going to make a quick trip to Sioux City after school tomorrow. I need to pick up a shower and a wedding gift at Target from the couple's registry, stop at SAM's Club, and maybe look for a new church/wedding/dressy outfit. Saturday is my day to work in the hospital gift shop and then I need to get groceries so I can fix food for Sunday. On Sunday we are going to MIL's; it is Jason's 33rd birthday and our 39th anniversary. Amanda's parents are also coming to spend the day with us. Beth and Will are tied up all weekend with his brother's wedding so I doubt that we will see them unless they would come over on Monday.

    "Gma" -- I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am that Jack will have to have bypass surgery. Looking on the positive side, at least it is a problem that can be fixed and he will feel much better afterwards. You hang in there and take care of yourself too. It's nice that your daughter and sil can help you financially. It doesn't sound like Jack's boss will be back to work any time soon. Keep us posted. Our local banks will ask if you have an account there before they will cash a two party check. We have gone to the same bank for 30 years so they know us and don't ask any more. I'm glad you were able to get your dollar bills! I would have been too! I maintained at WW last night; I was pleasantly surprised.

    Susan -- I have a book of Suduko puzzles and have only complete one puzzle. My sisters tried to get me started this summer while we were on vacation. I can do it with "help" standing over my shoulder, but sure get stumped when I'm on my own. I have very little patience when trying to figure puzzles out.

    Gloria -- It was nice to see you peek in! Come back when you can stay longer!

    I need to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and head for bed. Have a fantastic Friday and a super duper weekend!

    Jean -- from Iowa!
  • Morning girls! I took sleeping pills just so I could get some rest last night and really zonked out until I was dreaming around 2:30 AM thinking Jack had rolled over next to me, put his arm around me and I ask him if he was ok. He said he had a couple pains last night, but right now it was hurting like the devil. That woke me up and I realized he was sleeping peacefully but by then there was no going back to sleep. I am more of a mess than I thought I would be. I try not to break down unless I am alone like NOW! I know this has to be done and he will be ok, but it doesn't make it any less scary. I tend to over analyze and obsess, WHO ME? about everything. I can honestly say for the first time in a long time, cleaning can take a hike!

    Jean: Have fun in the big city and don't get lost!!! How far are you from Sioux City anyway? I am not sure you ever said. Hope you have a nice anniversary. I am kind of glad my dh got my birthday present early as I can enjoy it because I doubt my birthday, which is the 28th is going to be any picnic this year!

    Gloria: Thank you for your kind words they mean a lot to me. I guess I just have to work out being scared a day at a time. I am dreading having a bunch of family here all together. I tend to let my family walk all over me and I know what is going to happen at the hospital. Jack promised he would talk to the surgeon about taking me aside and talking to me rather than the whole group and then let me relay to them because he is afraid they will figuratively knock me over to get to the doctor to talk to him after surgery. I have a sil who is a long time cardiac car nurse manager and I know she thinks it will be her duty to be the head so to speak. I guess I dread that as much as the surgery itself.

    Anyway, I am not too cheerful and you guys don't need me to sit here and complain!

    Have a really fun long weekend! to the best girls in the world!

  • Good Evening, Flowers! We just got home from Sioux City; I had a cat nap on the way home so shouldn't be tired but I am. It's supposed to rain tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday -- I hope the weatherman is wrong!

    I noticed there was a U-Haul truck parked in the driveway on the other side of the cat hater's house. My assistant principal bought the house; I'm not so sure how I feel about that. This isn't an overly friendly neighborhood so that part doesn't worry me nor do we ever do anything that I wouldn't want him to know about. Guess I can't really explain the feeling that I'm not real excited at the prospect.

    "Gma" -- I can imagine how nervous and stressed you are! I know I would be too. We live about an hour and fifteen minutes from the eastern edge of SC which is where we usually go either to Beth's or to the mall. I did get my shopping done at Target and SAM's Club. However, I came home without any new clothes. I refuse to buy low cut slinky dresses that look like they belong on a hooker! I don't know what these store buyers are thinking! They sure aren't catering to the "matronly" women who are willing to spend their money to get what they want. I may check out Penneys on Sunday when we go to the lake. They are only open noon until 5 and usually we go through that town way before noon and after 5. Will you have lots of family there for Jack's surgery? I thought maybe just your son and daughter would keep you company. Good luck!

    Hope you all have a relaxing long weekend!

    Jean -- from Iowa!
  • Good afternoon gals! Been busy this morning so didn't get a chance to get in here. I had to go and get some groceries to keep us fed until payday and I can get to the commissary.

    Jean: Yes, I will have family, more than likely Jack's sister, Kelly, Jay and Alicia and maybe my older sister. Some of them will drive me nuts, but I am just going to try and hang tough and get through it. They had to move Jack's appt to the 12th because of a screw up with the referral. Part of this is because Monday is a holiday and the lady that issues them from our PCP left at noon on Friday so what she needed from the cardiologist didn't get to her in time. The surgeon only has office hours on Tuesdays so we have to wait a week. That's ok. I know what you mean about clothing. Everyone caters to the young crowd and sorry, but I have NO intention of my behind crack not my belly button sticking out from under a shirt or my pants. It is ridiculous. They seem to think no one wears dresses anymore.

    I think I have a handle on getting the finances in order until the first part of December. Baring any complications, Jack should be able to go back to work between the middle of October and the middle of November. I also handed off the PT Tricare mess to the supervisor of the Tennessee offices and told her straight out I am done with it. Tricare and Healthsouth can fight it out and not to send me a bill as I am NOT paying it. So two of my stresses are out of the way!

    Jack wants to get the carpet done in the living room so I need to go help him move furniture. have a great day ladies!

  • Good Afternoon! It has been raining off and on all day; it's a chilly 59 degrees here. Today was the first time I have opened the gift shop and not sold a thing! I had one lady come in a look, but she evidently didn't like the price because she didn't buy. Oh well, I got caught up on my magazine reading for the month. Now I need to make a grocery run. Amanda wants to make ice cream tomorrow and I volunteered Bob. Brrrrr! I wonder how we can convince Ian it is too cold to go swimming.

    "Gma" -- I always thought it would be nice to be able to have any medical procedure done the next day! The waiting makes me nuts! You'd think with computers the paperwork could have been done within minutes. I'm glad you dumped the insurance mess onto someone else! That was a good plan! Hope your carpet dries quickly in this weather assuming you are having rain and humidity like we are.

    The washer is finished so I need to move on to the next load. Have a nice rest of the day!

    Jean -- in Iowa!
  • Good morning gals! Has everyone dried out yet? We didn't get a drop of rain, but I guess it rained all around us.

    Jack sat and watched the Tennessee football game and started to watch Notre Dame so I gave up and went upstairs and watched a cute teen movie then went to bed. I hear him moving around upstairs so he will be down for breakfast pretty soon. I will miss weekend breakfasts that he cooks once we go back to dieting and he has his surgery and at the beginning won't want to stand and cook anyway.

    Poor man, he is so worried about this, but he tries to pretend he isn't. He isn't one of those men that won't talk though so if I ask him something he will tell me.

    Jean: Hope you can find something nice to wear and you guys aren't under water this morning!

    On the sunny side, Jack told me this joke he was told at work. (it is clean, ladies I wouldn't tell a dirty one)

    This lady had a pet duck and she loved the duck dearly. The duck died, but she refused to believe it. She carried the duck around a couple days talking to it, but when it didn't quack back, she went to the vets.

    "Doctor, my pet duck is not feeling well can you do something for him?"

    "Mrs. Smith, your duck is dead I can't do anything for it!"

    "Oh no doctor, I can't believe it! I won't believe it until you
    do some tests to prove to me he is dead."

    The doctor sighed and said ok. He went into the back of the office and brought out a big black lab. The dog put his front paws on the table, sniffed the duck, looked at the woman and shook his head no then got down and walked into the back of the office. Next, he went and brought a cat out. The cat jumped up on the bed, sniffed the duck and looked at the woman and shook her head no, jumped down and walked back into the back of the office.

    "Ok, doctor, I guess I am going to have to believe you, what do I owe you?"


    "Three hundred dollars, why so much?"

    "Well, Mrs Smith, it would have only been $20 but you wanted a lab report and a catscan."

    Have a great Sunday
  • Good Evening, Flowers! I am on my way to bed, but wanted to check in with you all first. It's been a long day with "iffy" weather. We started out with sunshine and 50 degrees! The clouds rolled in as we got closer to MIL's and there were a few sprinkles after we arrived. She had the heat on so her place was toasty warm. In the afternoon it warmed up enough to be outside and the grandchildren played in the sand and managed to get in the water along the shoreline. As we were packing to come home, the sun came out with not a cloud to be seen!

    "Gma" -- Cute joke! I like that kind! I think Bob is cooking breakfast tomorrow. He likes to make hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, toast, juice, and coffee. It always tastes better when he makes it! Otherwise it will be a "finish the laundry and iron" kind of day, I think.

    I am off to bed! Have a relaxing Monday tomorrow!

    Jean -- from Iowa!
  • Good morning ladies! It is still warm here, in the 80's, but nothing like it was even a week ago. It is starting to cool off towards fall I think. Still no rain even though we were cloudy all day yesterday. Makes the house dark on days like that.

    Jack is still snoozing this morning. He stayed up and watched all of the NASCAR race, but I went upstairs and watched a bit of tv then went to bed. It was one of those up every couple hours to go to the bathroom nights so I feel all worn out this morning. I just need to get up and around and get chores done I guess and wake up.

    I started working on my menus for South Beach yesterday and boy it is going to take some time to coordinate everything. I also started a grocery list from it so I can go to the commissary on Saturday. I am going to drag Jack with me. I also have to clean the fridge and freezer and clean out the pantry of stuff I ate on other programs and can't have with SB. Besides, it is time to give the fridge a good cleaning anyway, taking out the glass shelves and such and washing them etc. I haven't done it in awhile and it could use it.

    I guess I better get a move on and get started. We have a couple big things we want to get done today also so I need to get the smaller ones done before Jack gets up.

  • Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun has come out from hiding most of the day and it is warming up finally. Not much newsy from here. I've done some laundry and picked up the kitchen. I don't know why but I am tired and could really use a nap. Bob is off doing chores for a few days so it is quiet here.

    "Gma" -- It sounds like you have had a busy day! I hate getting up during the night and haven't for years until the doctor changed my bp meds in July. We are going to have a visit about that when I see him on the 22nd!

    Hope you have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! I'm glad this is a short week at school!

    Jean -- from Iowa!
  • Good morning Hope your day is starting out ok. I know you are back to work. It is a nice 69 degrees out, but I took an empty detergent bottle out to the trash and it seems a little humid this morning. My animals are kooks! Butterscotch is behind the recliner sitting and Fortune walked back there and is sitting behind it staring at the cat. He looks like Snoopy when Snoopy sits on his dog house and looks over the top of it! He is so screwy and needy. He knows I am at the computer and wants attention so I guess he thinks Butterscotch will pay attention to him.

    Jean: Hope this week flies by for you. I want it to fly by for us too. We have that appt a week from today and we just want to get there so we can ask questions etc and get it set up to get it over with. It did help that Jack talked to his sister and ask her a bunch of questions yesterday. She is a cardiac care nurse manager so she knows about all this stuff. I think that helped him a little. Jack never ever gets stressed about anything and he is stressed about this. It is one of those things that no matter how much I talk to him about it, I can't help him really.

    Susan: When is Stan's surgery, do you have a definite date yet? I know HE has to be anxious to get this over and done with too. Waiting is THE worst.

    Jack shampooed the living room carpet and took the stuff in the attic, then came down here and tore off his to do list from the computer saying, "I have my honey do list finished, tada!" I told him I was sure I would be able to think of a couple more things before he went in the hospital. I just got a for that one!

    I talked with my dil for about 90 minutes on Saturday. She is such a sweetheart and treats us like her parents. Her father has bad heart valves that they have not been able to fix properly so she knows all about the heart operations etc. She said her dad says having open heart surgery is like running a marathon then doing 100 pushups when you you cross the finish line. I told Jack what she said. She is the only one who hasn't freaked out about this and it helps for someone not to criticize his doctor etc. (though to her credit my sil the nurse did not do so either she just freaked out about her brother) We had a nice long visit on the phone. She has a close friend who is pregnant and due in Oct. This girl is a skinny little thing and her baby is expected to be at least 10 lbs. She has already gained 45 I guess and Alicia says she is so big and miserable. I am hoping this makes Alicia want to get pregnant. I think they are waiting to get Jay established in his new job and her job to settle a bit because poor thing has been working 6-7 days a week for quite awhile now. She said it should slack off soon as everyone has finished up their vacations and then they hired a new pharmacist who starts soon and can take some pressure off her.

    Well, gals, need to empty the dishwasher and pick up stuff so I can get the mopping done. Have a good day all

  • Faye, I'm so sorry you and Jack have to go through this. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

    Stan's surgery will be sometime next week. He doesn't want to discuss it so I have to be careful what I say about it to him. I'd planned to call the scheduling office today to see when it would be and Stan called and said he'd called them and they had a cancellation Friday that he turned down so they said next week for sure and they'll let us know in a day or 2. He turned down this Friday because I have plans for going to Mathews Market Days on Saturday with my friends and have arranged for a respite care giver for the day. I told him to call them back and we'd get this over with but he said no he'd feel better if I did something for myself before we have to get into the hospital and convalescent center mode again. I'm really worried about this surgery and how he is going to handle it.

    Jean, I've about given up trying to find clothes. I guess I'll have to go naked or wear jeans everywhere because I can't stand the clothes that are out there now. I lost weight and now all that I'd even consider wearing is in plus sizes. I'm not showing skin or wearing skin tight clothes at my age. Guess it's more skirts and blouses.
  • Good Evening, Flowers! It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood although it was a "blah ho-hum" day at school. Bob was off doing chores so we ate later than usual. He has gone back to the office and I need to pick up the kitchen when I finish here.

    "Gma" -- I guess I was confused and thought you had your surgery date for next Tuesday. Darn! Wow! A 10# baby is sooo big! I wonder if your dil's friend will end up with a C-section. One thing about babies . . . they are cute when they are little like kittens and puppies, but then they grown up! I'm glad Jack feels well enough to work on his "to do" list!

    Susan -- I'm sure you are anxious to get Stan's surgery over with, but it was nice of him to think of you getting to do something you enjoy. I'm sure neither of you are looking forward to it, and it will be good to have it over with. Bob just rolled his eyes when I described the dresses as looking like they belonged on a hooker! I'm with you in the less skin showing the better! I do my best shopping when I'm not really looking for anything and I happen to see something as I walk through the store.

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow . . . I like these four day work weeks!

    Jean -- from Iowa!
  • Eduardo was not kind to this part of Virginia. My friend lost 2 cars and a truck due to flooding. Fortunately, we watched the water rise right to the top of the bank, about 40 feet from my door, and then stop. Did have a couple of big tree limbs come down but they fell on the tidal wetlands side so I don't have to worry about cleaning them up. We had 9.5 inches of rain on work that day. 6 people were killed right here. Water came in along the beam at work and the ceiling fell down in the stairway. What a mess and now it's smelling like mold/mildew so we have to get the somebody in to get it dried out and repaired. I'm allergic to mold and it sets my asthma off so this is not good for me. Guess I'll go over to the building next door and work to get away from it.

    And we are having more rain today! Guess the drought is over.

    Jean, I find a lot of nice things at consignment and thrift shops, many with the tags still on them. Guess people buy them and gain weight before they get around to wearing it ... and the stores donate leftovers, too.
  • Good morning ladies! I was going to try and sleep in for an hour or so, but when Jack got up I couldn't go back to sleep so I just got up and did my daily chores. Now all I have for cleaning today is to wash out the fridge and freezer and get it all spic and span for company. Do they even make Spic and Span anymore????

    Jean: Jack has little blips of chest pains to remind him about his surgery, but nothing catastrophic. He had one yesterday that he said came and went in about a second. Oh sorry, I have everyone so confused, but it is such a mess that we hardly know if we are coming or going. His vascular surgeon CONSULT for surgery was supposed to be yesterday, but Friday we had to reschedule to the following Tuesday because we couldn't get the referral in time. Now, we have a nice mess again with the insurance. The stupid preset dr that issues the referral is refusing to issue one unless Jack goes to his primary care physician and that physician requests it. The guy is going to have no clue except for what is already in Jack's regular medical file because all the notes and such that were sent to the woman for the referral were sent to their downtown office not to the drs office! Jack is pretty hot about it. He was able to get squeezed in on Thursday, but I would make bets he loses his temper. I mean, like he would want his chest ripped open and his heart fooled with if he didn't NEED it? Sheesh! He will more than like have surgery somewhere between Sept 18 and the 29th. Oh, have you checked out Coldwater Creek clothing store. They have an online store and are in a lot of malls. I got one of their catalogues yesterday and their stuff is really beautiful and is stylish and up to date, but classy and made for someone over 40. They have sizes all the way up to 24-26 women's so they would fit you. I told Jack as soon as I lose 100 lbs I am shopping there as a treat for myself. If you find something you like and want to buy it, I have a gift card kind of thing from them for $25 off a hundred $$ purchase good until Sept 24. I can't use it so if you need it let me know and I will email you the code number on the back or I can mail it to you if you have one in the mall that is closest to you.

    Susan: Poor Stan. He is like Jack. He knows it has to be done, but let's not discuss it. Our hubbies are such good men. Jack is so frantic over how I am doing. I keep telling him I am ok, but he is still upset that he has caused this as he puts it. I keep telling him NO one caused it, it just happened so we will fix him up and go on with our lives.

    I am just plodding along trying to get the house spotless for company. Don't know how many people are going to be here and they are going to have to fend for themselves food wise if they don't want SBD food for dinner. I imagine they will eat out a lot, which is fine by me. I can't really afford to feed a ton of people with this tight budget anyway. I sat down and paid bills today and boy my checkbook cried when I was finished. Part of the stuff I have paid through Oct and part just for this month, then the end of this month I will pay another month's on the ones I only paid for Sept etc. We will have full paychecks until Oct 8 than nothing until 2 weeks after he goes back to work so I have to make all this work. The worst is the CCards as you can't pay those darn things ahead. I have a spreadsheet I use that has the bills listed each payday I need to pay then I make an X beside the payment when I send it off. So, I decided I would just subtract the extra ccard payment in my checkbook so I don't use the money, but then don't cross it off until I actually pay it online. It took me about 2 hours to rearrange everything and get it all set up to pay ahead without missing things that aren't paid every month, ie my life insurance, which is paid quarterly or our health insurance which is also paid quarterly. Those are the things I was afraid of forgetting. I went over everything with Jack a couple times and he was sort of my checks and balances that I didn't miss anything. I cleaned out the savings for something else to keep everything ok so we don't have that to fall back on now either. {{{SIGH}}} The things you have to do sometimes

    I am going to fix baked steak in the crockpot tonight with some mashed potatoes and some green beans. When I go on SB on Sunday, no more potatoes for me, but Jack still eats them.

    Well, gals I need to go and start cleaning the fridge shelves etc. You all have a great day today!

  • Good Evening! Another day has slipped by and I haven't accomplished a thing except for a nap in front of the TV. I went to visit the "Santa Claus" lady after school. She makes beautiful Santas and I bought one last year thinking I would buy one a year until I had one for each grandchild. We have an artists' weekend coming up and she wasn't listed on the brochure this time. I got nervous and called her thinking maybe she wasn't making them any more, but she invited me to come to her home. I ended up buying three. Bob and I got home about the same time; it was his night to cook so we went out for a quick burrito supper.

    Susan -- Wow! You did get the rain! I'm sorry to hear about the deaths and damage from Eduardo. I hope that they can get the mold and mildew cleaned out of your office building. I suppose that will mean new carpet too. What a mess!

    "Gma" -- I have always told Bob that if I die first, he will have to wait for all of the checks to clear the bank in order to know how much money there really is. I take out money from the balance then re-enter it in the back of the checkbook for things like taxes, etc. The balance that shows is not really the true balance. I've done that since we were first married and he got paid weekly; that was hard for me to budget things like rent, etc., so I devised my own system. When I was teaching I got paid once a month and I really liked that because I could pay the bills and knew how much was left over for the rest of the month. We both get paid once a month now. I keep two months worth of house payments, insurance, etc., ahead just in case. I think I read somewhere that one should have at least six months of living expenses stashed away. I don't think many people could do that. You have a plan, and that is good. I hope the insurance mess gets straightened out once again. That makes you wonder if anyone can do their job correctly! Don't overdo on the cleaning . . . . no one but you will know the difference!

    I'm off to iron something to wear tomorrow. We have school pictures for the yearbook being taken. *groan* Each year I think we may have to start wearing ID badges so have mine taken under duress.

    Have a terrific Thursday!

    Jean -- from Iowa!